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  1. Just got my pledge in! I was a little distracted working on Yrsa the Accursed (another fantastic Red Box Sculpt if you were curious)! I'm eager to watch this one unfold, and crossing my fingers we get to the mounted hero.
  2. Woo! I'm really pumped for this! Definitely have to get all six of the hordsemen and probably one of each hero! Hoping we can get the craven and mounted hero unlocked as well
  3. Can't wait for this to go live and get my pledge on
  4. I probably make a monthly sojourn to Phantom, I'm really close to Phantom. I love it there! Um, absolutely I want to make a monthly paint day, that would be so much fun! I don't play Warmahordes, but I do have a an e-copy of Song of Blade and Heroes that I've been itching to try it out. No worries about being a stalker!
  5. Thanks! I got it off Ebay when I was looking for vintage D&D action figures. She's weird, she's a little overweight (we're trying to get her to lose the weight but she's really bad at playtime...) ....maybe he's just a small person? I am only 5'7 and pretty thin!
  6. Forum Name on Reaper Forum: Ungoreatstefan Actual Name: Stefan Location: Pittsburgh, PA Phantom of the Attic, which I think was mentioned elsewhere, and Legions. Phantom of the Attic is great, Legions is OK, it has a lot of paint and miniatures, but it's very much a FLGS of old. Whereas I think Phantom of the Attic is a much more welcoming, friendly, and inviting place. Legions is, well not. My girlfriend feels unwelcome at Legions, not at Phantom. Here's a picture of me and one of my cats bearded, as I usually am in my old apartment. 2013-04-16 by wizards only, fools!, on Flickr Beardless, new apartment, in my new favorite t shirt. 2014-04-25 by wizards only, fools!, on Flickr
  7. I told myself I was going to stick to the mounted hero, but now I think that I need everything, you've got me locked in again Tre!
  8. Wow that looks amazing, I think that I know what the rider is going to look like and I can't wait to see him!
  9. I've been watching your WIP for these four and they all came out great. I'm especially in awe of the evil female cleric, the purple armor is fantastic.
  10. I think that there is also the jungle set
  11. Wow! Day one for me! I can't wait to get my hands on some of these gnarly guys. I'm totally going to mod one of these guys into Warduke too.
  12. Wow! That's easily your best work to date! It looks really good and you can really tell that you spent a lot of quality time on it!
  13. I've been running Yggdrasill for my friends on Google+ (we've all been RPin together in one form or another on the internet for eleven years now) http://www.cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/yggdrasill/ It's all about sagas that are reminiscent of Beowulf and the like, we've only played three games and it's a lot of fun so far. It's my first time DMing, sessions have been about 2-3 hours every Sunday we're all able to get together. With the same group of people we also have a Dungeonworld game for when we want to shake things up, I play a paladin. Our world is basically a fantasy Earth, as if the entire earth as we know it was translated into medieval fantasy. It's pretty sweet!
  14. Some of these look really nice - I'm interested in a close up of the knight that is a full armored lady. I'm also really liking that thief.
  15. I would go against freehanding anything on the chest since a lot of it ends up getting covered by the shield on that model. If you were looking for some freehand in that region I think a design on the shield is the way to go
  16. Nice job! Love seeing takes on RBG minis. That's a suitably fierce looking barbarian. Do you have an other photos? I'd like to see an angle to better appreciate the blood splatter on the blade
  17. That is a fantastic skin color for Dogsbane! Looking forward to watching this project come to completion. I don't think I've ever seen a painted version of Dogsbane
  18. Nice work on those fantastic Red Box Zombies. They look really creepy
  19. Great job! I love that miniature ( I have find memories of it myself the first mini I ever entered in a contest) I think that you nailed / very distinctive Gandalf with your color choices. It's very much a blend of the film, book, and animated portrayals of Mithrandir
  20. Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun! I think I may go back and add some more wild grass tufts to better capture the wild wilderness of this scene and better establish that this is a chance meeting in a glade or clearing between two dangerous foes! I wonder who will win, that Orc sure has an advantage with the high ground and that nasty looking sword!
  21. Finally completed this diorama I've been working on. I'm pretty well pleased with it, though I've debated adding some more wild grass to the setup to make it more wilderness. I had a lot of fun making it, the only downside is I had so much fun with it and now I'm eager to start another project but I'm not sure what to paint next! I wish I had a better camera than my smart phone and a better place to take photos, so these will have to do!
  22. I finally got some time to work on this and finish my diorama. Glue is still drying so these are just rough shots to show what I've accomplished with the work in progress, and tomorrow maybe I can bug my girlfriend to take better photos. Thanks for coming on this work in progress journey with me! Now I have to decide if I want to do some more of the Red Box Barbarians or work on some of Tre's elves that need a simple green bath first.
  23. I took off the weekend to turn thirty and also celebrate Easter I guess. Took some walks in the woods of Southwest PA and got inspired (and also obtained some twigs) for basing these two combatants. Finally was able to dig in this evening. I spent most of the time shearing the cork to make it look like a natural hill and I think that it worked. Next step is wait the eternity for the glue to dry, then paint everything a medium brown. I plan to be sparse with the grass coverings and also hopefully get some leaf litter to cover a lot of the ground. I want it to look like a hard winter has just ended but the leaves haven't returned yet so there's lot of dead leaves on the forest floor. I think that will help set the mood for this piece
  24. Thanks you two! I'm really pleased with how this barbarian came out. I picked up a nice oval display that I'll be using to build up the base to set the stage for the looming battle between the two fearsome warriors
  25. I sufficiently bugged my girlfriend to take pictures of the barbarian tonight. I also was really in the zone and I think I'm ready to call him finished. Although I might go back and add a few more highlights in a couple places. I really like how he came out, he's got a look that really screams we're going to fight now. I think pairing him and the orc on a little scenic base is going to be a lot of fun. Alas, there is too much going on this weekend and I don't know if I'll be able to get to that D: I was thinking the Orc could be astride the top of a rocky type of outcropping looking down at the barbarian who could be standing in a grassy area.
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