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  1. Wow! That Valkryie is great! I like the spear that you made for her more than the spear the metal version comes with . Also that palette is awesome, the green and pink hair work really, really, well together in my opinion.
  2. Those came out splendidly! The one with the brown mane is very evocative of the last unicorn. I also love your bases. The static grass looks very natural, well done!
  3. Thanks! My work can get pretty bananas sometimes and often require me to work weekends, so when that happens I don't get to paint as much as I'd like. I thought I was going to have some downtime this week, but it looks like I might not. Hopefully I can finish this vignette I'm working on since it's close to completion. Thanks! Everything besides the skin tone/armor was pretty rushed because I just wanted to be finished to move on to something else, but I'm really pleased with the skin tones and hope to work variations of it on to my coming red box orcs.
  4. Oh boy it's been a while and I don't keep very good notes. I'm pretty sure that I used an unspecified ratio of green ochre and the what I now believe is discontinued field green for the base. Then I gave it a bunch of washes with a dark brown and a sepia brown. Brought things back up with my skin tone base layer, then highlighted with a mixture of my base layer plus a little bit of bone shadow.
  5. This is a bones orc berserker that I completed a month or so ago that I forgot about. I wanted to share it with you all since it's the first bones miniature I completed and based (out of the whole vampire box ) I have been searching for the ideal orc skin. Not too brown, not too green - this was one of the experiments. I liked tthe skin so much I decided to complete the miniature. I've been practicing the orc skin tones for when I get my Red Box orcs, I think I got some good crusty metal things going on here too, which is also suitably orc-y. The base is pretty simple because this miniature was mostly an experiment, I decided he was an orc from some arid region for the ease of my base making. Thanks for looking!
  6. Excellent freehand - you really captured the look of dresses my mom and grandma used to wear on special Norwegian occasions
  7. It's a 40mm round. I don't game or anything I just paint for my own relaxation and fun so I like to base everything on 40mm rounds for nice bases that I can dress up without taking up too much room. Thanks! Painting the Red Box dwarves reminds me of painting the old ral partha dwarves so it harkens back to simpler times.
  8. Hi all, haven't posted anything lately because it takes me weeks to finish due to my job being rather awful. Here's a Red Box dwarf I finished probably two weeks ago paint wise, but only just got around to basing and photographing recently. I tried some new things that worked, and some that didn't, but that I'll be able to apply to the next figure. Anywhere here's this rad dwarf lord courtesy of Red Box Games. I think that these images should work! Thanks for looking!
  9. They're not heroic scale like reaper miniatures are. The heads are going to be smaller, but the height is in line with most reaper miniatures.
  10. So pumped for this. After missing out on Tre's first kickstarter I feel like I go large for each one since. I'm in for two sets of these beefy warriors. I can't decide which I will paint first??? Weglaf and Rollo are probably my top candidates.
  11. Anyone catch the update with the preview for KS3? Looks amazing. It's going to only be for the six figures and they're all top notch. I can't wait for this one to start.
  12. Wow that's fantastic! I love the color choices you made, what model is the princess? Also love that base, it gives off a great atmosphere that really goes well with the narrative you've constructed.
  13. Really like that dragon! I kind of want to steal that scheme for my own Pathfinder Red
  14. Wow, that looks great. I think that my favorite thing in this piece is the NMM and the surcoat
  15. Wow those metals are absolutely stunning! Great job!
  16. Fantastic job on the metals, it really stands out on the shoulder pad
  17. Thanks y'all! I really had fun painting them and I really enjoy sharing my miniatures here because it's such a great community. Hopefully I can get started on the last couple barbarian style miniatures and then get cracking on the grave knights to share here
  18. I really like that! The detail of the ground being smashed in where his hammer has landed is rather awesome. Great job on a great mini.
  19. I've been working on the miniatures I received from the recent Red Box kickstarter. I really do love these minis and I think that I really leveled up in painting with these ones. I also started to experiment with water effects. The lighting isn't as good as I would like - so I'll need to work on my set up, but I just really wanted to share these. First up is the Bolverk the Bold miniature, I painted him up to look like the Barbarian Class from Diablo II and III Barbarian4 Like with all Tre's miniatures, the tiny details on this were absurd but also a joy to paint. Barbarian3 I had a lot of fun with the fur Barbarian2 And I adore the He-Man style belt he's rocking Barbarian1 Next up is this Elf Ranger type that I painted up in the vein of the Elf class from the Dungeons and Dragons Arcade Game Elf2 I had a devil of the time with the legs and it shows, but I think otherwise it came out really well Elf1 Elf3 Then there's this gnarly Orc or possibly Half Orc Wizard called Gregor the Crooked that I absolutely adore. This guy just radiates evil. OrcWizard Looking back I wish I had done more to differentiate staff and skin, but thems the breaks. Orcwizard2 I can only imagine what sort of foul magicks are locked away in the grimore of his. OrcWizard1 Last is this Viking Warrior Shield I had a lot of fun with this one, both painting and basing. Shield3 After taking this photo I realized there was an easy spot on the cloak to fix, so I did that - but only after I had put away all my photo stuff so forever will that shame be remembered in this photo Shield2 It's really great to bring these miniatures to life - they're just so full of character Shield1 Thanks for looking, I still have some more to paint and post (including a bunch of the wraith knights, and the orcs when they arrive in the post!)
  20. I love the scale and it really suits the aesthetics of what I like to paint. I paint primarily for my own display purposes (although, maybe one day I will be able to run a low fantasy game with my red box collection) I just finished up painting and basing two miniatures I got from the back order - Bolverk the Bold, and Gregor the Crooked. I really, really enjoyed painting Gregor the Crooked, what a gnarly, evil looking wizard/shaman type. I can't wait to get my hands on those orcs
  21. That looks really good! I really like the armor, how did you achieve such a good looking steel color?
  22. I'm really digging those orcs, I think that your metals came out really well!
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