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  1. I like what you did with this miniature and that's a really fantastic base.
  2. Here's a miniature I finished a week ago, and a miniature I finished two nights ago. First Sora Goldflame IMG_5874 I really like the pose on this miniature even though i had some troubles completing it. It's such a dynamic sculpt IMG_5877 It looks like there's a hair caught on the cloak in this photo of the back shot >< IMG_5869 Here's a favorite miniature of mine, an ogre with club from Ral Partha. Here's my original paint job from I don't know, twelve years ago, I think. IMG_4939 IMG_4938 I brought this one home after visiting my family in Seattle and cleaned it up, sad that he lost his club because I want to put him in a three stage evolution diorama with: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ogre/sku-down/02325 and http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ogre/sku-down/03162 Well I gave him an axe blade from my bit box and think I did a much better job than sixteen year old me: IMG_5865 I really like how his sickly yellow skin came out. IMG_5863 here you can see where I need to fill in a gap with some flock. IMG_5862 ahhh and another gap, how great photography is for showing us what we missed in a miniature. Hope you like them and thanks for looking!
  3. Great job! I've been working on this miniature as well Your nice job has inspired me to get moving on finishing it.
  4. I think that NMM especially on the iron/steel parts is fantastic
  5. Fantastic color scheme! I really enjoy those blues.
  6. Thanks everybody! I'll definitely be posting more in the future I've got some more reaper and red box games miniatures to post, and I'm finishing up an old school Ral Partha ogre. I'm pleased as punch to be part of a cool miniature painting community. Edit: Actually here's a Red Box Dwarf now. This sculpt rules and was a real treat to paint. IMG_5473 IMG_5474 IMG_5475 his left arm came out a little brighter than I intended, I keep meaning to go back and fix that. IMG_5472
  7. Hi all, I've been painting for some time (fifteen years off an on now) - and lately my girlfriend has been urging me to share my work with more than just her and the cats. So I decided to finally start posting on a board I've been reading (but never joining or posting) since 2004 or so. I got back into painting last year and started with these two miniatures I mean this dude definitely looks like a famous Cimmerian - I went bold with my first mini back after an extended hiatus and tried out some NMM. I uh, haven't tried it since. IMG_5629 IMG_5627 I also got one of the LTPKs and picked up this miniature, I figured a scantily clad magic lady was a perfect companion to Nonan the Barbarian IMG_5572 IMG_5569 Then I took another break because I had to take this dumb old bar exam, and only started up again after that. This is a really awesome sculpt that I just fell in love with, his skull belt came out a little brighter than I had intended. IMG_5554 IMG_5555 I'll leave you with probably my favorite miniature I painted (finished this one shortly before Christmas) I love a fantastic Manor sculpt and also painting orcs/goblins/etc in non traditional (green) colors IMG_5546 IMG_5548 I hope I did this right and that you enjoy a selection of my miniatures, I'm sure I'll be posting (and contributing elsewhere on the board in the future, especially once my Bones arrive).
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