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  1. A new line of LE Red Box resin!? Be still my heart ( and wallet! )
  2. I'm not certain we'll see an end to tribute miniatures but we will probably see an end to KS that are rather blatant in their copy right infringement. I mean that particular KS was clearly just making miniatures and rules to play a skirmish game set in the universe of the Warriors with some clever name changes. I feel like they probably could have got away with it if not for the Baseball Furies inspired miniatures but those are probably the most iconic characters from The Warriors
  3. Got the first part of my order a few weeks ago, still waiting on a shipping notice for the second part.
  4. Super Duper Secret Project - or at least that's what I think it stands for
  5. Narrowing down what I want is really hard 😞
  6. I didn't see a deadline date in my email. They mentioned that once all the invites are out they will post a pledge manager FAQ and I suspect that the date for final pledges will be included therein
  7. Dark Souls is definitely not a niche video game franchise - it's mega huge. Still can't decide if I want to back for just the miniatures or not since the gameplay seems like it leaves a lot to be desired.
  8. I want to know more about the materials for the miniatures because the game doesn't sound like it would be my type of board game but I love the Dark Souls aesthetic and would possibly back just for the miniatures
  9. I like to make a paste of reaper brush on sealer, elmer's glue and the flock snow. I find that this gives me a good slushy snow.
  10. Do you plan to get an appropriate witch for him to bodyguard? Either Dynaheir or Aerie?
  11. Tre has really knocked it out of the park with everything he's sculpted for this one. Glad I went in for one of everything!
  12. Yeah I'm waiting to see the "straight" battlements pack which I think will be released tonight. That way I can decide whether I want to use the ones from KS3 or the new ones. The worst thing is going to be waiting for next January to play with my castle :(
  13. Here's my plan divided up into what I can pledge now and pledge later in the pledge manager: Initial Pledge: Grand Citadel Sorcerer's Sanctum Grand Citadel Inside Wall Double Thick Wall Motorized Draw Bridge Pledge Manager: Mega Mountain Pack Mountain Elevation Pack Transition Pack x2 Small Tower Fortified x2 Cathedral Roof Small Tower Roof (Though I may swap out cathedral and tower roofs for Tower Roof mega pack, still undecided there) This should allow me to build a four tower castle (two small towers, two larger towers). Then using that bridge in the sanctum prebuilt set, I will have a bridge from one of my castle towers to a lonely tower in the sea or a top a lonely peak. Also I'm still waiting to see what they do with battlements, because want double thick walls I need a lot of what they offered in the last KS, or something new that hasn't been revealed yet.
  14. It's a shame they didn't have prebuilt no stretch goal pieces earlier. I think that those are what a lot of people wanted (not me, I'm going whole hog Grand Citadel unless they blow me away with an epic top tier pre built castle) and that as they get released pledges are going to rise big time.
  15. I know that I'm getting GC and watchtower for sure, and he giant mountain pack - then it'll be time to figure out what add-ons I want. I just know that I want my castle a top a cliff with a narrow bridge connecting to my lone tower that is a top a jut of rock and the two are separated by a body of water ( cavern water tiles or maybe a new moat tile??? )
  16. Gee whiz is that new mountain pack pricy. But I want it really bad. Looking at everything I want currently puts me at almost 1700. Might have to wait and add the mountain pack on in the pledge manager after the first big chunk is taken out with fulfillment
  17. Gunhildr is so awesome - I sure am glad that some wonderful individual mentioned in the KS comments that it would be awesome to see a new and improved Gunhildr because it's my favorite model of the bunch
  18. I'm in a position wherein I can back for a lot (DINK). I backed the last one heavily, the second one moderately (the I of the DINK wasn't as good at that time), and missed the first one entirely because I was unemployed. I think that there's a lot of value in this KS at every pledge level - but that's unique for me and my situation and what I want out of this KS. For others it might not be the same! That said, I do think that it is important to take into consideration that this isn't like the Caverns or Dungeons set that started with relatively few easily made molds, but starting with lots of unique molds with special pieces ( embedded magnets for one ) the entry level cost is likely to be significantly higher ( well likely might be the wrong word - it is significantly higher ) and that stretch goals aren't going to be big freebies because that would not be cost effective.
  19. I love the Tre stance and I think that his range has a pretty good and large selection of non Tre Stance as well.
  20. Looks like we hit funding! Can't wait to see what's around the bend in terms of stretch goals
  21. It definitely seems geared to tap the Frostgrave market and that's a decision I can get behind.
  22. Already back in - that wizard model is a sight to behold. It looks like a perfect young adventuring wizard of a Nordic bent but that could easily be painted in such a way to not be Nordic.
  23. I know he'll be back strong and it sounds like this cancelled project will be turned into a multi part modular metal unit ( though I suspect it will be like last years evil Barbarians, five bodies, five heads, five weapons ). Hopefully it's short, sweet and exceeds its funding goal several times over. I just wish this one ( my reservations about modular plastic aside ) had really taken off since it sounds like it's something Red Box/Tre really want to have happen
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