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  1. Really stunning piece the gnome is really great but what really stands out is that frog. It looks perfect
  2. I haven't lived in Seattle in six years now, but Slender Troll has the right of it.
  3. I upped my one dollar pledge now that I have a good idea of what I need to spend. My definite total right now is at $174.00, but my maybe pile is at $165.00. And who knows, both will probably grow before the KS ends.
  4. Wow, this was a lot of fun to walk through. It reminds me of being a teenager.
  5. I predict that the blacksmith will be a big time piece - I know that this is the first miniature add on I've upped my pledge for.
  6. The original Red Box Games Yrsa the Accursed - it's just a cool model. Sadly it got discontinued shortly before I discovered and started buying RBG miniatures.
  7. I pledged for Warband and then just added the two themes that weren't in that level, easy as adding spikes to armor
  8. Wow, that spear throwing art is ridiculous. Hope they make that one. Maybe I'll finally jump on the Mierce bandwagon.
  9. Just ordered this, he's shipping it out with a tracking # tomorrow! He's a really nice and friendly person isn't he? I ordered one back when they came out and we had some correspondence. Which reminds me, I need to finish stripping mine and get some paint back on it.
  10. I really love all the guest artist boxes, I just wish they weren't plastic D:
  11. Wow! I didn't back this one but I'll definitely get all the new Meiers at retail
  12. I think that the full masked Craven seems to fit in well with the full or partially masked craven already existing in the line, it's just a different mask. Also I can't wait to get my hands on these and can't wait to see the mounted champions
  13. Well this looks like the first dark sword kickstarter that I won't back out of. I love everything and have no qualms about going in for the whole hog like I normally do
  14. That's really awesome! I just started base coating mine last night so it's nice to see a painted version for some inspiration and guidance
  15. Ironically, that depends on which version of Warduke you're referencing. There are pictures with his sword in the right hand/left hand, etc. Haha yeah I know, it's a big mess. I prefer the original card art and coloring book lefty, versus the Dungeon Magazine and the pre painted miniatures right handed version.
  16. Ha you and everybody else. The only thing that would be better if he was a left handed swordsman
  17. I am a real life lawyer but not much of a rules lawyer. We have a pretty good understanding of the rules so no issues really come up - and we're all good pals that have been gaming a while so everything gets resolved pretty easily.
  18. Ral Partha ( do you ever stop loving your first love? I had recently entered the world of a teenager and my then [now defunct] hobby store had all the Ral Partha D&D line still even thought it was 1998. I had just finished Dragonlance and learned that there were tiny metal figures of all my favorite characters ) Reaper Red Box Games Dark Sword Miniatures. Hasslefree There are a lot of other companies that I like and admire but these companies make or made my favorite miniatures.
  19. I like to bring my homemade pico salsa, and homemade guacamole. It's usually a big hit.
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