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  1. Here's an adventuring party I crafted using some Red Box Miniatures. I'm really pleased with this lot, especially Ullr the Red and Fritjof the Fierce (although those won't be the names of these heroes)
  2. Hey gang, here's a dwarf adventuring party I put together based on some Red Box Games Models. I finally got a bit of a better lighting setup (still not perfect) at my new townhouse. Although I did notice some stray paint marks and some spots where the paint rubbed off during the move on these adventurers. Here's an older dwarf warrior who fights with only fur armor and a mighty hammer engraved with runes. I figure that he encountered the cleric and her accompanying warrior somewhere and now they journey together. This dwarf cleric (victim of the stray paint splotch that I only noticed now) I figure she's carrying some super important document in her satchel that could cause serious unrest (maybe just among the dwarves, or the world at larger) and that's why she left her hold accompanied by this warrior. Here's a young dwarf shield wall warrior, assigned to guard this cleric he finds himself embroiled in something far above his rank. Thanks for looking!
  3. I like to walk around as much as I can since there aren't s lot of opportunities for a stroll once the flight is underway. Once I get bored of walking I like to indulge myself in some terrible airport food and read or surf the Internet
  4. I would really like to go to Norway (where a bulk of my family on my Mom's side is from), Germany, England, Japan, and France.
  5. I've done Mexico, Canada, and Spain. Spain was easily my favorite, I went there for my 25th birthday as a big celebration before a significant life change. It was a great time, made some good friends, had a lot of fun. I was in Barcelona only for two weeks, just wonderful. Mexico was fun, but it was just a resort that I didn't leave so I didn't experience much. The Canada visit was when I was a lot younger so not memorable.
  6. Prior to law school I had a good head of hair, now the top is really spotty and thin so I buzz it down every other week. Luckily I have a nice beard and my head looks good shorn.
  7. Wow! I really like the tank commander model, might have to pick up a few of those
  8. I really, really wish that the poster art character could be a miniature. The one with the goalie mask for a shoulder pad I like a lot of these models, but I wish some of the female models could be in more active poses, or more clothed.
  9. Just a great looking piece really impressed with the skin, hair and NMM
  10. I agree with everything Willen said, I might even take it a step further and suggest just having one ogre as opposed to three. I think that you could build a nice sight line with one ogre, the praying paladin and the statue that makes your eye follow the story.
  11. Wow. I thought I would be able to resist kickstarters for a while but good grief this is just too amazing.
  12. My time has been claimed by Pillars of Eternity lately, but I did get some painting in recently! The horde of the necromancer grows. I only have one more zombie warrior to paint, and I just recently picked up the set of nine undead that Tre released early. I also have a necromancer ready to go to summon and lead them. I'm also thinking that the white walker on the end there might get glazed down to get more uniform with the others. The only bummer is the feet of the white walker are under resin, but I think that it should work out ok. We'll see. I also cranked out this dwarf, it still needs some touch ups, but I'm pretty pleased with the face and hair. I've got two that are in progress with no photos, and this is the next lineup of RBG figures on binder clips: You can see the necromancer in this photo. I have on more free binder clip and I can't decided which on of these two to go with.
  13. Looks awesome, I really like what you did with this great piece!
  14. What's really awesome about the mystery backer is that it spurned a bunch of pledges so the 'zerkers are unlocked naturally anyway! It seems a little unlikely but it would be awesome if we could get to Craven B. Four thousand in six hours is a challenge though, but here's to hoping!
  15. We just need every backer to chip in an extra five bucks and we'll hit those 'zerkers
  16. Did some more work on another zombie. Only three left (including this one!) to do. Kind of wish I hadn't done the first as a white walker type so that they all blended together, I really enjoyed what I achieved with that one, but I guess I just like these more traditional zombies a bit more! With these I've been striving to make the fur look gross, like it has been sitting in a swamp for who knows how long, the leather aged and cracked, the pants worn, and the metals rusted. I think that I've been lucky with the results so far, here's hoping number four here meets similar results as the others.
  17. I think that in going to up my pledge again in the hopes that we can get some more stuff unlocked.
  18. Haven't had much time to paint over the past week, but I did get to sling some paint around last night. Mostly finished off this zombie (number three of six) and his water effects are drying now. So here's two quick phone photos. I've been having a lot of fun with these, and basing them in a more gaming appropriate way (even though my schedule has almost no time for gaming). One thing that I've really enjoyed with these is that I've really pushed and tried out some new things with these zombies, but did other things as quick as I could while still looking nice, which has helped prevent me from getting frustrated and shelving or simple greening he miniature. I hope that the other three zombies are just as fun.
  19. I think that you did a really great job with the effect. The way that you've sold the illusion of the sheer fabric on the leg is spot on. Great job!
  20. Great job! This is easily the best painted version I've seen of this miniature and now I want to pick it up for myself!
  21. I'm not sure what's going on between the zombie and our aged barbarian type, but I want to say how ridiculously good the TMM on that shield looks. Is the zombie sneaking up on him?
  22. I backed for 200, Vanguard pledge, even if this doesn't unlock more sets I'm still going to stay at my pledge and level. Hopefully I don't need to worry about that and more sets get unlocked!
  23. I really hope we hit the goal for the horse and it's rider because it's shaping up to be really amazing
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