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  1. It is a little strange that they're releasing the terrain like this. They haven't let us pick out what we've paid for yet, so there's no way for them to know who should get which files. So, give them to everyone? ::shrug::
  2. Don't think that we're pissed at you. We both said we're glad you're enjoying the purchase. The minis do look decent when painted; I've done enough to be happy with them. I think the value you got tilts your perspective of the quality in a different direction than those of us who funded the project. And I guess that yours is probably the more valid opinion since it is now a $20 game.
  3. I found a limited resin "Kara's Last Stand" by Studio McVey during CMON's Black Friday sale. I'm still a little confused about it. I've had it on my wishlist forever (because why not?) but I thought they had all been sold long ago. They had 1 in stock and on sale, though. I kept waiting for them to cancel my order and tell me it was a glitch or incorrect quantity on the store. But, I actually got it in the mail earlier this week. #369 out of 400 is mine. Now to get the nerve to tackle it. =)
  4. Yeah, I don't think anyone would have complained if we only paid $17 for the game. I dropped $200 on Kickstarter for everything, and I thought that was a steal. $2 a figure, right? Granted, I have quite a few KS exclusive models to play with that aren't very easy to find. But, a lot of those were out of scale. And the months I spent removing mold lines... I don't want to start crying again. I'm glad you're happy with it and that there might be other people out there actually picking up the game and playing it.
  5. There are notes where you can keep track of that stuff. Not the easiest to get to, but you can go to the profile menu at the top right of the site and select "Backer history". Each project you've backed has a big blue plus sign on the right. If you click that it pops up extra info about the project with an "Add note to self" button at the bottom. The survey system has always sucked, though. I'm sure they could improve it if they wanted to. There must be some reason that they don't. Probably to keep it from turning into a store or checkout system that could add more liability on their end.
  6. This thread makes me sad. This game is what got me into Kickstarter and back into gaming and minis after a 10 year hiatus. It obviously tries to mix a tabletop war game with a board game, it just mixed the wrong parts. The figures aren't high quality enough for war gamers. But, they have too many parts and are too complicated to put together for board gamers. The rules were always a mess. They are fairly balanced now, but between hunting down FAQ's and building all the minis it takes a lot of work just to get started playing. I've actually assembled and primed all of the 100+ minis from the Kickstarter rewards. I've painted enough to play the small scenarios, and they look decent. But it was a lot of work and I'm not sure it was worth it. I've played about half of the scenarios so far, and it's fun. But, you have to really want to play this game to get into it. It's also sad that they've been sitting on a ton of expansion minis that may never get produced. They look great, but I'm not sure that they can save the brand enough to be able to market an expansion. Would it be the first CMON KS project to fail to fund...?
  7. A little delayed by being out of town for the holiday, but I also received a package from RomulanCmdr today. I received a nicely painted grumpy owlbear and an unpainted faceless horror. Thanks!
  8. I spent the afternoon poring through the box of stuff. It's kind of torturous. I wanted to take all of it. I put in more than I took, but I still felt like I was taking too much...
  9. I should be receiving the noob box tomorrow. Looks like it got stuck in the NY snow for a few days. =/
  10. Glad you like it, Orion. You mentioned using it to fight pumpkin-head heroes and my weird brain went from pumpkins to scarecrows to crows and somehow ended up with a vulture demon. It sounded good, anyway. =) I'm also glad the wings didn't pop off or anything. I hate handing minis to the postal service.
  11. Pretty sure there's just two waves, waiting on 3 or 4 minis from MIKH. I didn't pay for split shipping, so I'm hoping that I'm not waiting another year.
  12. That's what I thought, too. I've also done two exchanges, though. That's why I suspect it has to do with post counts. I'm not complaining. Other than the time factor, I think I prefer being in the larger group.
  13. I guess I'm still a new person. I need to post more often, instead of just lurking... =) Looks like we have the largest group, though. Hopefully that means more variety.
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