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  1. 7 hours ago, dice4hire said:

    The boat does not get to AU till the 17th. So said Reaper on the Livestream last night. 


    Why did the reshipper take so long. Did you have any of the three?



    I was fairly slack getting it reshipped:  I probably could have had it a week or two earlier.  I assume there's three orders in particular that delayed people?  I haven't been tracking this the way I normally do : )


    2 hours ago, Lostbug said:

    How much was shipping? Might try this for future unannounced projects (tm).


    I split it into 3 separate $200 NZ orders for boring tax reasons:  this was my first one from Wave 1.  Looks like they're averaging out between $50-$75 NZ for reshipping, depending on package size & weight, with a transit time from the reshipper of about a week.

    I did this for Bones 2 & 3 as well.  Apart from anything else I get so much less worked up about it if I'm controlling the shipping myself, and it's worth any additional cost just for that level of control for me.

    Oh, and it's using the NZ Post YouShop service for the reshipping.  I looked at other options but they cost the same if not more so I went with the easiest option.

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  2. So while I've been painting some figures, my delightfully talented wife has been indulging her artistic streak.  Basically she saw my feeble attempts, said "hold my tea!" and proceeded to give me a much needed humility lesson : )

    While I've taught her everything I know, I in no way have taught her everything she knows... and it shows a bit, especially with her freehand : )


    77501: Minotaur

    He's big, he's blue, and he's coming to a labyrinth near you!




    77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger

    I just adore the shading & freehand on her cloak.




    77441: Ostarzha, Elf Cleric

    The freehand on this is very subtle and hard to see, but utterly gorgeous.



    Translucent Green Weapon Sprue


    And while it doesn't really fit here, I can't see myself making a separate topic for it.  Here's one of the green weapon sprue weapons I painted up with Tamiya Clear Green on the blade & pommel.


    Whosoever pulls this sword from this lump of blue "granite" will be the Queen of the Kingdom!


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  3. Hi!  You might remember me from such threads as Bones - will they blend? & Painting with numbers the Laoke Way.  I've been away from the paintbrush for a bit, as it's summer here in The Land Of The Future, but recently one of my wife's best friends spawned a delightful little halfling which the doting parental units decided to name Peregrine.

    I know.  Cute as a button!  Anyways, as a gift to the little sprogling, she decided to paint up a figure for him - and, while she was at it, she painted up one for our collection at the same time!

    77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger


    This is the one she painted up for us.  I love the freehand on this one!  The face is a bit naff from this angle and with the lighting being as basic as it is, but it's much better in person.



    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard


    And here we have Peregrine in all his diminutive glory!  She's really happy with the way the face came out on him, and I have to agree - the cloak is also pretty amazeballs!


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  4. It's already been covered, but yeah - stoatly different paints.  The Tamiya Clears are alcohol based acrylics and a total pain in the fae to use, although they will clean up in water (thinner works much better though).


    I've found that ink-based washes behave best with the Tamiya Clears.  Standard washes tend to cause patches of opacity to randomly afflict the figure like some mottled plague.


    They do give a really interesting effect on the translucent Bones though, adding definition and clarity to the figure.  I really like them for that reason.


    I've heard that Badger ave a range of translucent paints that don't have the stink incidentally.  I'll look for the details once I get home

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  5. What mini are you most excited to paint?

      Probably the T-Rex / Carnosaur / Hood Ornament for the 6000 SUX


    Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint?

      Going off previous experience, Nylarothep


    What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)?

      Either Kobolds or Goblins, probably both.


    What do you hope to see most in Bones 5?

      More orcses.  A catdragon.  'mecha scaled to face off against Khanjira.  A literal capstone of a pyramid.  Dino-riders (basically could be achieved with a sprue of lower torsos compatible with most humanoid scales in a bow-legged riding stance that you could use to create dino-riders / cavalry out of pretty much any figure).

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  6. So, over the past few weeks leading up to my 45th birthday I've

    • Spent 2 weeks snowboarding on Mt. Ruapehu, AKA Caradhras


    • Visited the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, courtesy of my lovely wife


    • And seen the Matilda Musical in Auckland




      It's been a great first 45 years, looking forward to the next : )

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  7. Shipping is outside my KS budget.  I'm constrained by the limits of what I can import into NZ without paying duty, which caps at about $230 USD.  Allowing for unexpected problems means I don't want to have a declared value of over $200 per shipment, but shipping is a internal cost as far as this is concerned and doesn't impact the declared value.  As such, I can (and will) ignore it for the purposes of my budget for the KS.


    It all fits under my hobby budget for the year, which is set at about 3% of my salary.


    It's possible I over plan these sort of things : )

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  8. In terms of what I'm getting - oh, ninnyhammers, that's going to be interesting given that I've spread everything over 3 separate accounts : )


    Wave 1

    • Core Set
    • Chronoscope Expansion
    • Wraiths Option
    • Fantasy Scenics Option

    Total:  $190, $10 available for other options if I decide to not use it on shipping.  All of these are hard locks.


    Wave 5

    • Dreadmere Expansion
    • High Rollers Option
    • Paint Set A Option
    • Paint Set B Option
    • Trolls Option
    • Rocky Option
    • Skeletal Monsters Option
    • Living Statue Amazon Option
    • Living Statue Spartan Option
    • Tree of Despair Option
    • Baba Yaga's Hut Option
    • Nyarlathotep Option

    Total:  $196, $4 available for other options if I decide not to use it on shipping.  All in italics are soft locks that will probably go out for other stuff where I see more value like the Stygian Canoe Option, but I'm going to wait for a bit and mull that over.  This is definitely the shipment I'm most flexible on and I can easily see myself grabbing stuff that's more compelling or arguably useful like the modern scenics option or the "Stones" tiles over some of this.


    Wave 11

    • Darkreach Expansion
    • Lost Valley Expansion
    • Fan Favorites Expansion
    • Frost Giant Raiders Option
    • Thunderfoot Behemoth Option
    • Blacktooth Terror Option

    Total: $200, right on the upper limit of the budget.  The Frost Giant Raiders are likely to stay in, but if I need to free up $15 somewhere they're the ones to go from here.


    Total budget:  $600 excluding shipping.  I'm under it by $14 at the moment, rock and roll.



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  9. 4 hours ago, Jaymezin said:

    Man everyone heres spending large then there me who has to keep the cost of the minis i get under $205 otherwise I get charged extra for shipping into New Zealand


    Stupid laws and regulations


    Jaymezin - probably too late to consider this but you can get around that restriction if you back a few different US waves & get them reshipped to NZ through NZ post.

    I've got 3 orders of ~$200 each coming in - wave 1, wave 5, & wave 11.  Experience has shown it's competitive on pricing, faster, and a whole lot less frustrating for me to handle the shipping myself this way than to use the "official" Asia-Pacific shipping from Reaper, and it allows me to stagger the arrival dates so that I don't get hit by duty.

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