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  1. I'm going to have to make some hard, hard choices. That expansion has eaten up the money I had put aside for the Stones tiles - I think that's the smart thing to do. Still under budget if only just. No guarantees that it's going to stay that way, but...
  2. I'm holding out for Biglups, Koblin "Gink" myself. Pretty much the last thing on my wishlist : ) And I agree - I hope they make that portal in translucent Bonesium™.
  3. And drag the horse behind something and it'd become a draggin' dragoon dragon dra-gun!
  4. I was idly considering either her, or Urban Legend Sophie from KS the first.
  5. Now I just need to work out a way to perch a Sophie atop that T-Rex and my wishlist will be complete except for Buglips, Goblin "Kink".
  6. Let me put it this way - I had a Wave 7 US in my hands in NZ by the 22nd of June for Bones III. European shipping started from the UK in earnest on July 15. So purely in terms of timing, moving from a Europe wave to a later US wave is -likely- to be a few weeks faster if my experience is anything to go by.
  7. I used the NZ Post "YouShop" service - basically, I backed as if I was in the US, had it sent to their warehouse in Portland, Oregon, and from there it got reshipped to Auckland, New Zealand. There are other reshipping services available - one I looked into for price comparison was shipitto which might be a good option for people outside NZ. Shop around, check out your options.
  8. There's an even easier solution - handle the reshipping yourself. I did for Bones 3 and it was competitive in pricing to the Reaper shipping option to New Zealand, I had them delivered about 6 weeks before the Asia-Pacific container landed in Australia, and the lack of frustration was amazing. If your country has a limit below which it doesn't collect VAT then you might be able to structure your shipments such that you don't have any duty to pay - that's the case in NZ but I suspect Europe is a bit more restrictive on such things. But, if shipping is causing you pericombobulations I'd strongly recommend taking as much ownership of the issue as you can.
  9. This is from before the Lost Valley completed, but... All you have to do is work out from previous KSes what the various sizes cost in retail and you should be good to go.
  10. I do like the female Stone Giant Champion. Even waiting on the illustrations that's a definite lock for me on the Lost Valley expansion. I'm kinda on the verge of dropping the Chronoscope expansion though. Thes' analysis confirms that its a lower value than the others and while yes, I could use it for the new Schlock Mercenary RPG (Planet Mercenary), I'm unsure that it wouldn't be smarter to wait on retail.
  11. Ah yes, missed that on the graphic. Would still like to know the thickness however : )
  12. Any chance we could get dimensions on these Stones Dungeon tiles, please? Including thickness, it would be a kindness. [Edit] Ah, looks like someone actually did some research : ) Thanks Charley!
  13. It's $1.23 per tile, which seems perfectly reasonable given the cost of competitors like Dwarven Forge. It would be useful to know the dimensions of the tiles though - I'll just go see if I can get an answer to that question in the other thread.
  14. It looks like we -might- have hit the End Times of Exponential Growth a good couple of days early. It might be a good time for us (as in the Backers) to start pushing the value of the campaign on social media. Just in case it's useful to anyone, here's what I've posted on the Book of Faces and several geeky forums:
  15. From a quick look Denton appears to be fairly central in Texas - I'd expect some wild weather for sure but I would be surprised if they got as hammered as Corpus Christi.
  16. Completely understand. Strap in, you're in for a wild ride : ) Honestly I'm seriously considering taking the last 48 off work because I know I'll be obsessively tracking it & not worth half a bloodstone gnome to anyone but replacement F5 key merchants.
  17. Yes, almost certainly. Look at the Kicktrak graphs for the previous campaigns - they accelerate -hard- in the last 48 hours. Assuming the trends continue and we build backers at this rate going forward, we should hit $3,234,587 pretty easily. This is not Reaper's first bordello. They'll use things like Dance or Date & Blacksting to drive that 48 hour madness to the extreme.
  18. Actually, I thin them all the time for priming - I find that reducing the intensity of the shade gives a better idea of the detail of the figure, and it's not so dominant on the figure as a whole that way. I do thin with acrylic medium rather than water, though. It seems to be more robust than liner thinned with hydroxylic acid.
  19. Could be. I was going off the Reaper Kickstarter profile, which doesn't list CAV 2.
  20. As I've said before: I find the arrogance it takes to tell a company who've run 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns how to run one fairly orcing boggling.
  21. I'll be honest here - when I first saw that tableau, I thought it was a courtship dance.
  22. Unfortunately I forgot to take a shot of that figure last night and I'm now enroute to the skifields of the Frozen South for a couple of weeks >.< Sorry!
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