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  1. It's a little late to point this out, but we HAVE a dire gazebo in Bones - the Stone Circle fits the bill perfectly : )
  2. Could always do a White Elephant >.>
  3. wait... is that a dragonfly on the one on the right? Going to have to snag them for that visual pun alone.
  4. Just do him in the blue translucent material and market him as a goblin ghost of painters past.
  5. Buglips figure - been pushing for this since KS the Second from memory, would still be very keen to see Buglips, Goblin "King" in the Bones range. Especially if his weapon is a brush : )
  6. Also I just had an idea for one of the large figures. A true 25mm scale CAV. A 'mecha to face off against Cthulhu, Khanjira, and Tianot. That would be amazing to paint!
  7. Is it wrong that I now want a BryanBot added to the Chronoscape option? Actually, we could easily do this with a sprue of heads including a certain hero of the ages >.> Ayup. The three eyed slug would make a great amorph : ) Oh, now I want a ByranBot dressed as Frank-n-furter!
  8. Hell, MY players say the same thing. The very rumor of doglike humanoids heard in the tavern is enough for them to nope their way out of that town at speed.
  9. Might be worth trying Chrome or Firefox or another 3rd party browser if it's not working.
  10. Those are some nice gobboes for sure. Combined with the rest and you have a decent motley horde! Now, armored kobolds would be nice >.>
  11. Your wave is the wave you selected when you backed. You can adjust it without consequence. You can get bumped from your wave if you ignore the approximately 60 billion reminders Reaper will send on the subject and don't lock in your pledge before the pledge manager closes. So don't do that.
  12. I might open my second pledge early and do a Asia-Pacific wave so I can get a decent baseline on the shipping comparisons. The change to charge shipping for the US backers means that from a financial perspective reshipping from the US might not be practical this time.
  13. Y'know the scary thing? I typed it out, thought "I'm missing an opportunity here!" and went back to change grabbed to crabbed... ... and I'd already done it when I typed it initially, without even realising it.
  14. Gee I can't guess what crabbed your attention there...
  15. Just a reminder before I go back to the Land of Nod: promote this. Get it out on the Book of Faces, ask your FLGS if you can put up a poster advertising it, let your gaming buddies know that the Bonespocalypse is upon us once again. The more interest we drum up and the more pledges we get, the better for all.
  16. #423. Happy with that : ) Right, time to go back to sleep. Have fun storming the castle!
  17. Just a quick reminder to the ROW backers: consider the option of reshipping from the US yourself. That's what I'm planning on.
  18. Ah, my furry alarm clock has done well.
  19. Well, please accept my sincere wishes for less stress and more fun this go-around!
  20. Hmmmm, 5 AM my time. Do I wake up then to try and grab a Wave 1 slot again, or do I sleep till my usual waking time of 6 AM? Given that my wife has been ill might go for a 6 AM slot, so I don't risk waking her.
  21. While its not a "preview" as such, I'm hoping we'll get a non-Bobblehead Arnise. I like that figure : )
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