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  1. Thanks, would greatly appreciate it. I really don't have much use for an ultrasonic cleaner outside of cleaning miniatures at the moment so I've been weighing up whether buying one is a smart idea or not : )
  2. Up to 1.9 million after a day of activity. If this trends the way most Kickstarters of this type do we could be looking at 7-8 million pledged. Which makes me happy in my gaming spot : )
  3. I'm debating getting a cheap ultrasonic cleaner for around $60 - less, if you built one from a kit. But I don't know for sure if it's going to work. I've got a shipment of Bones coming, I'll give it a try once they get here assuming no one else on the forums has tried it before.
  4. Just keep in mind if you're slightly newer to the forums than me: shipping is not likely to start till late March, and will take time to work through. Likely it's going to be April before all the orders are processed and shipped. I share your excitement, along with probably 99% of the forum >.>
  5. As I've posted elsewhere, I don't look at Kickstarted video games as an investment, or a preorder. I look on it as helping to provide an environment where the types of games I want to play, and the stories I want to tell, can be made at all. So yeah. I've kicked in for this one and if I never see anything from it? I'll still consider it money well spent.
  6. I know that in my case, I ordered some Bones because I realised I'd be one of the last people to get their Kickstarter sets, and I wanted to try a few things first. That, and I'm really not very patient when it comes to new toys. I really should have ordered some paints as well >.> I wonder how many of the people ordering outside of the normal seasonal pattern were bought in by the Kickstarter? In fact, would the Kickstarter have been worth it purely from a promotional point of view? Certainly, without it I'd have not gotten back into the hobby yet...
  7. /taking notes This is hugely useful to me as someone coming back to the hobby after years decades out of it. Thank you!
  8. Heaps of options though. Personally I'll be gluing a layer of felt, which will be a lot more compact than foam and should prevent most damage that's likely to happen. I can understand what you're saying - it doesn't worry me, but I can see how it'd be annoying. And personally I also expected them to come with a top-sheet of some description. But at the end of the day it's still a hell of a good deal for a case. If it's a deal breaker you could just fit 100 minis in the case and use the top layer of cut foam as the top-sheet >.>
  9. While we're kinda-sorta on the subject of cleaning Bones - how well do they respond to cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner? I'm toying with the idea of buying a cheap one so I can clean them easily, but I'm unsure if Bonesium is receptive to such eldritch devices.
  10. I don't actually know. I'm pretty sure Reaper will be my next one, but if I woke up tomorrow to discover that Wasteland 2 had shipped... I'm somewhat terrible at monitoring my Kickstarted projects >.>
  11. Yup. I've been lurking on the forums for the past couple of months trying to get as much detail as I can about Christmas in March™. I've gotten my supplies together, done some research on what I need to know to make a truly spectacular mess of the first figures I'll have painted in about 20 years, and am looking forward to getting my Vampire delivered and finally slinging some paint again : ) I'm kinda hoping they'll do a slow pan video like they did for the Vampire of all the add-ons so we can get an idea of the relative scales. I mean, I know that Cthulhu is going to be huge. But I wanna see how huge is huge!
  12. I loved this when it was first posted, and every time someone posts in the thread I relook at it and go 'Wow, that's awesome!'
  13. Always gotta be one : ) I did specify 'about'. New Zealand is close enough for government work!
  14. 1 Vampire + the occasional Elder God, but as I live about as far away from Reaper HQ as you can get and still actually be on the planet, I'm not anticipating seeing it before April. Which is a Good Thing™. As I'm getting back into the hobby because of the Kickstarter, I need to get my supplies and tools sorted. And repair the many, many mistakes I make dremelling out the tool kit so I can fit my brushes into the lid >.>
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