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  1. I received mine today. Very pleased with it. There were some fitting issues, but easily remedied with hot water. I appreciate being able to assemble myself, since pre-assembled can sometimes be a mixed bag in regards to quality, so I'm not upset about having to hot water them. The detail in the bones black material is great. Switching over was a change for the better. Kudos to the artists and manufacturing! My main gripe is with the attached bases. Bones black is difficult to cut through, so removing minis from attached bases is difficult and time consuming
  2. Bopping back into this thread (again) to talk about giants. With Bones V coming in and me running Adventurers League and a home game, I've been freshly reacquainted with my collection as well as the modules I run and what they need and I would like to own 😉 Running storm king's thunder for my home game. Wish list for the following additions to the giants: Female Hill Giant Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl in a scale more in keeping with the other frost giants and the "huge" size of giants in 5e. Male Cloud Giant Robed Female Storm Giant Warrior Female Storm
  3. ((Editing my post after receiving Bones V and taking its offerings into account. Some were already covered!)) I needed a child mini for a candlekeep adventure, and it made me realize that if you were to do villagers again for bones 6, some children of all the various races would be awesome for storytelling purposes. Not adventurer/adventuring children. Just npc children. Would love to see: m/f human children gnome/halfling child elven child dwarven child dragonborn child tiefling child orc child goblin child gnoll child On
  4. I was going to offer exactly the same advice. Use a varnish (I use liquitex satin) wait 24 hours, then use testor's dulcote. I use brush-on airbrushed with some airbrush thinner, but they make a can too.
  5. My two cents: If possible, would love bones USA figures to have a separate base. I rebase all my minis on round bases of the appropriate size for D&D, and this was a challenge to remove. Had to get out the jeweler's saw, haha. If they are separate from their bases, then people who want the included base can glue or slot them together.
  6. On the subject of swarms, I too would love a quipper swarm. I'd also love a swarm of spellbooks, which I recently ran across as a monster for Candlekeep Mysteries, and didn't have a great proxy for. Snake swarms and grub/maggot swarms would be awesome to have. Finally, I'd love to see the murder of crows or a raven swarm brought to the bones material. Very useful for Curse of Strahd!
  7. Thanks. Huge is what I'm looking for, as we're playing 5e. I saw the other giants had large and huge versions, so I wasn't quite sure what the jailor was.
  8. Does anyone know if the fire giant jailor is a huge (bases on a 3x3 base) or large (bases on a 2x2 base)?
  9. @haldir In Facebook I requested the same thing. HEre's what they said: Me: I would love to see an official actually modular building in this theme if that’s possible! Being able to make larger buildings or duplicate maps would be awesome Them: I just wrote almost an essay about modularity in the comments. I think we'll do that in a kind of "by popular demand" effect, but my experience with city adventures (definitely as opposed to dungeon adventures) is that they tend to move around in much less predictable directions. So at least for me as a DM it's more helpful to be able to grab a cou
  10. Slimming the queue is the trick isn’t it? Kickstarters have made me something of an unpainted mini hoarder... Great job on the face. I love the eyebrows and rosy nose.
  11. She looks fantastic! I have some color shift metallics on order from green stuff world. Excited to play with them if I can get results as nice as yours!
  12. I’ve had luck with brush on primers for regular bones, as well as Army Painter primer. I also had luck putting down a non-watered down basecoat. Literally add 0 water. If you need to thin, use flow improver. The main thing with regular bones is to wash them throughly with soapy water and a toothbrush. Then prime or paint them before you’ve handled them a bunch after the washing, as oils from your hands can prevent paint from sticking. To be clear on the owlbear for January, is it retiring and will no longer be available after this month, or will it be like
  13. I can, because the first model for it was announced a Reaper Youtube video ;-)
  14. A user in the Dwarven Forge Facebook group pointed out that monster hunter blind box figures were the perfect scale for D&D, so I picked one up to see how it faired. I really like this creature! I completely repainted the tail as I did not care for the heavy-handed drybrush work of the factory paint, and it was touched up everywhere else. The base is a "huge" that I stamped, then pressed the mini into while the green stuff was still pliable. THe "waves" are actually dirt/moss from the Basius IMperial stamp, but I tried to paint the to look like waves because I thought this fell
  15. I would love to see an entire expansion focusing on underwater races and monsters. I've been gunning to run an aquatic campaign, but it's been tough to find minis to fill it out. Merfolk in various armor Sea Elves Cecaelias (Octopus merfolk) Aquatic Goblins Aquatic Trolls/Scrag Merrow Crab People Marid Selkies in Seal Form Hippocampus Dolphin Eel Stingray/Ixitxachitl Whale Skeleton/Zombie Trilobite/Horseshoe Crab Chuul Aquatic Dragon Sea Serpent Morkoth Plesiosaur G
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