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  1. First KS MP3's are also available at as an add-on in the new KS (which is over 400 tracks at this time for complete backer level!). 3 days left and THEN it will be too late!
  2. The KS funded! We're at 389 tracks and climbing. :-D I got in on the Realmsound KS so hoping their player is as intuitive as indicated but I can see having a session's audio picked ahead of time and then just a click or two and maybe a slider to enable a sound. Environmentals and music are easy enough. Not many changes. I foresee only using traps and monster sounds mainly other than backgrounds and probably not all the time but the sound of a crossbow and maybe an arrow hitting (or whizzing by?) for a trap, or trapdoor sound or a porticus falling, etc. For my Roll20 games it will be great!
  3. I'm in for the $100 add a monster level. All Monster and Complete backers will also receive ten Pathfinder-style Goblin tracks. Enjoy!
  4. I can't find a glossy brush on sealer. I'm sure I could use clear nail polish but is there such an animal offered from Reaper?
  5. Here's a better pic.. almost complete (I did add some more reflection to smaller eyes which is not shown here - hope I didn't ruin it!):
  6. Those vintage minis were mostly imagination since much of the detail was worn off or maybe never existed in the first place? I'm starting into my Bones and here's a WIP for Eye Beast:
  7. Here's Reaper's metal Gnoll Marauders I'm painting for a GM I play with:
  8. I'd like to see a Paladin wielding a shield and a Flail (as a primary weapon) (not in his belt) I'd also like to see a cleric with the same. With details the way they are now-a-days I think they could be interchangeable BUT would be better if each had some individuality that marks them as a paladin or cleric/priest respectively. Thanks! Note: Flail as in a spiked ball attached to a handle/stick with a length of chain (optimally the chain should be either half the length of the stick or 1&1/2 the length of the stick) Make it happen, Cap'n!
  9. Kultus wrote: "I'm interested in this, I'm starting to really get into the Pathfinder system and in my gaming group we just started running it. I've also played in the Pathfinder Society Games at my FLGS. The only issue is that I'm not familiar completely with how the stats work for Monsters and Mooks in the Pathfinder system. I've been a bit out of things since the death of AD&D 2nd ed and the dawn of D&D 3rd ed...." Well, I'm not the best person to reply but, as with any game system each Bones/monster/mook/etc just needs converting. Based on existing Beasties that have established stats (ie. skeleton) a "Boney Skeleton" (for lack of a better name) would have similar stats, customized to Pathfinder (in this case) and similar (?) special effects/abilities. It's a time consuming project and it would work really well as an excel spreadsheet. Then someone could put a pic of the mini on one side (if they like) and stats on the other, stick them all in an index cards box and have the stats at their fingertips for later. Pull out the cards a pre-planned campaign will be encountering that night and you are all set to go. Pathfinder is a great system for playability and has a lot of GM & player contributed content. It would be very nice to have the Bones line available for the entire set.
  10. There are a LOT of Pathfinder players (& GMs).. There are a LOT of Reaper Bones backers.. Since Pathfinder uses an OGL is it possible for stat 'cards' for the majority (or all) of the Reaper Bones Kickstarter minis to be created? I think there must be a fair demand for this (maybe even the majority gaming system?) considering all the different iterations/revisions and possible copywrite infringement on so many of the systems. It also could potentially increase the Pathfinder player base and/or Pathfinder GM base? Is there interest?
  11. Found the 'sister' Dragon Thief mini at TxRenFest this year (the Halfling is fleeing holding a gem and dragon has claws into cloak keeping him from fleeing) and I'll paint that later. I hurried thru a Elf Archer (from Reaper) for my son's "A" school graduation. I'll post pics soon or you can see them on my FB page at http://Facebook.com/TheMassiveMiniPaintingProject under the photo album called Elf Archer for Randy
  12. Besides the Dragon Thief, here's a couple of my personal FAVS from my buddy's vintage Grenadier's: Order of the Purple Worm?
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