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  1. I'm going to resist picking up a fresh mini until this lot is done and then maybe move on to something bigger, I've got some bigger bones as well as Cthulu and Nethyrmaul, but I'm not sure my brushes are ready for that big a step yet.
  2. Thanks all, I've always been terrified of freehand but when its bones I don't seem to care as much and am more willing to give it a go.
  3. An array of mainly bones completed over the last couple of weeks. First up is a rushed conversion to get a dragonborn paladin for my RP group. Happy with the armour, not so much with everything else, but its fit for the tabletop nonetheless. Another PC for my RP group is an Elven Cleric of Sehanine. Sehanine is a bit different in my campaign and has an aspect of vengeance, so her moon is the blood moon. Yet another PC, this time an Eladrin Swordmage. The player changed his mind about facial scarring, so I left it as it was. Next up a few changes of pace for me, a tr
  4. it seems that my painting time is rapidly becoming a rare commodity, but I managed to pick up the brush for a couple of hours this week. ginger Gandalf is almost done, I'm happy enough with the face but need to concentrate more on the little things I think. A couple more part progressions on some figs, I'm forever picking up the next thing before getting finished with others, but I think I'm at my limit for consecutive minis on the go. Pink rabbit is pretty much done, just some detailing on the flame and her base to do. I'm pleased with how the eyes turned out in the end, I'
  5. Slow progress again this week. I've added a couple more bones to the list, one day I might actually have no figs left, at thus rate it will be decades though. Bunny mage is approaching the end of the line. I'll get round to putting up a 'show off' thread at some point with this last batch of slowness, but in the meantime here she is. I'm reasonably happy with her, maybe the ears need dulling down a bit, and the flame she's holding will probably take me ages to get right. First pirate for a while is up next. I am trying for foppish dandy but I'm not sure I'm pulling it off. I might tr
  6. Not much progress this week, work's been kicking my arse with glee. The Dragonborn bodge job is nearly there, need to tidy up a few bits but I'm leaving it there and moving on afterwards :) The pink bunny mage has had a few more layers on the 'fur' and I'm thinking its almost there, then onto the fun of the rest of the fig and they eyes, oh dear, the eyes. I should learn not to buy stuff that has big eyes. I've found another Bones I was in the middle of colouring in, so I suppose I better concentrate a bit more on it than I had. Ginger beard the gandalf wannabe! and I fi
  7. Managed to get about 30 minutes of brush time so far this week, hopefully a bit more over the weekend, but made some small progress. I've cracked on with the elf a bit more, he's supposed to be a cleric of Sehanine, but I think I'm improvising on it all a bit too much. He'll be close but not exactly what my player wanted. Inmy campaign the gods are in a war with each other and Sehanine is more of a bloody avenger aspect than normal, hence trying for a blood moon look. Hes at the even messier stage at the moment, but the end is in sight. I think I'd be slightly more enthusiastic about the tas
  8. Thanks. Took me too long by far, but at least now its done. Base nearly finished too, just some touching up to do. Progressing OK with the other figs too, although I am making it up as I go along with the 'dragon born' The assassin is not as blue now and the elf is getting g messier before it gets tidied up.
  9. Next up some stuff with less eyes. Can't move away from blue stuff though. That's the next step I suppose :)
  10. Yup, its taken me ages to get this far due to not even touching a paintbrush for 9 months or so between times. Hopefully I'll be back at it a bit more regularly now. Time to make a dent in the mountain.
  11. So, over a year later I'm at least done with the thing, excluding the base. If I never see another gf9 mini in my life it will be too soon.
  12. recieved mine today, lovely figure, I'll post up pics later when I get sorted out. No note, but if you sent a fig to the UK from Tulsa, then I thank you :) **EDIT** now with pics
  13. Introducing Stinky Maisy the Witch, so called since she has no clue to her own nasty odour. She has no nose due a recent mis-cast (spell) in Tchy'nar. Her only wish is to recieve the coveted Doore prize, awarded to the magically maimed and scarred by the magical community. Crappy phone pics follow.
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