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  1. Check out Michael rinaldi facebook or his website rinaldi studio press. He shows how to handle using oils in painting. The books, tank art, are excellent and his facebook has lots of q&a posts that detail most of his processes and provide in depth explorations and troubleshooting for the techniques he uses.
  2. Looks awesome. Even though moving the 8' is a pain in the bottom hole I bet you will appreciate it until you have to move it again.
  3. Ah this answer was expected. BTW I would call this a non answer. If you have something to add to address my question thats appreciated if you have an off topic or answer to a question I didn’t ask then it doesn’t need to be added. However, I’ll indulge you. The store near me doesn’t have them and I want to keep buying things there so it doesn’t close.
  4. Old oil has metallic in it? I’m curious to know what it would look like, I had one of the metallic washes back in the day and I couldn’t really figure out how to use it to be honest.
  5. Any or all equivalencies are greatly appreciated. Of interest are the engine glosses, the oil, engine grease, and old oil those would be interesting. Secret weapons swatches are a little useless unfortunately. The heat colors seem interesting but if they are just paint colors called heat then I’m not sure I’m interested. The description for the paints is uniform. The rust and metallics (obvi).
  6. Reaper was the first brand of paint I ever bought, gave it away and now I have rekindled my love for the brand. The only game store close has a massive rack o reaper paints. My question is, if I wanted to get colors that are close or exact matches for the Secret Weapon Miniatures colors, which ones would they be? Is there a chart somewhere?
  7. In economics, a false economy is an action that saves money at the beginning but which, over a longer period of time, results in more money being spent or wasted than being saved. For example, it may be false economy if a city government decided to purchase the least expensive automobiles for use by city workers, as cheap automobiles have a record of needing more frequent repairs in the long term and the additional repair costs would eradicate any initial savings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_economy
  8. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wood+texture+miniature
  9. a tutorial about face painting. For the people by a person.
  10. The next youtube https://youtu.be/3WYjsIJLQTE is up. This about using oil paints for weathering. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys I put up a rust texture tutorial video on youtube. I'd appreciate if you have a little time to watch it and comment here or there about what you liked and what you didn't like and about what kind of content you would like to see. Thanks.
  12. I bought an evolution AL plus. Most of the euros rave about these airbrushes. many amazing miniatures have been painted with them. I find the pattern it sprays to be a little wide for my taste. I dislike the trigger feel. I prefer iwata, badger and then my H&S in that order.
  13. I advise using some Createx W500 reducer. The minitaire work well with that reducer. I had very very bad tip dry when I used them and finally when I tried using the W500 they transformed from poor to very serviceable.
  14. I've used vallejo chipping medium its terrible. Its inconsistent and I have always had a different experience using it. I would try it out on different test pieces first until I could figure out how to make it work consistently. However if you have some money or are lucky and you already have it in your house is tres emme ultra fine mist. I heard about this product in the scale modelling community. It works consistently there is a learning curve but I find that tres emme behaves the same way every time, vallejo seems to act differently each time i've used it. I've used vallejo about 3-4 times and I couldn't get it to work right.
  15. These are all great anecdotes but why don't we start with how many people have died or gotten sick from buying a used vortex mixer. Friends, friends of friends and acquaintances are accepted. Maybe even something you read on a forum.
  16. I... I hadn't even thought of that... Glow in the dark minis! And is Robert equipped to detect residual radiation? Can he actually work with it? Would residual radiation on one of these things, if any, more than the radiation you are getting from that smartphone in your pocket right now? I mean, let's not over react. Let's be cautious, that's all. I generally roll my eyes when people get on their high horse and preach safety. I mean this is a mini forum after all not a hazmat refresher course. I believe in personal freedom and I served in the military to protect peoples right to do whatever dumb stuff they want to do. I wear earplugs, I wear a respirator. I wear safety glasses when I cut brass rods. I always wore a full face helmet on a motorcycle because I was almost killed on one and I would be damned if I lived the rest of my life with brain damage or missing a jaw. But I would never tell people to do what I do. However, I'm a product of the 80's and nearly every movie had some kind of nuclear threat in it, war games, project x, ferris buellers day off (j/k I was on a mathew broderick roll) mad max, red dawn, terminator and so on. So there is this deep seated animalistic fear of all things radiation. A more cynical person might thing that perhaps a very subtle viral marketing campaign was going on to push people away from procuring their own mixers and going through more "trusted" sources. Nuclear material is very tightly controlled and I have to believe disposal procedures are such that any kind of equipment that even had a chance of being exposed would be destroyed or quarantined but accidents happen. I think they found a USB stick in a computer somehwere in the middle east that had all kinds of CIA operatives and informants information sticking in a computer that was available to anyone passing by...
  17. mine is 120vac times and .65 amps. I used max voltage instead of RMA or average peak. converted to HP using a google converter I get .105 HP peak if you were running at max voltage and max amperage. So its actually probably less than that.
  18. Wow I think I missed the fine print about these things being used possibly in radioactive applications.
  19. I'd be on the look out for clumpy or gritty pigment. If you don't have that then they ate probably fine. I have had acrylics hobby paint sit in my mailbox in -20 to -30 Fahrenheit without residual signs of ruination.
  20. I'd use a rake or another special effect brush. Probably make it easier.
  21. if you read the forum rules the actual verbage is that you aren't allowed to sell things for personal gain, look for a job or conduct commerce. Commerce by definition is the exchange of social views or attitudes. So really posting to this forum in anyway by anyone is forbidden. So I say elf it. Take your chances.
  22. Anyone take the plunge on the new book yet?
  23. I think maybe the problem with mine could be that I got the one with the rubber platform instead of the cup. For scale 75 which is very thick it doesn't seem violent enough to vortex the pigment. However if most of your paint is reaper of Vallejo this will serve you well.
  24. That recipe looks pretty dang close. I approve.
  25. I have used scale 75 bottles that have space. I put one with a mixing bead ball in it and it doesn't seem to really be agitating it like I saw in the video. I think my used one might be a little weak.
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