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  1. Mine's more of a Sir ForCone, but you're welcome to him:
  2. 2 sessions to report on! Because I see that I forgot to actually post the one from last time. Session the first - Higher highlights on inner robes: mainly Gem Purple with Blue Flame, glazed down with Rich Indigo where necessary. Outer robes: Nightmare Black, Rich Indigo, Witchcraft Purple, and Cactus Flower. Too pink, needs to go back to the purple side. I failed to get a picture of his backside, so see below, but more pink. Session the second - Glazed some Clear Blue over the outer robes to get it back to the purple side. A little more Cactus Flower on top of that for a slight pink cast. Realized that I forgot to do the bits of inner robe sleeves poking out of the outer robe sleeves. They don't exactly match because of the *mumble* days long break in between, but close enough. Decided I needed to do accessory bits before I do his skin. Decided on Aged Bone for a basecoat, and then experimented with a few wash colors before settling on Umber Brown for an aged-er bone look. Highlights will go up through bone-y colors. Clearly, my poor primer job ate a lot of the detail on the robe edging. Oh well. Big Poppa Squid is giving me dirty looks from his perch. He wants to know when I'll actually get to him. Someday, promise!
  3. Minor update: Base epoxy-ed to wood. Glue added to body. Tail gaps filled with Milliput. I had a bunch of extra leftover, so I made a log. Yay? I skipped the arm gaps because they kind of look like they're supposed to have a gap. Head and wings will stay separate until later. I dread potential wing gap filling. Ugh. While that was curing, I spent way too much time playing with mini-squid's inner robe. Dark -> Light Nightmare Black Rich Indigo Gem Purple Gem Purple + Blue Flame The Blue Flame did weird things to the Gem Purple, probably because it was new and not mixed enough yet. I'd glaze to smooth it, then lose definition. My last bit before I stopped messing with it was to deepen the shadows. I lost some of the mid purple-ish to blue-ish shadow, so I want to play with that some before I move on to make sure I have my darker violet patches nailed down. While I was at work, my photographer and primer minion gave the elder squid a light dusting of Alien Purple. I was happy to see his filled gaps were nicely hidden. His nethers need some love still, but overall, is good. Up next: - I need to give my log a little texture, glue it to the base, and then prime the non-wood parts of the base. Probably just black, because swamp. The wood bits will be stained eventually, unless I change my mind. - Bring back the purple of the inner robe, maybe a tiny bit higher highlights (Thanks, Contrast Police ). Then, on to the outer robe.
  4. I used to have my ring set to the chorus of the original It's Raining Men. I grew tired of it, and it's now the opening keyboard riff from a-Ha's Take On Me. Amusing anecdote: Take On Me came on in the grocery store one day and my 5 year old daughter asked if my phone was ringing. I keep meaning to find a ST:TNG comm beeble for my text noise. One of these days, I'll actually get to it.
  5. Geek world problems: When your department's year end bash includes a 3D screening of the new Star Wars movie - but you can't bring anyone with you. Fortunately, Slashhamster has made arrangements to see it in 3D himself, a few days before my work event, so there will be no bloodshed at our house.
  6. Thanks all! I like the colors on Dain so much, I'm planning to use them again. Rasia definitely came out cleaner. My main issues with the metallic paint was that if I didn't thin them somehow, they'd get goopy and hard to control very quickly. If I thinned with water only, it wasn't goopy, but coverage was spotty. If I mixed it with brush-on sealer, or another non-metallic paint, they mostly worked better, but getting the mixture right was fiddly, and I'm lazy.
  7. My goal is to finish this one by the end of 2016. I've been working on it since summer, and I've only gotten this far, so I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on myself! Planning stages: My inspiration - My MSPaint skillz - My basing skillz - I used some Sculpey on my then brand new Basius Plaguelands stamp. (That tells you how long this thing has been sitting around waiting for me.) I mashed together various sections to make a nice swampy area. I'll glue the integral base to the void, and fill with greenstuff prior to priming. Mr. Bathalian will be sort of a testbed for the color scheme I want to use on the big man himself. Badly overprimed in Army Painter Alien Purple - Badly over-washed in Nightmare Black, staff based in I think Concrete Grey - Blocked primary sections in what I imagine are the main colors I want to use - Inner robe: based with Rich Indigo, shaded with Nightmare Black, and highlighted with Gem Purple. Future highlights will go pale purple-ish. Outer robe: based with Witchcraft Purple, shade will probably be Rich Indigo, and highlights will go to pink-ish. Skin: based with Cactus Flower, shade TBD, highlights to white-ish. Staff: needs to be more bone-ish, future TBD. More to come-ish!
  8. Huzzah! I have finished all my L2PKs! Lessons learned: Metallics and I do not get along. They do have their uses, but I think I'll be sticking to some level of NMM unless I really need them. To work on for next time: Focus on one mini at a time, and try not to give up and rush near the end. I keep having to work on this one, because I keep failing at it! In both cases, I had grand ideas, and then I just wanted to be done with them. This is a common theme in my stuff, unfortunately. It was exacerbated by mold errors that were more annoying than I thought they'd be, and frustration with metallic paints on tiny, fiddly bits. Patience, I lack it. Mad props to my photographer, who made them look better than they do in person! (WIP) 02823 Rasia, w/Spiked Chain 02811 Dain Deepaxe
  9. Bomb Kit Babes Choice 1: 10043 - Eloise Babes Choice 2: 10055 - Qadira of the Sands Babes Choice 3: 10047 - Gabrielle Babes Choice 4: 10051 - Astrid, Babes Choice 5: 10014 - Victoriana Babes Choice 6: 10037 - Serina the Steampunk Mermaid Babes Choice 7: 10035 - Kaitlin Archer Babes Choice 8: 10052 - Glacia I missed out on the first one, but since I have Reapermas and KS3 on the way, I only got a few.
  10. Double post! Woo? As promised - This is what my pretties looked like after I painted sometime between July and November: But less blurry and better lit. Here they are after I painted sometime between November and tonight: (P.S. I got a new phone. Still terrible at taking pictures though.) I fixed up Dain's gold and attached his arm. I didn't highlight the much more because so. done. I'll just say that mistakes were made with respect to his metallics. I do like his overall color scheme and I'm going to file it away for a different mini. I didn't mess with Rasia at all tonight. I was metallicked out, so I played with my Bathalian. I'm not sure I'll really WIP him, since he's more of a test piece for a larger idea. I'll finish up Rasia next time, and maybe do one more post for her, and then off to the showoff with them both.
  11. Um. Hi. Imma painter. I should paint. Oy, 6 months its been? Sheesh. Preview update: - Dain had his leather bits, horns, and hair finished and is almost done, I mainly need to re-do his golds and attach his arm and hope I don't need to fix anything else up. There was an interlude where I fought with the gold, and then had to go back and fix a lot of things. - I basecoated Rasia's hair, and did her random leather bits. She needs golds, chain and hair highlights, and a couple of other minor fixes. - Bonus note! Bathalian of Testia got slobber-washed with Nightmare Black, and his staff is a light grey which I forgot to note. I promise a picture or two. Pinky swear.
  12. Got mine. No cover on the stipple.
  13. The highlights on the metal parts of the gun don't quite read right to me. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Thanks for the comments, everyone!
  14. Just a quick bit here. I'm back to working on these guys. I'll admit, I had to go back and re-read this thread to remember what on earth I was up to. Here's a terrible update picture! My most recent efforts: - I re-painted Dain's silvers after thinning with Brush-On Sealer. They behaved so much better. - Highlights to Rasia's armor, per instructions. It looked weird when I went as high as the instructions seemed to indicate, so I toned it down a little. The contrast police have already sighed at me. - Basecoated various brown things in Walnut Brown: leathers, woods, etc. Next time: highlights on various brown things, perhaps some hair, and touchups to skin where I've made a mess. Oh, right, that guy in the back. Mr. Bathalian is my test piece for Cthulhu color ideas. He's been over-primed in Army Painter Alien Purple. He is very irritated about that, and contemplating taking it out on the others.
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