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  1. Hi gang, Some of you might remember me from the old old days. ;) Well, just wanted to post a note to say Hello again! After a long hiautus and a forgotten password and a changed email address, I managed to log back in to my old profile. I've got a lot of painting to do! (Nothing much has changed in that regard over the past 10 years! LOL!) I still buy more minis than I will ever be able to paint. In fact, I just dropped an online order earlier today again. LOL! Anyway, good to be back! Cheers!
  2. I signed up so fast, it made Chuck Norris look like a white belt. Any mention of a physical realease date yet?? (I can't circle "Soon" on my calendar!) :)
  3. I think I know which ones you are talking about S.E.! Of late, they are seeing less business IMO, as there are several smaller stores in the region now (each one seems to concentrate on a few games and product primarily however). Not a perfect solution to be sure, but better than it has been since the 80s! Still can't find Reaper paints (either Pro or MS) in town either... it's Vallejo or GW. :( As for the RAFM thing, their website seems to be on again/off again as well. THere hasn't been any new product on it in forever (that I can tell anyway). Some of those minis I purchased years ago! Gives me new and give me more RAFM!
  4. Did the pic get deleted?? Day two now, and I can't see any attachments. And I do so love to hate spiders...
  5. I cut my left index finger, right at the top knuckle a few years back. I never did anything about it, but now it sort of "tingles" from time to time. I didn't see any ninjas, but it might have been a result of the mythical number Thr33. (obscure ninja reference) Hope it heals up nicely! Certainly looks painful! http://askaninja.com/
  6. Is Sandra Garrity doing minis again??!! I thought I had heard that she was doing toys and the like now adays??
  7. My favoritist episode ever!!!! "OH NO!!!!! BURROWING!!!!" "OK, so you're walking, and your walking...." Best quote: "Please do not play with the lead miniatures!" :) Fantatstic stuff!
  8. Awesome news Jester! I am a long time smoker as well, and have tried to quit a million times as well (the same old song and dance). I know how tough it is! A big "WOOT!" for you!
  9. That's awesome Froschman! Do you have linkage to the kit?? I'm a huge fan of ships, and have been meaning to try and force the "Pirates!" game (by Flagship Games) in line for minibattles as well. One day, I might actually get around to it (and maybe even paint my Flagship ships, which btw, are a bit too small for Warlord. I think they are "true" 25mm scale).
  10. She's mine!! ALL MINE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! First time I have ever bought a mini painted by anothers hand too. Looking forward to getting it in the mail! WOOT!
  11. Salacious... I like that better than Toadie! Sounds like Delicious! Hehehe.... maybe a name change is in order! "I shall call him.... Selicious..." (taht way George can't get me for Copyright!) He's on a CD base btw. The original plan was to use him as the Warlord for my Birthright goblin army (porting Warlord for use with the Birthright Campaign ala Frosch and his Moonscar Court, but haven't even started stating anything out yet. Maybe one day...)
  12. Thanks for the comments (and recipie!) guys. I must say that the pics I uploaded do bring out the mistakes and blotches, and such! (Rather like looking at a drawing in the mirror!) One of these times, I'll pull off a Stern, Kelcore, Jester, and the like! My problem though, is that when the mini is on the end of your nose, it looks shaded/highlighted, but when you put it on the table and look, those layers tend to disappear. I assume it's because I'm not using a strong enough contrast between each layer? On the armor here for example, I should have shaded darker and highlighted lighter. (It just looks sort of... fake and cartoony IMO when your eyes are 1/2" away.) Hehehe.... I must also learn the Stern Base Fu, but baby steps I suppose.
  13. So, if you recall this thread : Tal Quazar, the Spider King, Bad Pics o/t Spider Centaur Conversion, then you might recognize this beast for what it is. It's still not attached to the base yet (not sure if I will bother or not), and is a combo of the "Official Birthright Campaign Miniature" (by Ral Partha), the Reaper Spider Centaur (waaay cool model!) and the GW Lord of the Rings Gollum fig makes up his loyal henchman whom I have named "The Toad" (cuz that's basically what he is... just like that little rat that sat beside Jabba the Hutt. ) Anyway, here are the best pics I can get of this guy. (He doesn't want to focus properly). I think all told, this model took me 4 years to complete (including many many many months of sitting half converted on the table). Comments appreciated.
  14. I seem to have been among the few who actually liked the metla WotC minis, though they did slide downhill when they were trying to pump out the Chainmail minis. Anyway more attempts at white, and this time I also tried some shading metallics on his scale mail. Didn't work out as well as I hoped, but looks better than a drybrush IMO. Still need to base this guy too. I forgot to mention that I also tried my hand at washing/inking the flesh. IT met with marginal result as well.
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