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  1. I've been contemplating trying to build some modular cliffs and hills and am curious what others have done.  I have a bsaic set of hills built already, but what I am thinking now is making a series of geomorphs or tiles that would be stackable (like a stepped hill), but interchangable as well so that you could essentially end up building a mountain or two to edge the table for wargame use.


    If I were to use the blue/pink styrofoam, it might be easiest, but I'm tempted to try useing wire frame & paper mache (sp??) like the model train hobby enthusiasts seem to prefer for a different look.


    If I opt for the wire frame idea, does anyone now how to "join" the wire armatures together?  Are they simply "wound & knotted", or are the saudered together and then smothered in thick layers of glueey newspaper?


    Any comments or suggestions on this?

  2. I can't see the table beneath the piles of primed minis and paint pots.  I've got about a dozen or so half started (or finished, depending on how you look at it) henchmen type figures.  (I've been trying to boost the cannon fodder count as oppossed to actual character-detail minis the last year or so.


    I do have the box set of GW Moria plasitc goblins on the block, a dozen of the WotC minis, another dozen Reaper figs (Fenris the Pale jumps out as one of the half started/done).  I also have an 8'x8' table of Mordheim ruins that are in various stages of construction/painting.


    All in all, I've got alot of projects on the go!


    I better get cracking I think...

  3. Well, I have nver actually tried these, nor have I looked about for them much.  Thinking about it now though, some textures things like road cobbles and windows would be good.  You could cover the paper in clear film for durability (and also give the glass a bit of a shine in the windows).  The cobblestone/pving stone ones would be useful for roads and just about a hundred other things.



  4. The pretextured stuff is only about $2.00 or so a sheet and can do up to 80 or so 1"x1" bases.  Less of corse if your wanting to do larger bases and only about 65-70 for round bases.  They take about 30-70 seconds a base and you don't get plasticard bits superglued to you  :;):

    Do you know how big these sheets are Gobo?  I've been looking for something (we call it mac-tac here in Canada, but it's basically wallpaper) in order to make my roads, streets and market squares for Mordheim.


    Unfortuntely, fieldstone, bricks, cobbles, etc. aren't that popular in the proper scale needed.


    I did find some cobblestone stuff in the christmas village ornament isle at the local department store, but for $2.00 Canadian, you only got a roll a couple inches wide and perhaps 4x as long.  Would take many many rolls to base a Mordheim market square terrain tile with that.

  5. I don't know where you're shopping at, but they shouldn't be that expensive.

    Well, I asked at a few department stores, and none of them carried the filters.  When I went to London Drugs (do they have that chain in the U.S.??) they said I'd have to go to a specialty store like MacBains or something.  She also told me the "each" part.  $70.00 (U.S) x2 = 140.00 Canuck Bucks, so the price seems to match up, but if I get all the filters in the set then it's alot better.  (I thought I'd be buying each filter seperately.)


    Thanks again Aryanun!  It's tough trying to get what you want out of these christmas sales clerks if you don't have any idea what it is you want.  


    Still trying to locate a shop that is less than 1/2 an hour from my front door, but failing that, guess I'll have to drive into the big city next week.  (GAAAAAA!  I hate the "big" city.  Of course, my conceptt of "big" would likely be a Sunday drive through a local suburb in most U.S. cities....) ???


    With any luck, I'll have a set of Hoya filters and a first round of attempts in 2d6 days!

  6. I'm sure that people have asked if bits are available for seperate order, but I don't recall ever hearing anything definitive.


    In particular, I'd like to see things like the headstone from the most excellent Warlord model, 14020: Lola, Female Thief.


    Is it just a "simple" matter of altering the green and recasting?


    I'd also be lovin' it if Reaper started pumping out architecture bits that I could use to spruce up my terrain.  Oh yes... that'd make me happy.

  7. Thanks folks!


    I ran out to see about the filters, but they will set me back $150.00 + apiece, so now I'm debating whetehr to simply buy a proper lens for the job.  (BTW Daniel, it is a film camera.)


    Here's a new angle on the topic though: terrain instead of minis.


    If I wanted to start zapping pics of my terrain (maybe a diorama of a mini battle ala Warhammer), would my lens still do the job?  Since terrain is larger, I suspect that I should be able to get a decent shot, but 'd rather not waste a roll of film + the dollars to try it first and find out.


    What about digital cameras?  I asked around about these while I was searching for the filters, and was told that in orer to get one that you could play around with "the fancy stuff", you'd be looking at $800.00 plus.  This might be worth it in the long run, since digital everything is what it's all about now, but is definitely not something I'd buy just for use with mini photography.  Does anyone out there have a model/brand of digital camera that does the macro photography thing?


    PS. All prices listed about are in Canuck bucks, which is about 1/2 of a U.S. bill.

  8. OK, I'm just about ready to try out the camera and shoot some minis and terrain, but after reading the instruction manual x3, I'm still at a loss.


    Now as I understand things, in order to shoot minis, you need a good depth of field (fstop/aperture setting) right?  OK, no problem.


    I even bought a little tripod.


    However, the lens I have on my Minolta Maxxum 7000 may not be the right one for the job.  As far as I can tell, the lens is capable of ... well, I can't tell.  The writing on the lens says:

    Polarizer 58mm

    Auto Focus Zoom

    1:3.4-4.5  28 - 80


    Then it's got some sort of scale meter rangeing from 4 - 10 ft that doesn't seem to do anything, although the adjustment on the zoom/focus thing ranges from 80 - 28 mm and seems to match up with the little green line extending from the range meter.


    So, in short, if I put this monster on the tripod, point and click, what will happen?  What aperture setting would I need for taking pictures in a standard basment environment with tungsten lamps for illumination?


    Any advice or "tell me how to do its" would be greatly appreciated.  :D

  9. Hey Istorm, I've been eyeballing these things for over a year, but have been put off by the "casting" portion of the hobby.  To me, that seems to be the step where you make it or break it.  


    How are you finding the casting?  If I remember, this is your first go at the Hirst Arts stuff?  Do you get bubbles in the cast often?  Are you using plaster or that dental jazz?  How long does it take to pour your moulds, let set, and pull out of molds to begin recasting again?


    Any chance of you giving us an idea of total cash & time investment in your play - by - plays?


    If the casting phase is relatively simple, then I might have to go into work for some "non bill payment catching up" overtime this weekend....  :)

  10. Very nice indeed.  Constantly impressed with Reaper.  I've noticed a progression to more and more dynamically posed figures lately.  This is good, though it does likely mean multi part figures.  


    Aside from the details of the model, it's the pose that throws it over the top IMO.


    Lovin the Werner Klocke models!  Alls I can say is "Lupine Rager, oh yes....."

  11. I've painted orcs green, yellow and gray.  The green orc is the traditional orc I think (recall that even in the old classic Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon that the orcs were green.)  I painted a horde of Ral Partha Goblins (the sort that shipped with the infamous Orc War Machine) yellow, inspired from a painting by (I think) Clyde Caldwell.  (It had an orc band attacking a castle, and the center piece of the painting had a couple of knights cautiously approahcing the woudned orc command.)  They turned out sort of neat.
  12. Hehehee... sorry, I never thought that the post topic would make it seem like **I** had painted Jonas.  :)


    Hmmm... I take it by the lack of response, that Jonas hasn't been painted yet by any here.  I'll have to be the first then I guess...  :)

  13. I wish we had had contact a while ago, as I sold my untouched set of Birthright Villains to a complete dip$#!^ who went ans ruined or lost most of them, and his little brother mangled most of the ones he still has!

    NOOOOOooOooOO! †Say it ain't so!!!!


    Dang! †So close, yet so far away!!! I've been hunting thsoe figures for nearly 3 years. †I managed to find some individual minis (the Spider & the CHimera) but otherwise, not much luck.


    Would have been sweet to have a Gorgon of my very own. †I'd love him and hug him and call him George.

  14. Has anyone painted Jonas Kane (#02184)? †I MUST have Jonas Kane....

    Looking for ideas & inspiration mainly.  I'd love to see more of these kind of minis from Reaper.  I love that dark and gothic look.

  15. HEY!!  Is that THE Hypnotoad, or just a distant relative?


    Aryanun: I had that mini at one time.  I'll check my "Bucket" and see if it's still there.  (My original collection got split between myself and my Cuzin when I moved south, so it might be in his bucket now).  If I can find it, I'll let ya know and send it to you ASAP.

  16. I'm curious what brands of 'green stuff' are out there.  I bought some puddy in a tube awhile back, but I think it must have expired while on the shelf, cause it comes out of the tube already half set and makes nothing but a mess on the figure.


    I've heard about the strips that you mix together to produce the "Green Stuff", but that seems a bit much for the amount I'd need.  (I'm not much of a figure doctor yet.)  I only need a skirt here and there to fill in the gaps, not enough to mold an entirely new figure out of.


    So, does anyone have any suggestions?

  17. What are the odds that someone(s) like Reaper, might be interested/able to get their hands on a liscence to produce minis for some of the recent "reborn" OOP game worlds.  Ravenloft springs immediately to mind, but I've heard mention that other WotC campaing worlds are getting the d20 relicenseing arrangement as well.


    If the cash required to actually stamp "RAVENLOFT" on the mini package is too great, what are the legalities/considerations that need to be made in order to produce "generic" miniatures that look suspiciously like they would meld seamlessly with such campaigns?


    Now, I'm not suggesting anything of course, but my fasvorite RPG world is OOP, and it would be so convient if someone should produce Birthright - like minis....


    oh yes.... way cool indeed.

  18. You know kelcore, you should take a look under the stairs.  I found an ice cream pail full of ancient old minis under my friends stairs one time.




    These guys were priceless originals, some painted in a haphazard "Testor dip and shake method", others bare lead.  And shoved so carelessly into what has become to be known as the "Infamous Bucket Incident."


    When my firend was reprimanded by myself and a fellow obssessed mini nutball, his only defence was "I forgot about them!"


    So, you never know what you'll find under the stairs.

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