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  1. I've usually started with a layer of black, and dry brushed on a dark blue - it works as well, but from the end of your nose, the figure looks blue, and when it's on the table, you can't notice the highlight/shades at all.  


    I'll have to try mixing up some colours though into the black and see what happens.  I skipped the "colour wheel" day in art class though, so I tend to end up with lots and lots of mud colours when I try mixing my colours.

  2. OK, I know this has probably been mentioned before, and might even be some tips in the Drow tone thread recently started, but I am getting ready to work on the Fog Wraith, and would like to have a firm and clear idea of how people acheive the best results with a base coat of black.


    The Fog Wraith must be "Lord of the Ring-ish" IMO, so he'll be base coated with a very dark black, and I want to work up from there, and try my hand at shading & blending rather than simply layering on multiple drybrushes & then highlighting as is my usual style.


    What colours do you use to highlight/blend up from black with?  Dark greys and such most likely, but I want the lightest colour to be black, not a dark grey.  (GW does an excellent example of black on the LotR Wraiths that they've painted, but I can't duplicate it!)  Most often, I end up with a black base colour, and a stark contrasting white drybrushing on the raised areas.  It works well enough I guess, but leaves much to be desired.


    Do you use a hint of white to mix into the original black to lighten it, and use that in varying stages?


    I am considering trying to use a matte finish when completed, and then come back with a paint on gloss and either put it in the recesses of the folds (giving the shadows a shiny appearnace), or the highlight areas... not sure yet of the best effect.  Opinions?

  3. Well, I sort of cross posted a bit on this one I think.  (My humble beginnings are mentioned in the "Bullfinch vs. Some Other Guy" thread.)  


    IIRC, I entered my Cuzzes place again one day, hauling my graph paper (or was it hex paper... can't recall) and he had just returned from a trip out of town with the Air Cadets.  He had brought back some little lead things that sort of looked like people.  (I can't recall which company did them, but one had a pointy hat.)  


    Again, I was hooked, but DESPAIR!  The mini market was but a babe in arms, and not so available yet, especially so far north.  Searched the town I did.  Quested I did.  And then finally one day, the local toy store recieved a shoe box size shipment of minis.  Citadel (before Evil Empire days) and Greandier box sets (the old Thieves & Rogues, yellow box set I recall foundly!  Loved that chick with the big poofy feather hat!)  Needless to say, I bought as many as my meager paper route money would allow (which was alot actually, since the figs were $1.25 and the evil G.S.T. had not yet been invented by the Canuckian Government.)


    Anyway, I played with them (and no, they weren't primed or painted, I handled raw lead like it was silly putty!)  


    ::twitch twitch:::


    Then, somehow or other, we fell upon the idea of actually painting these little things (which were by now, broken and patched at least dozen times.)  So, out came the little bottles of Testor Model paints.




    I still remember those poor flooded faces... buried under layers and layers of thickly poured on flesh tone....  




    The rest is history.  Miniatures became popular and more readily availble in that small northern town.  Then I moved to mail order, and finally, travelled 9.5 hours to the nearest Hobby Lobby of the time.  


    Gads, those were the days.....

  4. HUZZAH!

    I ready the Visa of Unlimited Credit and...

    CHARGE! :D

    :::shakes the thin (but heavy) blue card he's been packing about:::




    :::waits for something to happen, and then shakes it again:::




    ::Again nothing happens:::




    :::massive shaking results in a slight fizzling sound adn a few sputtered sparks.:::



  5. What did you do for RP Ironheart?  The vast majority of the minis on my shelf are descendants of the late 80s - early 90s Ral Partha lines.  It would have been nice to see what they could have done when the main stream switched over to the new larger scale.  Ral was always considered to be "Old Reliable" in my neck of the woods (compared to the hard to get Grenadiers, and the "We haven't had a new mini produced in 3 years" RAFM.  IIRC, Reaper was still young in those days, and the catalouge offered Mouslings on scooters.)  :)


    Definitely some nice models in RPs stock.  I didn't know they had been reborn as a different company.


    A hearty giant Morg-ley HAHA!  That was the funniest post I have ever read on a message board in my life Pallbearer!  I'm still ROTFLMAO.  The wife always gets jealous when I burst out laughing at the monitor.  Man, that was good stuff. heheeheee...


    Anyway, I've just recently had to purchase new primer and new sealer after nearly 3 years.  Up till now, I had always used Armory brand white primer and matte sealer.  It was cheap(er) but lo!  Upon entering my NSFLGS, (ala Gamer Cheese) there was nary a can of Armoury to be found.  So, laking the cash, time and will power to drive 3 hours to Calgary (home of the single greatest Canadian FGS!), I had to settle for the GW brands of primer and sealer.


    I got home, eagerly cracked the primer open to squirt my latest purchase (sorry, no Reaper this time out), and found the results to be not so bad, but definitely not worth the 15 Canuck Bucks the can cost me.  It came out sort of powerdery actually, so that I am constatnly brushing off my fingers after handling.


    OK, so anyway, a few days go by, and then I crack the new shiny can of GW matte sealer.  I go to spray my gnoll warband, and very nearly kill the neighobor (who was leaning over the fence trying to figure out what the heck a grown man was doing with a bunch of little soldiers, a can of spray paint, and a box).  The smell was unbelivably horrible!  My gnolls now smell like they're summoned from the Abyss!  Man they stink!




    All in all, I miss my Armoury sprays.

  7. Yes, it is annoying to have a geology degree in this case. †I cannot chart a simple river without knowing the history of the area for the last billion years. †Aargh aargh aargh.

    I'm an avid fan of the Birthright setting (yet another canned WotC product!)  and it is (IMO at least) one of the closest things to a 'realistic' fantasy setting as I have seen.  However, it was never properly fleshed out before it fell before the corproate headsman. Soooo...


    What sort of geographical features/history is needed in order for gold/silver/ore veins to exist?  Up till now, I've always just sort of wung it (is that a word???) and said, the mts. have gold, the hills have ore - just cause.  WOuld be nice to have a basic set of 10 Resource Placement Commandments though.


    Not that I'm suggesting anything...


    And as a personal aside: How is amber formed, and where would I find it?  I have been told it comes from swampy areas, but other than that, I know nothing,

  8. Then I drill, using the Dremel (again, I pin everything)...

    How do you line up the holes that you've drilled on the two pieces so that they actually fit together?  (not to mention the aprropriate depth on each so that there is no visible gap between them).  I tried this once and the result was so utterly horrible that I've never tried it again.

  9. OOooooOoooOoOo... Boris Mingla..... Richtur Diehn.... nice. I've not seen this Lady's work before, but I quite like it.  Her detail work is amazing.  Hard to believe that she's only been painting for 5 years!  (I've been at since forever :::1983-ish ahem!::: and still can't highlight black or even make use of blending!)


    All this jazz about those Micromark pens is completely new though.  Not heard of that before.


    BTW, how do most of you "improve" your style?  I'm pretty much a lone gunman in regards to painting. (Everyone I know loves figures, but won't buy them let alone paint them.  They just wait for me to do it, then come over and rob my shelf for their games.)  Thus, I don't meet alot of painters, and can't really develop my style beyond waht I've managed to teach myself.  I've read lots about it on the net, but reading how it is done, compared to having a tutor of sorts is a very different thing.


    So, how do you develop your style?

  10. Is this interferance paint anything like the glazes/inks and such that you can buy, or am I missing the boat here?  I saw on a website somewhere, that if you mix Future Floor Wax with your Ink, you end up with somehting known as "Magic Mix".  Apperantly (I've never tried this yet), the floor wax breaks the surface tension on the ink/wash medium, and permits it to sink deeper into the recesses while improving it's flow off the high spots.  (I use ink straight out of the pot, with a wet brush to dilute it a bit, and I often find the premixed inks look great while it's wet, but upon drying, it's flowed OUT of the lows, and sort of "stained" the high spots.)


    The scary thing about this idea though, is that someone was sitting around one day, spied the botle of floor wax, and then wantonly mixed it with their paint!   :p

  11. 8.Always go after the other guys magic user


    Ya, the magic users blow up when killed. Haven't played it but skimmed through the rules. My group isn't much for large scale battle scenarios. GOt the box set for the free minis inside and the info on the world. Thought it would be a "good" romping ground. No one in my group has the game, so they know nothing about the people, countries etc. Good place to keep the "on thier toes". That's why I would like to see more "history" and game info come out on the Reaper world.

    Lady Tam

    Is the Dark Heaven game still available, or is Reaper canning it in favour of this Warlord game?  I fear I live in the RPG deadlands, so this kind of stuff never makes it to the local shelves.  I did get a copy of Casketworks last year or so, and was mucho impressed with it and the smattering of "world" stuff in there.


    I'd agree, and urge Reaper to develop more!  The old school "world builders association" is getting a bit dry IMO - time for the Apocolyopse IMO!

  12. Depth of field ey?? HMmmmm... gonna have to try this again.  


    I'm so NOT a photographer (point and click is about my limit), but when I once tried to photograph my army ala Warhammer style, the guy in the front came out all right, but everything else was blurred.  Solution as I understand it: Increase depth of field.


    Ok check.


    The other problem I had was refelction of light off th minis.  They wer eall very glistening with refelctive light!  They looked like polished silver or something!  Do you know how to set up a good lighting 'profile'?  


    And the other question is, is the basic technique the same for photographing a "display mini" by itself (ala "Look what I just painted!") vs. a large dioramma styled collection of minis?

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