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  1. I hear that Kit!! The Morglet has been up 4 times in the last 6 hours (time adjusted for daylight savings) , and did a 7 pm - 1:00 AM stint of cranky "I don't know what I want, but this is not it!" shift last night. Morg really is starting to look like his avatar.... Ahh well. Back to work tomorrow. At least I can get some rest there.
  2. Well, if I pinch in just the right spot... hehehe... actually, I sound like a combination of the Crash Test Dummy guy meets James Hetfield, but only in tune 40% of the time. I can certainly try out hte lyric thing if you like, though I can't promise anything. I dabbled in the rock n roll thing years ago, but I've been out of it for a long time, and may have lost my "shutzpah". Still, I'll give it a try if you like!
  3. Zaphod was completly wasted out of paint and glue so many figures to be painted what's a metal god to dooooOOOOOOooooooo! Yoy don't know what its like you don't have a clue if you did you'd find yourself painting metal dudes toooOOOOOOOOooooo! Breakin the law breakin the law [metal guitar voice] Bwha! Bwwhaaaaaa![/metal guitar voice] Rock and Rooooll!! I wish I could have seen those guys.... ah man... great stuff! I wanna grow my hair long again now.... Good stuff Glynn! Thanks for sharing that!!
  4. Warlord for Dummies would be good! I'd buy that. I am in a similar boat as Tommy, being one of those types who needs to read the book a few times, then play it a dozen or two with folks who are "in the know". Being from the central Alberta wastelands, there is nary a Warlord player for leagues and leagues... :(
  5. Bodhi, the "adventuring mum" idea is simply the COOLEST thing I've heard in a long while! I hope this sculpt makes it to market!! I want one already!
  6. Hi there Hamilton! Welcome tothe Boards! Personally, I like the "nosebleed" look, and think you should keep it. It makes her look all ferral and nasty! :) Good job! Keep it up says I.
  7. IS it just me, or does Korlap bear a striking resemblance to a Not-So-Super Super named Syndrome. Take a look, and I think you'll agree. A nice paint indeed Runeloard! I like the hair colour, and the skin tone too. Very well done! Also: HEY L.G.!!! Longtime no see! It's me, Morg (from the old Birthright PBeM Days!) Man, the internet is a small place...
  8. Here's Cameron (or Morglet, Morgling, etc. if you prefer) a week later! He graduated to a bassinette today, and will be getting his first bath in a tub tomorrow! YAY! As long as he continues to eat on his own, things look good for a mid-week homecoming! (He came down with Jaundice earlier in the week, and stopped eating for awhile, so he had to stay longer than expected.)
  9. My sincere and heartfelt congratulations Kit! After experiencing a premature baby myself, I can honestly say that I know how happy you are, and I wish you and your family all the best! Tell him that Cameron says "Hello!" (In baby-speak of course...) Again, fantastic news!
  10. Thanks everyone! Mom is doing fine, and is likely getting out of the Hopsital tomorrow. Still no word yet on when young Cameron can come home, but we've graduated to a pediatritian instead of the emergency baby doctor guy, so that's good. The nurses keep saying how good he's doing, and they hint that he won't be in there long, but no one has given any kind of definite answer yet. HIs I.V. did come out today though, and his feeding tube was out for a bit, but they had to put it back in. The turkey kept falling asleep halfway through his meals! And I agree, a baby album would be a good addition to the forums/site!
  11. Mom and Baby are doing well! Young Cameron was 6 weeks premature, but his trooper! Doing very well and expected to be coming home within the week. It was a bit hairy for a while yesterday though - he came fast and furious and feet first! My blood pressure went up about 1,000 times, but after only 20 mins. of dread, they wheeled him out in an incubator and were patching Mom back up. All is well. Thank-you God.
  12. A stagecoach and wagon caravan set! Oh yes.... that would be schaweet. (The GW one stinks like cheese and is wickedly expensive. I bought it anyway mind you.... ) Figmentia man. It's not my fault.
  13. Well said Digital Mat! I have also been noticing this trend, and like yourself, my enjoyment with the game has been diminishing (The interest is still strong though!). There are certainly strategies a DM can use in order to try and offset the issue of course, but I recall fonldy the days of yore when the story and the action were the important thing. Now, half demon illithid vampire psionicists seem to have replaced the Conans. All is good if that's how you like to play, but not my cup of tea. I tried House Ruling such combos away, and using "low magic/low fantasy" settings instead, but then of course, popular interest in your game wanes since the masses seem to want to uber character Diablo style. Over the past 2 years, I have instead begun to shift my focus from the RPG aspect of the hobby to the miniature side of things, due in large part, to the issues you mention. I do miss the days of yore though, I must say!
  14. Does anyone know where I could get some textured sheet styrene/plasticard for a price less than a bionic arm? I finally found some locally, but a pack of 2 sheets (each measuring about 6" w x 12" l) cost me $12.00 - $15.00 Canuck bucks (depending on the pattern). At that rate, it would cost me two arms, a foot, and three legs to cover a table top. I was at Home Depot yesterday (finally bought myself a table saw!! Hurrah for upcoming square cuts!!) and found sheets of styrene for flouresent light boxes for $8.00. Would have been perfect if I wanted an ice field or something, but I've never seen any with a brick or fieldstone pattern. Quite a price difference between the "hobby version" and the "home upgrade" version of sheet styrene though. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a good link that displays some of the various textures availble to the hobby sector: http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhamm...lasticard/1.htm
  15. But would you pay that much for a WotC mini that was believed to be an OOP GW fig? I saw an auction last week for a Tordek figure (WotC dwarf) that went for over $100.00 US because it was thought to have been an old OOP GW dwarf. A few auctions later, the same model went for $3.00 U.S (advertised as a WotC 3E mini.) The moral of the story: Always look before you leap I guess, or perhaps Brand Names are better...
  16. He also tends to eat all the treats in the house when Mom and Dad are not home, and has a nasty habit of using all the colour ink in my printer as well...
  17. FANTASTIC news Kit! I'm very happy for you and your family! He's a looker, sure enough!
  18. *SIGH* *GROAN* I can't make it I fear... work is being very... workish. 52 hrs OT in the last 6 days, and going back for 24 more this weekend. I'm feelin'g the burn I tell ya what! Springtime in tha patch... gotta hate it. Give everyoen a big T-I-double-GA-er "HULLOoooOoooooo!!" for me Zaph man.
  19. Thanks for the comments everyone! I can now take my Drizzt #2 and friends out of isolation without obsessing over the fear of contagion!
  20. I voted d20 because that's what will sell IMO. Personally, I'd like to see a combo book (like the upcoming Tristat/d20 combo version for MArtin's World). Of course, that would cost more to make, which translates into more cost to the consumer...
  21. No surface area loss. It just looks like discolouration. I am worried about the mini becoming "soft". Drizzt's scimitars for example, are much "softer" and bend by looking at them. My original Drizzt is still holding up well.
  22. YOU KNOW IT! I already made a "dummy" of Gary Chalk's design (the one posted earlier from Forgeworld). It is workable, but a bit "flat" for my taste.
  23. I have been prowling Ebay latley, gathering up the OOP WotC 3E minis, and in my last purchase, a couple came in with patches of brownish-off colour on them. I gasped in horror! LEAD ROT! I says to myself. But then, there isn't supposed to be much lead in the minis anymore (as far as I know anyway). Is this tin rot? Dimply discoloration? If it is some sort of mini disease, will it continue after it is painted and sealed? Will it affect any colouring or otherwise mungle the paint up? On a similar note, I snagged an old Drizzt from the FR Heroes box set, and the recesses on him were all stained black, appearing almost as if it had been washed once or twice. I've seen this effect on minis in the past, and am curious what it might be??
  24. Fantastic job! Like the others, I didn't realize the rope details weren't sculpted. As for the gun, I immediately said "COOL! Clint Eastwood style!"
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