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  1. Here's the converted Spider Centaur I finally finished. The main body of the model is from the Spider Centaur (DHL: 02620) and the OOP Ral Partha Birthright Miniature "The Spider" ( Ral Partha AD&D 11-750).


    I carved up the Ral Partha mini to get the scales and bone parts, added some wire armature for additional horns, and glued them all on the back of the Reaperness. To fill in the gaps, I tried my first go at scultping (the white parts) but used the GW stuff (which was garbage!). The green stuff is actually ready made putty in a tube. It wasn't bad, but was a bit "wet" and tended to "sink/deflate" during drying.


    I tossed it on a CD base, used clay for the base texture, tossed in the webbed up victims from DHL 02784 : Giant Spider and Victims, a skull pile and a couple of sticks. I also added the GW Gollum (Return of the King) under the Spider as his "little henchmen dude". I sort of picture this Gollum as the Spider Lord's Wormtongue.


  2. So I am pondering.... does it work out to be about the same price to buy minis direct from Reaper Central and ship them to the Great White North (considering shipping costs, dollar conversions, GST and customs -what ever happened to free trade anyway??) as it would to buy from the Not so Local FGS mail order?


    The bonus about Reaper direct, is they make it, so they have it in stock. The not so local FGS however, frequently only has about 60-80% of the minis I order on hand, so delays occur while they wait future shipments. I hate waiting.


    So, what is your thought on this? Would it end up being about hte same cost either way?

  3. So, how do these things shape up for use with Minis and Warlord/Mordheim games etc? I've been humming over them for a few weeks as they go through Ebay, but I've never seen one in the real before, and the pics are rather poor on Ebay.


    Does anyone have any pics of these pieces in action?

  4. Mine came from the early days of my Jordan fandom (I'm over it now though :rolleyes: ). Morgramen = More - Gray - Men.


    Now though, it is more often just Morg, and in extreme circumstances "The Dread Morg" (for when I am Dming Birthright PBeMs.) :devil:

  5. I'm wondering if the existing rules allow for custom faction/army building? (My Warlord rulebook is still enroute, so I haven't had any exposure to the rule set yet.) What I would ultimately like to do is to use Warlord for the skirmish system for my D&D games, so would need to design different factions to suit the campaign world of the moment.


    (I finally finished building my Warlord last night. A Ral Partha-Reaper hybrid built from the Spider Centaur and the OOP Birthright Ral Partha Tal-Quazar (also known as "The Spider"). The army is a comprised of spiders, spider-things, goblins, gnolls and other oddities. (I want to give this mainly spider-goblin host a demonic feel.) I'll try and post some pics of the conversion later today.

  6. Guess what?? I'm gonna be a daddy again! (First time from scratch anyway). ::D: Reapercon is automatically off the list now in lieu of cribs, car seats and baby strollers. (Hopefully Missus Morg doesn't have twins again though... I'm not prepared for that!)


    Now the burning question is: A Morglet or a Minime?? :blues::bday::B): and a little bit of :huh: with a hint of :wow: thrown in.

  7. Wowza.... a quick search on Expedia.ca reveals it to be just shy of 600 Canadian bones. Not bad. I seem to recall it being closer to the 1k mark when I looked last year.


    For those who attended last year, do you recall how much moola the hotel was for the weekend?

  8. I put the little stickers on my calendar. ::D: Hopefully, nothing breaks down between now and then, and I can afford to go this year! WOOT WOOT! :bday:


    BTW: What airport code am I looking for? (I've never fly/flew/flied/flowed before, so this is all very foreign to me.)

  9. AHHHHH MAN! I ate **WAY** too much! I think I'm gonna hesplode! I didn't get a single Reaper mini, but I did get minis! Several of the Lord of the Rings kits (Treebeard and a Nazgul MTD on Fellbeast) plus some blisters. I got the Xtended DVD too, which was the jewel of the loot IMO (wowza, what a flick!)


    The all time coolest thing I got though, was a cobblestone textured mat from Canadian Tire (it's one of those christmas collectable villages things), but it's huge! I'm gonna have to go back and clean them out during the post christmas sales blitz.


    The kids were disappointed overall though (they turned 13 year this year, so their gifts were the typical teenager type - expensive!) Needless to say they were accustomed to having a hundred and one presents to open, so they felt sort of short changed this year. Sigh.... <_<


    Hope everyone had a jolly holly! :bday:

  10. Hmm... must have been different in the great abandoned north of Alberta. Not too many stuffies or hoity-toihgties left it seemed. Most of the "poular babe-a-licious" types of the 80s were single moms (thrice over!) and the guys were either dead by their own hand cuz the free rides ended, minor criminal types, or welders.


    So all in all, I'd say that reality tends to hit hard around year 5 after graduation, and the high school fairy tales rarely come true. :rock:

  11. I concur Enchantra, that is a beautiful piece! The sculpy work you did is incredible! Right down to the crysty buns & cinnamon rolls! Excellent! A fantastic idea too! (I bought a plain unfinished little wood box from Michaels to toss Warl into for a friends gift, but after seeing this, I'll have to spend some time on the box too!) Very well done.

  12. I love the Armoury brand of white primer personally. I bought a can of GW stuff awhile back (cuz that's all that Warp sells and you can't get spray cans in the mail), and it was allright, though I found it to be very stinky, and rather "powdery".


    Once in while you can find a can of Armoury in Warp II, but otherwise, I gotta stock up when I head to the Sentry Box.


    I also tried the white primer (it comes in other colours though) from Michaels... Master Series or something like it. It's made specifically for floral arrangmeents, so you can also use it on your foam terrain with no worries (I always chuckle when GW says you have to coat your foam before spraying... they must not have access to a Michaels...) It works well too, and only costs about half as much as a can of GW white. (Somewhere around 6 bones IIRC.) I have only used it recently however, so am not sure about the longeivity of it or anything of that sort.

  13. HEY! I do that on occassion as well! (Especially with the rank & file types!) Maybe it's something in the central Alberta water supply, or perhaps all the heavy metals & noxious fumes being launched all over the west end of the city from that rig blow out (good for business though... guess where the "clean up" residue is going!)

  14. I have been jonesin' to repaint a select few of the now OOP 3rd Edition D&D miniatures WotC produced just before launching the Chainmail line. In particular, I'm seeking the following "iconic 3E characters:


    A Regdar or two.

    A Dwarf Cleric or two.

    Maybe another Jozan.

    And the Male Theif or two.


    I don't want another Mialee though. She sucked IMO. I did a search on Ebay, but the few that are listed there don't include any of the above. (Though the 3E HAlf Orc assassin is tempting, despite the fact that I haven't finished the one I started at Gerry's house during the last TAMP meeting.)


    Also, I'm curious to know how the Warlord Elves stand up agianst the Chainmail elves. Do they "blend" and "mesh" nicely? The Warlord and Chainmail dwarves match nicely IMO, and was wondering if the elves might be nice proxies as well. (I don't like having too many repeat models in an army).


    At any rate, if anyone stumbles across these guys, I would appreciate a heads up.

  15. I finished painting up Warl tonight after nearly 3 months of painters-block. Then it occurs to me (about the 87th time I touched him, moved him around, and inspected from every angle) how warm and fuzzy I feel after I finish a mini. Am I alone in this? Just a manifestation of figmentia perhaps?


    I feel like I actually completed something. I don't feel this way after I write an RPG adventure, or design a web page (though I do look at it 87.5 times... call me obsessive.) ::D:


    Anyway, just anoth non-scientific poll. Coffee talk if you will. How do you feel after painting a mini?


    (Duran Duran wasn neither a Duran nor a Duran. Discuss...)

  16. Ooba Dooba! Never mind this being one sweet mini (how cool is that??! An orc shaman with specks, a vulture rattle and nifty flying wings!) I'm just guessing that this is a Confrontation mini? Personally, I like the wings the best of all. Wicked colours, some fantastic detailing, etc etc. Easily my favorite Jester. Well done!


    (Also, a wicked cool little jester logo you got there! A player in a long ago campaign used the sobriquette "The Grinning Devil". His mark was similar, but with a massive grin on the mask. Ahh... the golden days...)

  17. I don't know, but on the back of the blister cards, it does list "reaper in Canada" as being Silverfox/RAFM Minitaures. (www.RAFM.com)


    I went to check on their website, and it is still (a couple of years now) being designed. It certainy doesn't show alot of progress, which is too bad. RAFM used to be one of the old school standards. If they'd kick it up a notch, they'd be a competitor on the market IMO.

  18. Sentry Box rocks. Scott (the mail order demon) is uber doober super. Fantastic to deal with. I have my Warlord book on reserve.


    For those interested, Scott is working on setting up a deal to get the Heresy miniatures in! I've got my picks in already, but because of the whole import thing, they need a (rather) big dollar value for a minimum order.


    Gonna get me that big spider! Oh yes.

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