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  1. Heyya Kelcore!


    Yup, I had those pics on file for a long time. I finally got my server to install the image manipulation scripts so that the gallery would run, but by that time, I had lost you, so didn't want to upload them without checking in. Add to that the 3 instances of crashes & formating of hard disks... the pics are gone I'm afraid. ::(:


    For some reason, the gallery suddenly decided that 2 of the photo albums were "not legitimate", and refuses to display them. I haven't had time to investigate yet, but once I get it fixed, I can easily recreate the member gallery for you if you like. That way, you can log in and administer your own album as you like.


    Those were great pics though! Apologies for the mess. :wacko:

  2. I'm back! Back I say! :bday:


    To those who might recall, I did the move to a new town thing this summer. Had troubles (as in a long wait period) getting internet connection, and after that was done, the old PII 233 blew up. I managed to revive it for a few hundred bucks (it unwittingly became a money pit), but then self destructed a few days later. I went insane. I usded my uber cheesy charisma however, to convince a friend to swap out parts for me with his "old" system, and so now here I am! A lightning quick Athalon 1.8! 40 Gig hard drive! Wowza, what a machine (at least when compared to the old PII.) It actually finishes booting BEFORe the coffee pot does!




    Anyway, I'm back after some months, and I mean to finally get me that ring!

  3. Warlord dwarves rock! The WotC Chainmail dwarves were the first to get me to like the dwarves (I've always hated the GW variety), but the Reaper dwarves clinched it. I am a hunk of chunk of a bearded dwarf fan boy now.


    Is there any chance we'll see some dwarf engineering in the future? Warmachines and gadgets and the like?

  4. I love to hate spiders, so I grabbed this bad boy as soon as I saw him. Sorry, I don't have a digi cam, so no comparison pics. It's likely a good deal smaller than Shelob though (haven't actually seen her in the real yet). I'd say that the thing is about as "long" as a standard 25 mm mini, and about waist height on a Warlord mini.

    A grand mini though, and I highly recommended it. I think I'll paint her up as a balck widow personally.

  5. That was killer Zaph! I broke out is a grand guffaw! Well done! ::D:


    That is a direct out take form one of those Molson Canadian comerrcials... good stuff. hehehee...


    The Candian version of Bo Duke!


    Oh, and the legs are not his fault. In Canada, we only have 3 weeks of summer. After that, you wear snow suits... besides which, the mosquitoes here are the size of small trucks! They'll eat you alive!! (I seen it happen once!)


    You can always tell a Canadian by their ghostly pale legs...


    I have no pics of me newer than 10 years, so will temporarily remain an avatar. In the meantime, think "Brad Pitt meets Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn". Yea.... that's me..... yea.... but with more of a Faramir style nose. :blink:

  6. WOOT! 2005! Yea Kit! I was worried that Reapercon might have been a "

    once in a while" type of thing. Annual would be uber schaweet! And it gives me a whole year to start saving! (Or maybe lotto ticket buying would be easier....)


    EDIT: Oh, btw, a terrain class would be uber kewl! I'd also be interested in learning about the "business" of casting. How much start up cost, required equipment, etc. Maybe a shorty info session or two??

  7. It wasn't in the fiscal cards for this year I'm afraid, so I couldn't attend despite my uber best intentions. It sounds like the first Reapercon was a smash hit, and I definitely hope there are more to come!


    ::Starts saving nickels and picking up all those stray pennnies.:::


    I am looking forward to all the pics and stories, and trust that Kit will post some sort of "official" coverage of the event on the site??


    Wish I could have been there....


    BTW, one of those swag hats is mine! I've got enough points at last!!! YEAAA!

  8. So, has anyone tried porting Warlord into D&D (or vice versa)? I am still looking for a skirmish/mass battle system that I can use to port my D&D characters into. When Chainmail came out, I thought my problems were solved, but alas...


    Anyway, how difficult would it be to render a D&D character into the Warlord rules?

  9. Do you have a link for these new rules? I love Mordheim, and am interested in the Empire in Flames accessory as well. Once Warlord goes published, will likely switch over to those rules, but for now, Warhammer Skirmish rules seem to be the best. (Though I admit I have yet to try the new D&D Miniature Hardcover).

  10. Man, you might have Figmentia worse than I do....


    Take them all, then by a whole bunch more while you're there! That's what I'd do. I mean, how many pairs of socks do you really need? :poke:


    Hmm.. on second thought... socks would make nice packing material to protect all those precious minis on the return trip.....

  11. Does anyone have a hard date for the release of the Book? I hear it's after Origins (??), but that does me little good. When is it going to be on the store shelves and in my grubby greedy hands?


    Oh, and in case MD is onto something with this trick...


    Where are more Dwarves, and Undead Pirates?! WHERE ARE MORE DWARVES, AND UNDEAD PIRATES?!?!

  12. So I have some green stuff. I have a conversion ready for green stuff.


    I rip open the bag of green stuff and then.... what?


    Do I roll up little balls of puddy, sculpt scale plates individually, and then stick it on the mini, or do I attach the ball of goo straight to the mini and start carving and shaping?


    Do I need to worry about shrinkage? The cheap "green modeler puddy in a tube" I used to fill out the gaps and holes seems to have "fallen" (Like a cake would) after it dried, and also cracked like old concrete. THe plan is to use "real" green stuff over top, so I'm not too worried about the poor way the first tubed puddy came out. Just want to make sure it doesn't happen with the final product.


    Also, how durable is green stuff once it dries? I game with my figures, so this spider guy will be touched, moved, bumped and likely (but hopefully not) dropped. Can I seal and varnish the green stuff in order to give it a layer of "laquere like" protection, then prime and paint? Do I need to worry about it even?


    I've never used green stuff, and I have no desire to toss 15 bucks out hte window, or destroy the conversion I have been (slowly) working on for over a year.


    Maybe if I sneak up on it from the side, it'll be allright. :ph34r:

  13. What I await is in essence the Reaper version of GWs brettonian Knights.



    :::Morg's ears perk up:::





    What is this you say? No no no... say it is not true! Reaper is making a french knight??


    You're not just tryingto invoke anarchy are you? I'm starting to get up...

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