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  1. A shed is cool! That's almost better than a basement dungeon. Such a thing would cost a fotune here thoguh, as you would have to heat it and ensure it's insulated. (It gets cold up here!)


    Wouldn't it tend to get rather hot in said shed though? Especially with all the PC equipment in there?

  2. VIVA le Cavalry!


    I too am a fan of the mounted miniatures, and I love the Rohan and Gondor cavalry. Very sweet. Too bad they are so small though. GRRR!


    It has been mentioned in the past that mounted figures do not sell as well, so they're not a "priority" so to speak. If you follow the method of GW though, and sculpt only a few different horse figs, then sculpt individual riders, it should be considerably cheaper to produce cavalry units I would think. (As oppossed to having sculpters do a horse and rider each time.)


    Hope to also see some nifty war machines as time goes by too.

  3. Are they spinning molten metal *BEFORE* showing us the green? That's rather sneaky. Less painfully certainly, since I don't suffer the months of "I gotta have it!" obsessiveness that comes with being a miniadict.


    Looking forward to the Attercops though! They will mke a nice addition to my homebrewed Spider Goblin army!


    PS. Is there somewhere that we can see pictures of these baddies Frank?

  4. I must concur with Lady T and Orchid on this one.




    Look What the Cat Dragged In? Every Rose Has its Thorn? Come on... even Unskinny Bop rocked! Classics I say! Zaph, I'm fairly sure you'll add your support to the "Save the Hair Band" efforts too won't ya?


    One day, big hair, leather jackets and screechin' guitar riffs will be cool once again. Oh yes. They will be....

  5. Ahhh! Chandler Bing!


    Outdoor board as in wilderness board.... hehehe... my bad. I thought you were playing outside, and the table would be left to the elements. :blush:


    Unless you have a 8 trillion square foot warehouse with lots of shelves, modular terrain is the way to go. I would also agree with Steve that multiple smaller boards are preferable, since you can change them around to suit the game.


    What I did for my first terrain board was to use 2 4x8 sheets and simply flocked them with static grass and turf. Be sure to lightly sand the styrofoam before hand though, or else the glue will "pool" and "bead" on you. (I found out the hard way). Then I made small modular stands of trees and hills that I could place willy nilly on the board. Works good, but doesn't look as spiffy as the popular GW pics do. (A river that is carved into the foam looks better than a modular one built to sit ontop of the styrofoam).


    Man, I so need a digital camera to post pics of my terrain. I think my next project will be a full blown "quasi-modular" town table. Maybe I'll even try a Minas Tirith. We'll see. ::):

  6. If you mean "terrain board" as in a table, this is a great link. You can remove the terrain board(s) to kep them from suffering weather effects while the table itself can be stored outside. Of course, you'd have to stain it or something to keep the rain out of the wood.




    Most terrain boards I've seen are 4' x 4' for a standard mini game. You can of course go bigger or smaller as your heart desires.

  7. I feel your pain Stormy. Despite my best efforts, the bill companies insist that I pay them *BEFORE* I spend my money on other things. (An odd sort of demand :poke: ) .


    I'm now shooting for GenCon I guess, but I'm thinking maybe I'll save now for ReaperCon Part Deux instead. We shall see how it goes. ::(:

  8. I'm wondering how much the game has changed since the Beta release and the playtesters (Black Lightnings??) have had a go at it. Is the download being updated or is it still in it's original form?


    Also, any luck on convinving Reaper to make Warlord specific (read: flashy fancy) deck of cards? (I still get a soar stomach when I think about flipping over a 5 of Clubs... just breaks the mood somehow). :rolleyes:

  9. MAN! Am Iever impressed with Reapers dwarf-esses! I never saw a dwarf I actually liked (allthough I seem to be one of the rare folks who thought the WotC metals were cool!) but the Warlord Dwarfs are absolutely stunning! I never intended to start a dwarf army, but I've discovered that I have nearly 10 painted (WotC) and a schwak of Warlord dwarf-esess to paint yet. Will definitely be adding Freya and Dain to the host!


    I am constantly amazed at Werner's sculpts too, and am very glad that Reaper is using him on a majority of their stuff. Crisp detail, cool concepts, and proportioned weapons (I cannot express how important this last one is to me!). Good stuff! I would like to see more dynamic poses though... it seems that alot of minis lately seem to be sort of just "standing there" all non-chalant and such. I much prefer the action poses.


    Maybe February is an unofficial "Female Warlord" month at Reaper?

  10. I bought spary primer from Micahels that *DOESN'T* melt the foam. I believe it is used in the florist industry. IT was only 4 Canuck bucks (or there abouts), so was cheaper than a can of GW or Armoury Spray Primer. Worked like a charm.


    I would also advise you to give the insulation a light sanding with a fine sandpaper before priming or attempting to glue on flock, etc. The sanding scrapes off the "coating" that will otherwise pool and bead your water/glue mix, and aigth send the primer into a tailspin.

  11. So, I've been trying to do a full on conversion using the spider body from the Reaper "not-a-drider" and the old Birthright miniature from Ral PArtha "Tal-Quazar. (A goblin-drider). The point? well, the RP mini was 25mm and just didn't look scary next to a model of Stern and friends.


    So, I finally dove in (I've been staring at it for nearly a year) and began sawing and chopping the RP mini last week. At this point, I've cut and pinned the parts onto the Reaper body, and it seems to be coming along pretty good. I've filled in the majority of the gaps and such and made the basic shape.


    Now comes the actual green stuff, and I have no tools. (I just used those bamboo skewers so far). Is it possible to come up with sculpting tools from common household instruments? I don't want to rush out and buy a bunch of tools for a part of the hobby that I might be horrible at not enjoy. Any ideas?


    In so far as scultping the actual detail of the green stuff, do you gob it onto the fig directly and begin to shape and trim, or is it better to sculpt little parts seperately, and then affix to the larger model? (I need to sculpt a bunch of chitinous-like plates and some big thorn like spiney-horns for it's bloated and slug like body.)


    I'm oging to try and take som WIP shots with the film camera (still haven't mastered that aspect yet either, and no digital camera yet I'm afraid.)


    Does anyone have any good links for a newbie sculptor?

  12. OK, I'm not much of a traveller. In fact, I've not gone farther than the borders of British Columbia. I went to Vancouver one time, but we did alot of imbibbing, so don't really remember much except that it was BIG.


    So, it should be no surprise that I have no idea at all on any of this kind of stuff.


    As a Canuck, do I need a VISA now to get across the border? I sort of assume so since the last few years have been rather rocky. How do I do that? How much is that gonna cost? Wait times? Will I even get it in time?


    Airlines and Airports.

    GA! Where I come from, there is only one airport to a city. You wanna go to Edmonton? Get off the plane at the airport. But when I click on any flights to Dallas, they ask me what airport I want. HUH? I wann go to Reaper Con. just get me there already!


    Just to be clear, I need to get from Edmonton (Alberta Canada) to Dallas TX (right??) Or is it Denton TX??? WUZZA!??


    Air Canada is the only Airline I know of that flies from here to there, and looks to be in the 6 - 700 dollar range (Canadian). Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to read any of the other gobble-de-gook on the search result page.



  13. That would be cool! I always loved the "cross-over" boardgames. The GW was good at this in the late 80s - early 90s, but never kept the games around long enough before going OOP. (Talisman, HeroQuest, Mighty Empires, etc.)


    Warlord and the region of Taltos would suit something along these lines very well IMO.

  14. GADS! I missed the greens from the 01-07-2004 update!


    ARROOO!!! Can you say Moorhound???! Gonna buy me an entire pack of these bad boys. Alternate poses for future realeses highly encoured by the way!


    Gloomwraith ultra mega cool! Grabbin this one too!

  15. I wish there was some chicks though.....

    Perhaps the bugbears were. ::o::blink:

    Now see, I figured the bulldog could be a Miss-us. ::D:


    I like the dog though. He's got spunk! Will pick that one up for sure. Good conversion factor with HER (wink!) as well. Add chains & handler, whap a halfling rider on it's back, a chewed on victim under him, etc. etc.


    The bugbear #2 is especially nice. Very good pose on that one. Number one is slightly less impressive, but still one of the nicer looking bugs of bearness that I have seen.


    What is the acid spitter supposed to be though? It sort of looks like some kind of beatle, but not too sure.

  16. My advise is:




    Dreamweaver is a popular choice for WYSIWYG editors. (It generally acts just like a word processor) and you don't need to know any code to use it.


    Which is why I wouldn't use if you actually want to learn HTML (or XHTML nowadays I guess.)

    It's not bad if you actually pay atention to the code view and try to figure out what tag does which, but it's fairly easy to ignore it all and concentrate on what you're doing, and you end up learning nothing.


    Notepad works fantastically, and you already most likely have it. Just open a new document and start typing out code.


    HTML is basically regular text, with little "tag words" that you use to wrap your content between.


    For instance, you could put a line of text in the center of the page by simply typing:

    <title>My PAge</title>
    <div align="center">This is my website!</div>


    There are a ton of tutorial sites out there for writing html. It's terribly easy. It's generally the fancy stuff - not to mention the actual design part!) that proves hard.


    EDIT: OOPS! Forgot to say that you have to save any html pages you build with notepad as file type: ALL and when you name it, include either .htm or .html at the end of the name. Use underscores as well if you want spaces in the document title. (The file name actually becomes the url of the page once you upload it to your web space.)

  17. I'm quite parital to the entire dwarf line for Warlord actually. Dukie is nice, but he reminds me of a 40K miniature somehow. A blood Angel or something...


    Not a Reaper, but Werner's Flying Pirate Ship is still sitting near the top of my "want" heap. A Martha would be nice too, but a wee bit pricy (accounting for Canuck Buck conversion) to pass my cost-benefit analysis at this time.


    Heresy also has some nice ones... I *LOVE* that beast dog thing inspired from GHostbusters, and those lurker spiny thigs are waaay cool too.


    If I had to choose a single mini though, I think I would probably go with...


    arrrrg.... arrrr.... grooooan....




    Yup. Definitely Lysette. Closely followed by Margara (Not to be confuse with Martha the Uber Dragon) Firetongue.

  18. So, has anyone actually played the game? I bought the witch hunters pack when Confrontation was still 95% on the otherside of the pond, so the little rulebook that comes with the minis is in french, and thus unreadable. (Not *all* Canucks are bilingual!)


    In a local shop the otherday, and they had a copy of the rulebook (a thin 8.5x11 book) and was wondering if anyone here has played the rules. If so, any comments? I am espeiually interested in comparisons between it, Warlord and Warhammer. (Face it, Warhammer is the most played and best known in the mini war game market - like it or not.)


    Here's hoping that Warlord topples the giant!

  19. from the book inside the Apocalypse box set I sent you....


    **edit: someday I'll learn to spell....

    So I wasn't just making that up. ( I wasn't sure if I had actually read it somewhere or if it was one of those "convince youself it's true" things.) ::P:

    I do remember thinking that it was an Uber-Cool idea though, as oppossed to 'simply' releasing a setting unique to CAV/DHA.


    Don't worry Ladystorm, I can't spell either. (If you admit it freely, then it's ok!) :ph34r:

  20. It's also a place in the CAV universe, but the two are only coincidentally related.

    For some reason, I was under the impression that the two Adons were one in the same, but CAV was set in the far future of the planet, while Dark Heaven was it's ancient history.


    Not sure where I got that from.

  21. I love Heresy's monsters!  The Demon DOg based on the mutts from Ghost busters, those alien looking jumper thing a ma dos.  Very cool.  


    Not big on their humanoids overall, but a few of them are very nice.  


    HAve you ordered from Heresy before Hal?  I was going to, but between the conversion and the shipping, a 5 dollar fig might end up costing me 20!


    I want some of those ghostbuster dogs, but not at 20 a piece.  :oops:

  22. Love your name Morgan!  That's cool!


    Anyway, from what I've seen, Reaper is ontop of the ball, and cranking out Warlord & DHA minis at an amazing rate.  Definetly faster than I can paint (and buy) them all.  I don't think shortages will be a problem personally.

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