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  1. Do you have any details on those paint racks you have their Jennifer?  Those look like the sort of thing that I could use.  I finally wacked a three tiered step thingy together out of styrofoam so that I could line my paints up, but a rotating rack... now that would be something!
  2. HAR!  Zambonies are the bo-he-muths (can't spell it properly!)  They go very slow, but they do spritz water all over the place, which could be cool.   :)


    All the talk in town today was the retirement of Fuhr's jersey to the rafters of the "building formerly known as the Skyreach Center", oh, and hacking up the other guy of course (whose name we're not suppose to mention.)  


    Deported would be a bit harsh, but dual citizenship would be schaweet!  Only trouble is, you guys have really wierd football rules....

  3. I have been struggling with the exact ratio of Future to Wash.  I was adding it a drop at a time onto my pallette, but that never seemed to work consistantly, so this last time, I threw caution to the wind and just dumped a schwack of Futre & Water Mix into my G.W. armour wash.


    Lucked out, and it's pretty close to workable.  The end result is very fruity smelling, and dries shny as mentioned, but it's not too bad.  Dull coat will cover as mentioned, and the water rinse seems to take most of the wax out.


    Washing is sort of hit and miss though I find.  I still do it cuz that's what I'm used to, but for a "non-army" fig, I tend to layer flesh as well, and maybe do a bit of black lining.  (The beauty of a mini is all in the face IMO... ya get that right, and the rest of it sort of falls into place.)


    You just have to experiment and find what works for you.  There are a hundred different techniques that can basically produce the same (or near enough to matter) effect.

  4. Welcome ROUS!  


    I once tried to trim the brocolli base off a mini, but then it weakened the lower half so much that it would bend and creak threatenly if handled too much.


    Now, I simply glue the brocolli base right onto a plastic "GW" base (though other companies seem to be producing them now as well) and build up the seam with glue and sand mix.  Then simply scenic as desired.  


    I find that by gluing straight onto the base this way adds a bit of height to the DHA minis, (which I like, brings them more what I consider to be "inscope" with the Warlord and "Third Party Minis" I own.)  As has been discussed before, YMMV concerning the scale of the mini ranges.


    Regardless of scale issues though, a bigger base means more fun scenic-ing it!

  5. I've been thinking about getting one of these myself; the theory bein that if my minis are mobile, perhaps I'll go to the game, rather than trying to round up games to bring home.


    What is this "Hive Box" though?  Not heard of it.  I've seen the GW box in real life, but not the Army Transport.  Are the two comparable?  What are some differences?


    I have thought of simply building my own from tool or fishing tackle boxes, but never quite get around to it.

  6. Now *THAT* is a formula ratio I can understand!  Will try it out myself soon.  Thanks for sharing!


    Are the Reaper inks much different than the GW ones?  As I metnioned earlier, I'm still using the first bottles of GW inks that I bought years and years ago.  Never tried any other brands.  I've been putting off spending gobs of money updating/upgrading my paints, but the day comes when I can put it off no longer.  I thought about the Vallejo line, but those just seem too hard to come buy for my purposes.  (I don't plan on selling/competeing etc.)  Seriously considering going Reaper (plus you get the cool skulls inside!)

  7. Has anyone seen those Wargames Foundry Minis in the metal?  Some of those pirates and the knights in particular would make jim dandy base models for undead conversion (chop off heads, replace with skculls or muck up with gobs of green stuff for the zombie types).  The historic knights/soldiers would male spifforic replacements for the GW versions of the Empire.  I'm just cruious if they are the "larger" scale, or the older and "smaller" (which most historics seem to be) scales.
  8. IS that a good thing SH?  The "great googlie mooglie" could be interpretted as "SHAZAM!"  or it could be taken like "shaaaa-a-a-a-a-zam."


    YA know?  :p


    I personally like the plastic bases best, and much to my surprise, have discovered that I actually prefer the round ones over the squares.  (First round plastic bases I had were with the Chainmail figs.)

  9. No doubt that would work if I would let myself be photographed, but you know, I've broken enough cameras in my life.  :;):  .

    You could always grab some really big "beetle" sun glasses, a fake Santa Beard, and talk through your nose.  Nobody would ever know it was really you.   :D


    I'd rather do a painting Grand Tour and try to hit a whole bunch of spots all over the U.S. and, heck, even the world!!  :)  


    That's the trouble... Edmonton isn't in the U.S.  It's in the middle of a *really* big field...  The Stones don't even come here, though Poison and Vince Neil are playing in a few weeks.  :blues:


    Also, is there any chance of your show being aired over the internet Benham?  We've got satallite TV, but I doubt we get your local PBS station.

  10. I haven't purchased one of the Paint kits, mainly because I already have the colours (but not the Reep brand I fear), and know the "basics".


    Living up in the middle of nowhere though, and having a non-regular job, it's more than a little difficult to get together with other painters to learn new techniques, and reading about how to do them, just doesn't cut it.  (They sort of sound like stereo instructions, without knowing exactely how the stereo is supposed to look.)


    So, this idea just came to me...


    How about whipping up a Self Instructional Video as part of "A learn to paint kit".  Especially for the more advanced techniques.  Seeing it done, is much different than reading about how it's done.


    That's my "Million Dollar Idea" for the day.  Back to standard brain jello-nish now.  



  11. I hear ya JT!  Trying a new technique after years of doing it the same way is frustrating at best.  it's hard to accept that ater 8 hours of painting, you still haven't accomplished anything respectable.


    I've been a drybrusher for years now, and am trying to break the habit.  (Tough to do since I would rather have painted minis than simply minis with colours on them.)


    What I have started doing is to ease up a bit.  Instead of launching headfirst into the "This one will be NMM or nothing!", I've continued to paint as I normally do, but try the new techniques out a bit at a time, on one figure at a time.


    This way, I am getting the feel for layering and such, without toatlly destroying my mini or fizzling out because of discouragment.


    While the results aren't much different than my usual style, I am noticing that with each new figure, the layering style just doesn't seem so difficult to pull off.


    I've never used oils, so that might be a different bag of tricks alltogether, but I think it would be possible to layer with them as well.  I know that each brand of paint has a different feel to it, so trying a new technique while also switching brands (or even mediums!) would be a sever headache.


    Keep at though.  One day we'll get there!

  12. How about different coloured Reaper skulls instead of stones.  I presume that Reaper already has a mold for the skulls that they put in the paint pots, so all they would need do is to add a few different colours and toss them in a baggie.


    Instant Warlord Initiative Skulls.  Little overhead costs in producing those I would suppose (as compared to a Deck of Many Tallin's.)   :;):


    I definitely like the idea of coloured skulls and/or a Warlord Deck though.  Pulling out an Ace of Spades or a 7 of Diamonds just sort of squishes the flavour of the event IMO.  (But them I am Opsessive Compulsive with this stuff... I have to touch a mini while I look at it.)   :cool:

  13. Well, so far I really like the beta rules that I have read (only about half way through them.)  Not big on the idea of using playing cards though, so if that bit makes it into the final draft, I'll working out some alternate rules for my own use.


    The point of the post however, is to entice Reaper into sculpting some counter minis.  Dead guys (heaps and heaps of these please!) shaken, and so forth.  That would be much cooler than using dice or pennies.

  14. I'm wearing my tin-foil hat so the FBI can't touch me!!! I guess, the stockings sure, and maybe the hat, but I NEVER had a pink guitar!!!!

    Hmm... please send me the plans for this tin foil hat Zaph.  Not only would I be invincible to the hypnotic powers of the various international government bodies, it would also look way cool with the Bon Jovi jeans I still have hanging in the closet.  (Complete with all the white hanging "garland" threads and IIRC, one pair is even acid wash!)  Unfortunately, the High Tops wore out years ago, and Reebok/Nike stopped making those cool "Head Boots" shortly after the release of Metallica's Black albumn.

  15. Except now I have a hair cut, but I think it is slowly growing back :D I miss my precious.... :(

    AHhh yes, :::sigh::: the 80s were good (the metal years, not the pop schtick).  I had a Sampson thing going on, and just like the folklore, once I had it cut, I lost all my strength!  I'm afraid though, that it could now only grow back in true "Lone Gunman Style".  Long on back & sides, rather stray and fraggly on top, with a big (and growing) ring of lightly sunburnt flesh ontop.


    I don't have many pics of me in recent years, but here's some from the bygone days of yester year...




    And without the make-up:




    I rocked,  I rolled, but now I mostly like to sleep.  :D

  16. ...  Lastly, Kit is so good at his job, and we respect him and the other people at Reaper so much, that we don't DARE start a flame war because we all know what will happen...  :oops:

    I think between the BONK! Hypnotoad, and now Trogador the Burnanator, there's ample "Monsters in the Closet" to keep the dogs at bay.


    Imagine gettinging BONKED!, Hpnotoaded and Burnanated all at once!  "POKEMON WORLD WIND ATTACK NOW!"


    Man, that would hurt.

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