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  1. Scale2.jpg


    That is a shot Stern sent me awhile back comparing Warlord to DHA minis.  They are very close, and as mentioned, the Warlord bases are quite a bit "thicker", whcih adds some height to the model.  If you base them on a "standard GW base", then they are actually pretty comparable.


    They are slightly taller though, and seem a bit "thicker" over all, especially when put beside the older DHA sculpts.  I just picked up a Felix Enlien for example, and he seems like a young teenaged boy when plunked beside any of the Warlords.

  2. I like the Reaper Dragons, but they just seem too "gnerically RPG" if that makes sense.  They all look like they can talk and cast wizard spells.  I much prefer a more "beast-like" look to my wyrms.


    Big, bad, ugly, nasty, and generally unpleasant.

  3. Well, if I can add my two cents here, I don't think that there is much way around stopping friends of friends voting for their associates miniature.  THe entire contest is open to all, not just the forum members, so it's bound to happen.  Personally, I see alot of great paints that don't make the cut, or that place lower than another mini which I consider to be "testor shiny painted".  That's the nature of the beast I guess.


    I think though, that in time, this "problem" (ballot stuffing, bribery, or what have you) will go away.  The ones who do this, will obviously place well (if not win), and will be unable to enter again (as I understand it to work anyway.)  Then the Design Your Own Mini (which is what I consider to be the "Grand Prize" is internally voted for, so these types of folks won't stand a chance.)


    Just because a mini won the vote, doesn't make it "better" than one that didn't place.  It just means that it got more votes (by whatever means availble.)  I think the key here is to realize what is going on, and not take it too seriously or personally.

  4. I've had good luck using the inks to tint Future, which I use as the wash coat.  I have yet to try the ink extender, which seems a bit thicker.  The Future does give enough time to direct the washes into recesses, and does smooth out pretty well.

    Use ink to tint the Future Floor Polish.... hmmmm.... now why didn't I think of trying that?  Does t turn out "glossy" though?  (I know the "dry spot" on my pallette sure does!)

  5. I've picked up some Folk Art Extedner (and a thing called Bledning Medium - I suspect they are the same thing).  It sounds to me like you mixed this directly into your enitre pot of paint VL?  I did a test piece, and mixed mine (as well as the "magic mix" stuff" to the pallette.)  Results weren't very noticable though.  Haven't tried attempt #2 yet.


    So, do you add the extender right to the paint pot?  All your paints, or only the ones that are "aged to perfection" and geting a bit gummy?

  6. There is a ton of outstanding work on Coolminiornot.  There are also a ton of pop ups, and that alone is enough to keep me from going there often.  (In fact, the only time I do, is when someone here posts a link to one of their own there).


    While I have been there though, I concur with both the Good Stormhammer and yourself.  The place seems chalk full of "trolls" and generally people who prefer to "wail, moan and belittle" the next guy.  Not my idea of a place I want to hang out.  There is a distinct difference between crappin' on somebody because you can, and giving an honest review of someone's work.


    Since I came aboard Reaper.com last AUgust, I have yet to encounter a single "crapping" session.  Hence, Reaper is *THE* place for me!  (And no pop ups!!)


    Death to pop up ads!

  7. The Mouser is a favorite of mine, and I use him as the "iconic" swashbuckling thief-mage when describing my prefered character type.  He is also a "bad guy" who is really "good", so is a nice example of how a D&D thief can be run without actually robbing and backstabbing the party every time.


    I'm still looking for the "perfect" mini for him as well, but haven't found one that suits to my satisfaction.  


    2602: Tor, Barbarian of Hakir might do it if you remove the shield and swap out the sword for a rapier.


    2618: Elbreth Eveningstar, Half Elf Thief would match closely if one blade was swapped for a long tooth dagger.


    But I think 2689: Kurff the Swift, is the best bet so far.  You just have to add a dagger again, and he's the Mouser.

  8. You could also cut out shapes with cardboard and glue onto the base to create the bricks.  If you add in a bit of flock between the crevices, it will give it a sort of "fungus in the cracks" sort of look.


    IT also occurs to me now, that if you have the Hirst Arts flagstone mold, and some strong casting material, then you ought to be able to base the mini directly onto the casting itself.

  9. Nice stuff!  This version of Eredain looks alot different than the others I have seen.  Something baout the way the face was painted makes him look sort of ... jaundiced?? Hmm.. no, that's not it.  His facial skin seems to be sagging and haning off his skull.  Way cool looking effect there. Sorcery must take a toll after all!


    Also very fond of Arganox's stubbly looking ten o'clock shadow!


    BTW, are these other painters Reaper Employees or???

  10. Well, *I* happen to have noticed the very small concept sketch of el Dragon Grande in the Casketworks, but I want to know if we'll get a full-size pic posted.


    *breaks out his phenom 'Summon Reaper Ivy' skillz*


    Oooga-chaka! Oooga-Chaka! Oooga-Oooga-Oooga-Chaka!


    --lstormhammer, Jedi Knight and friend of Captain Solo.

    "I can't stop this feeling... deep inside of me...."


    Do it Stormy!  


    :::Morg jins in the Summoning Ritual by dancing most goofily:::


    The tiny concept sketh is the coolest Reaper Drag I've seen to date.  If the final sculpt is even remotely close to this pic, I'll be buying Mathra immiedately.

  11. I must be cheap then.... I've thought about it several times (buying commisioned work), but I simply can't get over how many "blank" minis I could buy for a single commission.  Granted, a commissioned piece is very nice, but I think it's like buying artwork... it looks great on the wall, but there is no personal "attachment" or sense of "achievement" in it either.


    To each his own, but I'd rather spend $60.00 on a "collectable OOP" mini (WotC Black Dragon anyone??) than $60.00 on a 4 buck mini.


    A bit off topic I know, but I needed the post.  (I'm tired of being "Enlightened" and want a promotion!)   :oops:

  12. Harrooooo.... that is a beutie!  Looking forward to the "How To" as well.  I've not heard of this "sand table" technique before either.  I will have to try this I think.  (Being a terrain junkie).


    I am also impressed with the Reaper Keep in the background.  Lots of light, a cushioned chair, and even "Dilbert-like" cubicles & file cabinets! (Or is that a cork board to pin backdrops for photo shooting?)


    Whose coffee is that by the way?  Doesn't appear to be Tim's or Seattles Best brand... hmm... house blend?

  13. Glyn started one of these for us Alberta based Canucks.  I never realised there were so many painters around the area until he invited me to join!  Several of them even live just down the street from me!


    I hihgly encourage everyone to search about for groups in their area, and if none are found, start your own!

  14. Micron Pigma Pens I believe is the name.  You can find them at most craft stores like Michaels, which I know exists in Canada.  In a Michaels store you will find the pens in the Memory book area. :D

    Good stuff!  I went looking at the local Michaels here in town, and the folks there sort of gave me this "What you talkin' 'bout?" look when I asked about them.  They turned me towards teh art section, which had some nice stuff, but no micron pens.  


    I will have to head back there and check out the section you mention!  Thanks a bunch!


    Hmm... now there was something else I needed from Michaels too.... can't remember what it was.....

  15. Hmmm...  Need to finish painting my Razig as well (we have the "official" one by Vaitalla, and I'm doing an alternate color scheme -- kind of like a video game, huh?).  Found a 1/60th scale galleon, as well.  Gleeeeeeee!

    OOOoOoooOoo!  Pics please?!  I hae a hugely-big wicked crazy sailing ship jones going on.  I bought the Pirates! game by Flasgship Games (a miniature battles system) that I plan to use/convert with Warlord once it hits the shelves.  I also grabbed some of their resin ships, but alas, they are scaled for "true" 25 mm historicals", so are a tad tiny for the newer "heroic scale" minis such as Warlord.  Still, nice models, and I will use them to make my own larger versions.


    On the topic of bases, are the Reaper bases about the same "size (thickness/height and dimensions) as a standard Warlord base?  I've been thinking of grabbing a bunch of those to mount my DHA minis on.  Up till now, I've been using the cardboard bits from my old TSR Battlesystem game, but am getting low.

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