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  1. Now then, is there somebody I officially get enslaved by? (to run stuff ... is a Reaper person making a list?)
  2. Are you going to run a tournament? Or will it be a demo? I'm not sure if I can make the trip, but I'd like the chance to play in a tournament. There's a group in Tyler Texas that would probably make the trip as well. I was thinking "Demo" or "Introductory adventure" as it is not my chapter's home area (I beieve Texas is working on forming their own HMA chapters ). On the other hand, if some enterprizing individuals want to coordinate and run a local tourney there ...
  3. Well, I guess that leaves out Hackmaster (old AD&D rewritten and released by K&C under license from WotC) [i mention it because it is the most like old AD&D ... go figure why ] IMHO what system you use is usually less important than what you do with it. For d20 and the like here are a few of my observations: Wheel of Time uses an alternate magic system from old D&D/AD&D. Star Wars RPG uses the same base (d20) but diverges in other points (no magic as such, difference between regular damage and that done by crits IIRC, etc). Arcana Unearthed is good (although it is more divergent from AD&D/D&D, if you are familiar with those, although it looks to play very similar). I believe there is a game due to be released eventually called "Castles and Crusaders" (or something like that). Of the ones I have mentioned, this one I do not have (only know the hype). Oh, and I highly recommend "A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe" by Expeditious Retreat Press (though you may want to disguise the spine if things are too bad around you, or store it for reference only (aka, not carried) as the word "Magical" is in the title/on the spine).
  4. Try Kingdoms of Kalamar (blatant product plug ) On topic, I have not looked at the new WotC world as I am too busy working on my own stuff
  5. I run HackMaster about once per week (average), play in it 2+ times a week (go figure ). Also play in Kalamar, Dragonstar, Bureau 13:STNF, In Nominne, etc (rotating basis). My campaigns either run 9 months or 2+ years.
  6. Heck, I am going through Chicago (Minivans are nice, but I prefer my car ... more comfortable on the long hauls. Besides, I will probably have 2-3 stops along the way to say "hi" at various LGS.
  7. If I get there in time I could pick people up / drop them off (I am driving down)
  8. I'm upper midwest (minnesota) I'll be going via greyhound unless some one convinces me otherwise I am planning to drive fron SE Wisconsin/NE Illinois. Dodge Stratus 4 comfortably (including driver) 3 total if people bring lots of minis (maximum space usage to transport level)
  9. there are rumors that some Dwarf from Kenzer & Company is coming all the way from SE Wisconsin / NE Illinois to run HackMaster (Why yes, people do say the Dwarf sometimes talks about himself in the thrid person ... why do you ask? )
  10. (number of legs probably varies with edition, pictures, etc)
  11. That was the one ... Dawn of the Empires Boxed set :D (sorry Catman :( ... I usually lump it with the gazetteers as it is the only coverage of the empires in the series ) The Five Shires is the hardest to find of the ones the original poster listed. Crazy Igor's has trouble keeping it in stock (I got the book only ... no maps :( and consider myself lucky to get that B) ) Besides E-bay, the Gen Con auction or local game stores, distributors, or used product resellers are your best bets. Dwarves of Rockholme and Elves of Aelfheim shouldn't be too hard. Besides the dwarf one, my favorites are Darokin, Minothad, and Five Shires. Happy hunting!
  12. The "Lewd Beholder" (or "Lewd Eye Tyrrant") is still available. It comes with 8 stalks and 2 hands, and already has a tongue. Just a note :D
  13. I am partial to HackMaster miniatures by Kenzer & Company, but I could be considered a tad bias ;) (mostly sculpted by Jim Johnson) I have basically stopped buying miniatures not made by K&C or Reaper :D - D. M. Zwerg Kenzer & Company's "Foundry Dwarf" (trained by Reaper)
  14. Catman Jim missed a few: Empires boxed set (Thyatis and Alphatia, or something to that affect) Hollow World Also, it was a D&D release (basic set, expert set, ..., immortals; D&D Cyclopedia) D&D was supported by TSR in parallel with AD&D. Much of the D&D material was superior to the AD&D stuff. IMHO this was due to having more room to work with it (less worried about mucking things up). - D. M. Zwerg Kenzer & Company's "Foundry Dwarf" (trained by Reaper :D )
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