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  1. Just got my order in Vancouver. Loving it so far, the only issue I have is that I didn't realize just how "small" Dance of Death was. In my head I had it as a similar size Ma'al Drakar but it is not nearly that big.
  2. I didn't have the cash to pay when it was to be dropped off, I'll scan it when I can pick it up on Friday. The Mail Lady let me take a look at the invoice CBSA attached to the box. Reaper put the total value at just over $390, CBSA assessed it at $422 and charged me GST + PST as well as $12 duty. So yeah, it all checks out, it's just the first time I've had to pay tax or duty on a big kickstarter shipment. Odds are I wouldn't have had to pay duty if I took it through the Tsawwassen/Point Roberts crossing, which is only an hour drive from me, they don't seem to give a elf unless you ar
  3. My Wave 2 shipment arrived (in Vancouver) today. The Tax & Duty gnomes at the CBSA have decided that I need to pay a magical $60 to receive my box. That puits it a combined, between what was to be paid to reaper and what the government wanted, $130 for shipping. Next time I think I'll just get it shipped to the states and bring it across the border myself. :/ edit: The UPS tracking number stopped working once it crossed the border, my mail lady scanned the boxed when she brought it to the door but UPS still has it listed as "In transit"
  4. This afternoon my package went from "Sitting on the dock" to the middle of Illinois. It's getting closer
  5. I'm in Wave 2 ROW (Canada) and I got an email from UPS on Thursday, but no email from reaper. The UPS is still on "Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations". With that out of the way, I've received enough shipments from companies using Mail Innovations that didn't update from "Shipment Info Received" until I actual received the goods, that I am optimistic my bones are actually on their way. Or maybe they are still sitting on the dock.
  6. I haven't even finished a single model from Bones I yet :/
  7. Tuesday for me as well. Sweeeeeet.
  8. How's this for a kick in the pants. www.starlitcitadel.com based here in Vancouver is fulyl stocked with all the bones kickstarter stuff. What a bunch of crap.
  9. Vancouver is uncomfortably warm and I can't open the windows with out being invaded by bugs, since screens on windows aren't a thing here. No confirmation of bones shipping details to cool me off :(
  10. For anyone trying to get Reaper to ship your stuff differently, good luck. I asked a few days ago and I got a "It'll be difficult to find your specific order, I'm afraid." from Kit. I'm assuming that I'm politley being told to bugger off, or that as a Canadian order, my stuff is wrapped up on a pallet waiting for the incompetent boobs from UPS to durdle by Reaper HQ and pick up the orders. I wish they had just charged extra and shipped it via USPS. I've had other kickstarter stuff (including a number of 6+ pound items) sent this way and never had a problem with customs or duty. The
  11. I wish there was a way for Reaper to just direct ship my order. At this point I'm more than happy to process it through Canada customs and pick it up at the UPS depot myself. At worst I'll have to pay $40 or $50 in tax.
  12. I'm in BC with a smallish order and I haven't received any type of confirmation. poop.
  13. Whoops, I forgot to post in this thread on Friday: Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! (West Vancouver, Canada) You're getting: Kaladrax Reborn x1 C'thulhu x1 Figure Case x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-21-2013 and is being shipped UPS Standard.
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