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  1. Thanks, Thrym! Definitely plan on getting some blogging done at the big convention. Just hoping the hotel wifi cooperates.
  2. I'll be adding coverage from Gencon next week along with my painting projects at http://savantcreations.net
  3. Yes, this will be my first year working with the MHE team. Look forward to catching you there!
  4. My sense of it however is that it is a little disconcerting that an industry leader has abandoned its presence at the major trade show for tabletop gaming. Here in the last two years we've seen a major push by Coolmini growing as a publisher with its own brands filling the vaccuum left by Reaper's step back. At the end of the day vendor hall dollars aside I have to imagine it is beneficial to be able to work with other industry heads, plan out the next fiscal year and brain storm with your compatriots face to face at a trade show. Fan participation aside Gencon presents a golden opportunity to network and create new business opportunities.
  5. I can't argue with that, even with their presence missing in the dealerhall last year they were amazing supporters of the Miniature Hobby Events from paint and takes to classes, I think they provided Marike with all of her demo figs. As to a retail partner I think that is likely the best we can hope for at this juncture. I recall seeing their paints at the darksword booth this year but I will say if they are to share space with the DS crew it should be a larger booth. DS was cramped into a pretty tight space, I recall a lot of jostling as I was taking a look at some of the clear reaper acrylics. Pipe dream and wishes would place them in partnership with the crew over at Paizo but even there I think they'd be starved for space. In the interim I'll try and be optomistic and look foward to teaching some new faces how to paint at this year's con.
  6. They can a huge untapped market by going to PAX. Although GenCon is huge, it is populated by people that already know all about Reaper and the minis they sell. PAX exposes Reaper to people that have never even seen miniatures. I can totally follow that logic but why not just crate up a few thousand bones, send them to PAX where I'm sure Reaper can secure some great volunteers and bring the Reaper home office team to Gencon? You would have the benefit of the exposure you refered to (which is critical for the long term survival of any business) and allow the company to collaborate with other industry leaders at Gencon.
  7. At the least if Reaper can't logistically handle the two shows consider alternating their show presence each year. I understand there is some tabletop/rpg at PAX but Gencon is THE tabletop gaming con. What does Reaper gain by going to PAX versus going to a tabletop gaming trade show?
  8. That's a great thought actually, it would be Reaper's first opportunity to show off the Bones line en masse to the Gencon crowd. Just think of room after gaming room with tables using Reaper Bones. And if that doesn't sell the fine folks at Reaper on the idea perhaps a famous shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo's will ;)
  9. Not going to lie, that'd break my heart. I always looked forward to picking up bits when there were there. And who wouldn't love for Anne to be part of the miniature events?
  10. Would love to see the Reapercrew back out at Gencon and Indianapolis this year after the hearbreak of missing you all in '12. Any word yet as to whether or not Reaper will be back in its proper spot?
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