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  1. I'm in! I'm going for the monsters right now. As I see the investigators, I might decide to chip in for those as well. To let you all know what a nut I am, I created a Cthulhu-themed army for Warmaster -- which is in 10mm scale. I used some of Rafm's Mythos monsters as Greater Daemons and commanders for my army. I used to play Call of Cthulhu in high school. My favorite adventure was when my characters woke up in the body of a woman. The GM gave me the option of rolling up a new character, but I didn't. Violet did pretty well for herself up until she confronted Nyarlahotep all by herself. I had to roll up a new character after that. Anyway, I'm in!
  2. Thanks! I had fun with the weathering and making them dirty. I debated altering the sniper's chest to be armoured. I think giving her a breast plate will help her fit in better visually. I have few more sets of Novas and IMEFs now that I traded some of my Bones. I want to create at least one other female Nova. I'm thinking about converting a Nova to kneeling/firing position. I would love to see what you folks are doing with your Novas and Chronos!
  3. Chisel blade on an Exacto blade? What does the shield look like?
  4. I love the colors! I like the smoldering look.
  5. Baugi: Here's how I did the eyes. Bear in mind that the figure was primed black. So the first thing I did was paint the eye sockets white. Then I painted yellow over the white. Then I painted a thinned orange-yellow paint over the eye sockets. The orange-yellow was a little past the eye sockets -- this provides the 'glow'. Then hit the center of the eye with a white slightly tinted with a small bit of yellow. Dai-Mongar: Thanks! This figure was a lot of fun to paint. Yeah, the dark heroes are awesome! Thanks everyone for the kind words and the likes! Your feedback keeps me motivated!
  6. I really loved painting this guy. He's mostly metallic with different washes to tint the metal in different directions. And he's evil, so he deserves a good paint job. Here's a good shot of the sword: Sword and Shield: Back shot: Front shot, glowing eyes and all: Here's something I did yesterday: Skippen, I set aside 30 minutes everyday for painting/hobby stuff. I do it in the morning, and I get an hour or so at night if I don't need to do anything else -- like meetings or classes or work late. I'm red/green color blind. All color blindness comes in varying degrees, but the extent of my colorblindnes was driven home to me about 6 years ago when I was driving my wife and daughter in Maine to visit relatives. We stopped at a rest stop to take care of natural needs. When I came out of the rest room, my wife and daughter were on hands and knees on the grass. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Picking strawberries!" my wife answers. "Wild strawberries! They're good!" "Where?" I ask. "You're standing in them!" So shrug, and get down on my knees looking for strawberries. They are eating strawberries like no one's business, while I look and look and find one. They keep eating and I find another. After I picked (and ate) about 20 strawberries, they were full. Not sure how this story relates to anything, but thought you all might find it amusing!
  7. Hi again! Suden -- I love the story! I placed them in a skirmish formation as if they were a raiding party. The story really fits the photo. I took a second look at the picture of the Novas I posted, and I see most of them looking off to the right, but two figures are looking left. What's to the left that is so interesting? Nothing good, I bet. My daughter was pleased by your compliments. Ungoreatstefan -- I hope you like this figure as well! Here it is: I need to take a few other photos of this guy. I did something special with his sword and shield. I want to see what you folks think about the effects. Thanks for the compliments and likes!
  8. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words! And the likes! Zoroaster -- I'll tell my daughter that you like the griffin. I hope it will encourage her. I'm working on another one that I hope to have done Sunday. If I weren't camping with the family this weekend, I could proably have it finished tomorrow.
  9. I picked up my Vampire box and ReaperCon. I've been painting the figures in between other painting projects, and I thought it would be fun to post pictures of what I've painted so far. I even got the interest of a friend of mine, and we spent an afternoon painting. I showed him the basics -- base color, dry brushing and washing/glazing. So who knows, maybe I infected a new person with a love of painting miniatures. Without further ado, Orcs and Kobolds: And now for some Novas: The bases need to be done, but I enjoyed making these a bit beaten up: My daughter did this one:
  10. Here's a group shot of my Novas: I need to work on the bases -- right now they are a neutral grey. I want the bases to have more dirt on them, to match the mud and dust on their boots. I hope you like them!
  11. I'm putting together an Inquisitorial retinue (GW's WH40K universe). I'm using the Novas from my Vampire Kickstarter package as the Inquisitor's troopers because I like the look. (I need to post pictures or even a link to pictures.) I'm planning on using the IMEF for Inquisitor troopers as well.
  12. QwykSilver: No, I'm flying from Manchester to Chicago, then to DFW. It would've been nice to chat with you on the plane! Reaper Ron: Thanks!
  13. Sign me up. It sounds like a lot of fun. Girot: The Best Western and the Hilton Garden Inn are across the street from each other.
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