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  1. Very pretty and contrast-y. Nice base :)
  2. Yep. Well, he has the liner triad and a couple of paint sets. And a bunch of bones figures. Norwegians on the forum! Woo! Where are you at? :)
  3. Very cool and effective. Lots of browns without it all being brown. Nice contrast on the sword vs rest of mini!
  4. Good job! Nice text in the book :)
  5. I got a box today, from the one norwegian web shop that stocks reaper stuff. Liner triad Goblin honor guard Some vallejo paints Dominion-expansion Back to buying mini-stuffs!
  6. Dibbler

    Bunch of bones.

    Thats a good idea! Figure officially picked down from display cabinet to painting table.
  7. It sure takes some skill to make the nice prints happen, no doubt. There was a guy doing Warmachine terrain with a 3d printer a few years back. His stuff always looked a bit rough in the finish to me.
  8. Dibbler

    Bunch of bones.

    His base isn't like normal broccoli, its more flat. Like he's standing on a big flat thing. I usually go for a dungeon-y look to the bases. Perhaps a warmer stone grey could do the trick? I've got some army painter clumps, kinda like them. That makes a lot of sense. I have a bottle of really translucent army painter red somewhere, perfect for that! I mainly use my GW red, that covers really well.
  9. Rattlesnake lizardmen, scary! Give them some extra poison-rules. Not caring about mold lines on bones is nice 8) I usually go that route myself, going "bleep this, no one is going to see it" sooner or later.
  10. Nice huts! 3D printing has come a long way in the last couple of years!
  11. Dibbler

    Bunch of bones.

    Highlighting red with orange is scary! Suddenly it is too much and look dull. But I agree, some orange is a good idea. I wonder how he would have looked painted like fire, white to red-black. I considered hitting the scales with some shiny sealer. Not sure what to do with the base. It's a fairly boring, flat broccoli. Perhaps stamp him on a happy-seppuku cobblestone and paint the stone lighter? Or paint the whole thing black. Or paint him a flat, light grey, base. Grass, perhaps, to contrast with the red? Thanks for kind word and feedback! Thank you! I also thought "petrified adventurer" with that mini. She is apparantly a column, and I must have her in column-form in my bag o' bones. My players would expect something if I add a mini for a statue..
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