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  1. Yep. Well, he has the liner triad and a couple of paint sets. And a bunch of bones figures. Norwegians on the forum! Woo! Where are you at? :)
  2. Very cool and effective. Lots of browns without it all being brown. Nice contrast on the sword vs rest of mini!
  3. Good job! Nice text in the book :)
  4. I got a box today, from the one norwegian web shop that stocks reaper stuff. Liner triad Goblin honor guard Some vallejo paints Dominion-expansion Back to buying mini-stuffs!
  5. Thats a good idea! Figure officially picked down from display cabinet to painting table.
  6. It sure takes some skill to make the nice prints happen, no doubt. There was a guy doing Warmachine terrain with a 3d printer a few years back. His stuff always looked a bit rough in the finish to me.
  7. His base isn't like normal broccoli, its more flat. Like he's standing on a big flat thing. I usually go for a dungeon-y look to the bases. Perhaps a warmer stone grey could do the trick? I've got some army painter clumps, kinda like them. That makes a lot of sense. I have a bottle of really translucent army painter red somewhere, perfect for that! I mainly use my GW red, that covers really well.
  8. Rattlesnake lizardmen, scary! Give them some extra poison-rules. Not caring about mold lines on bones is nice 8) I usually go that route myself, going "bleep this, no one is going to see it" sooner or later.
  9. Highlighting red with orange is scary! Suddenly it is too much and look dull. But I agree, some orange is a good idea. I wonder how he would have looked painted like fire, white to red-black. I considered hitting the scales with some shiny sealer. Not sure what to do with the base. It's a fairly boring, flat broccoli. Perhaps stamp him on a happy-seppuku cobblestone and paint the stone lighter? Or paint the whole thing black. Or paint him a flat, light grey, base. Grass, perhaps, to contrast with the red? Thanks for kind word and feedback! Thank you! I also thought "petrified adventurer" with that mini. She is apparantly a column, and I must have her in column-form in my bag o' bones. My players would expect something if I add a mini for a statue..
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