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  1. Purple, Red and Gold, now that is an interesting and well done color combo.

    Figure looks fantastic !

    Really like how you tied it all together, and highlights are really Good !

    Nice job !

    Thanks! :D The purple was my idea, the rest is the studio colors :)


    Nice job on those whip gems.



    Thanks! Fairly straight forward work, too. Dark blue + light blue + white, not gradiants or anything :)

  2. Thanks for all the kind words  :blush: 


    I may have to pick up a battalion of these guys...they make really nice men-at-arms for a dwarven city. How was shipping from EM4?

    These are solid paint jobs, too. A good group for some PCs to interact with!


    I can't remember the shipping, so I guess good? ;) 




    I like those dwarfs.  Might look at getting some myself.  Got a big campaign going right now with lots and lots of dwarfs.

    For people getting them:


    They are dirt cheap, have a blemish on the back that needs some GS work. Get their pack of shields (I should have!). Bases need some work (I have pics in my WIP). 

  3. Finished up and varnished a Beast Handler.


    Today's facepalm:


    *Apply matte varnish* - finish still gloss.


    *Apply another coat* - still gloss. If anything, the gloss finish got a bit better coverage.


    *Get mad and slash it onto the rim of the base, to see if it can do anything at all* - Rim of base suddenly shiny.


    *Examine palette closely.* My matte varnish looks more like gloss varnish. Actually it doesn't have that milky clear look of the matt one at all.


    Then I proceeded to apply actual matte varnish. Which worked! Weird how these things work..




    His buddies. Any ideas for things I could do better/differently on these guys?




    And a test piece for a flexible desert gaming mat



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  4. Wee! Thanks guys!  :bday: 


    Nice work on these! Skorne are a pretty cool faction, one of my friends plays them and his titans have frequently stomped my Legion into the ground...we're about 50/50 on games at this point.

    Your battlegroup here should show up well on the table, and that's the main thing you're after. I think the purples could use a bit more contrast (higher highlights/deeper shadows), but I really like the way the purple looks with the red and gold. I'd be happy to field this force, paint-wise. And you can't beat the happy seppuku stuff for making nice, detailed, consistent bases. Those look great!

    (as an aside, since I'm a hopeless pedant, the plural of "cyclops" is "cyclopes," pronounced with a long E in the last syllable. It's a word I've always thought was pretty cool. /pedant)


    The PP bases really work well with HS, being lipped!


    Yup, a bit more contrast would be nice. I'm basecoating in the shade color on my PGBH's, to se if I'll pump it up a bit :)


  5. I'm hooked on WarmaHordes, and picked Skorne as my faction. I spent way too long painting these, wanting to do my best. Ironically, I think that stress led to worse paint jobs! Anyway, here they are varnished and all.


    Master Tormentor Morghul. Pretty fun to paint (and play). Before he gets knocked down and killed that is  :angry:




    The big guy is a Titan, really a trunk-less elephant with two extra arms. They hit pretty hard, and run sort of slow. Before we start whipping them. Or rushing them, Or all of it! Mahaha!




    Cyclopses! Pretty clever for warbeasts.






    Up close of the bases. Green stuff, Happy Seppuku stamps and stones. These are the most differently painted ones, I think I'l go with a look closer to the left one for the rest of the army.



    Comment, critique, feedback or anything else aprecciated.  :upside:

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  6. I got some plastic bases from em4, for my Happy Seppuku bases. They had some sirt cheap dwarves, so I threw in a bunch. Turned out to be great fun to paint! Detail is sort of soft, but that just makes speed-painting feel better. The dwarfs are not really dynamically posed, but that feels right for me. They are dwarfs, right?



    Fighting a dragon, with their cousing Mad Angus.




    I should have gotten more shots of the crossbowers. Oh well.  :upside:


    What do you think?  :upside:

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  7. if you're drilling by hand with a pin vice, you're probably going to be okay. Still a drop of water on the surface might not be a bad idea

    Thanks for the tip! :)


    I have been getting a cold while prepping models. This has made me pretty paranoid :/


    I really should get out the camera and do some show off today. I'll only varnish the cyclops first..

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  8. I got my biggest mininature order yet, Warmahordes FTW!  :bday: Quick 'n Dirty update:

    Stuff! Forgot a blister of Beast Handlers.


    My tackle box of tokens, sorted out the ones I don't need for my list ATM (Skorne Battlebox, Beast Handlers, Agonizer, Extoller, Incinidiarii and swamp gobbers).



    Dwarfs are done-ish. A few details and varnish left. Going to do a show off with all ten :)



    My WIP Cyclops. I now have two more! Paintpaintpaint!


    And assembling a min unit of incinidiarii, currently borrowing models to proxy, so.. Got the mold lines off these bits, ready to assemble. Man those were a lot off work.


    Resin dust. I read about it on the web, and have started to freak out about it. Current strategy is to do it with the porch door open, wipe the surface off with a wet cloth afterwards, and change cloths afterwards. I could get a mask, but I'm not confident about my "wearing mask for hours, while having hobby fun time"-ability. Besides, I'm hobby-knife scraping, not sanding. How stupid does this sound?

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    Hahaha! Sorry! I was referring to posts from quite a while back when everyone started talking about being from Norway or having family living there... Lol!

    I suspect that was my fault Kharsin.

    I'm a Norwegian fanatic I fear.

    I'm going there for my birthday (Bergen and Oslo).

    I love seeing Dibbler's work !



    Awesome! :D Hope you have a nice trip, what time of the year are you going? 

  10. I looked at the Bones minis, but didn't really see what I was after. I'll check again, and Mantic too. Thanks!


    EDIT: Mantic is too $$. GW would be cheaper after taking out the UK to US shipping. Also, their archers are holding shields. (??)


    They have two sets, one with and one without. The archer-with-shield looks pretty silly, yeah! Perhaps that -2 con has led to some *ahem* fear of damage.

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  11. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have been REALLY busy!

    Looking terrific!

    Like the boldness of your colors !


    *blush* They are mainly the studio colors, my gold is a bit brighter than the studio one, and I use purple on cloth (as opposed to black or red). I like it, they are a weird desert people. What they consider normal, may suddenly be "bright and shiny" for the westerners ;)



    Lovely work on those skorne figures.  I also agree a speed paint after all that detail work is handy. 


    Thankies! :D Yup! I reallyreally love working on these dwarfs. Their softish detail lends itself so wonderfully well to speed paint and prep. And feels dwarfy. WHAT? frills and buckles and stuff? Why do I need that? I have a polearm!

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  12. Most of a Skorne Battlebox for WarmaHordes is finished! :) A lot of fun, but I slipped into thinking more about the end result than enjoying myself. That won't usually lead to neither nice minis, nor having fun. Perhaps the time pressure of "I want to field my OWN gladiator" isn't so bad after all :)








    The last cyclops is assembled. I figured that some GS-ing was necessary no matter what - so why not get that sword where I want it? And less overhang! Both cyclopsi have a lot of brass rod in them! I wonder how much brass rod you'd need for the figure to qualify as metal xD



    Perhaps I'll do a show off with these guys, taking more time to photograph, when they are all done :)

    And some speed painting cheap dwarfes. Because sanity, fun and SBH  :bday:



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  13. Dahbbler - Goblin merchant.


    Large carrying capacity goblin that lugs around a sack of misc items, most of which are stanky. These things were typically in demand a week or five ago. In war-times he always seem to come up with cheap crossbows and maybe even alchemist fire. For a fee, and possibly service as thief.

    He's just as horribly easy to kill as the rest - with one exception. He bolts and runs like one turn before the rest of the tribe  :;):

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