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  1. Saw it on the WF facebook page. Looks real nice!


    And silly me that don't have any current-day minis, really. One box of survivors and my (partly painted) mantid zombies and I'd be set..

  2. Got my first warmahordes minis - the Skorne battlebox !  :bday: 

    Started on Morghul



    Not sure on the color of his claws - it's a miz of magic metal and a light blue. Any ideas?


    Got some droppers - no more tipping those darn washes over! Also tidied up the workbench (and assembled some beasts. That cyclops.. Assembly ARGH!)


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  3. Wow, impressive bit of scenery I must say. Very cool textures, mine always end up looking like I cut them with an exacto :P

    I'm in luck - as we generally don't know how foam looks when ripped apart ;)


    Dibbler, I'm trying to remember... Was if you that made that custom SDE tile set out of foam board? Is there a link to that somewhere?


    What do you use to seal the foam prior to painting (or do you?)

    That wasn't me :/


    I didn't seal anything, only applied a generous base coat of cheap acrylics :)

  4. I didn't get the PC done for D&D, but all the basecoats were done!  ^_^ Started work on the treasure pile, got some basecoats going, and started picking out the coins in ancient gold



    I have been playing a bit chess lately, as a some guys at uni arrange speed-chess touneys  :upside: Go get those whities!


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    I like both palettes on the bench:




    I use an old dinner plate rather than the more common plastic container. I like the lower lip, it's easier for me to use and it's big enough that I don't feel cramped when laying out a lot of color for gradual blending.


    Protip: rinse off your welled palette before using it. My Twilight Knight has some bumps thanks to a couple dusty glazes.


    Yeah I'm religious about washing off the welled palette. In fact I clean everything at the end of every session, most probably due to the fact that I'm stuck using the kitchen table for my workspace (the 2yr old got my old office...) I also see that you've painted the tops of the bottles as well. Great idea! Great work on the XBOX controller as well! ;)



    I have a stack of small welled palettes, using each well only a couple of times. Then it goes back in the stack, ready for bath-time when there are too many used ones :)

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  6. Made a new sign for Dibbler - cut up some scrap bonesium. I should get some balsa. Not sure where to go from here. It feels like it needs some more grit or something, to be Ankh-Morpork. Me want to start painting!




    Got some more layers on the skelly! A last layer or two with almost-white left :)



    Player character for D&D. We play tomorrow. To the paint brushes! The character is a caravan-guard that got cought up in this adventuring-business. (Not legolas ;) Rather human.)



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  7. I'm not watching the olympics at all. This is kinda weird, really. I've been watching most of the other olympics, at least to some extent, but not this one!

    The broadcast rights were sold to a commercial channel - not to NRK (The goverment channel, like Norwegian BBC). I don't have access to TV2 (I have NRK and netflix online, and a projector. Thats enough for me  :upside: ). The olympics aren' important to me - so meh. And it's no loss, really. More time for miniatures!

    And sitting around doing nothing, with no willpower to do anything, due to depression. But thats another story ;)

    It is still weird, I'm not following the olympics! 0.0

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    My thumb is a lot better, I feel stuff at the tip again, only the scar is a bit weird 


     Yeah, when I touch stuff with the finger in the pic I posted, it feels strange because the scar tissue is stiffer than the rest of the surrounding area. It also makes it harder to play my tin whistle because when it healed the scar left a big old recessed groove in my finger... ::(:


    Aff, sympathies!  ::(:  :down: Tin whistle is fun, I really need to be more careful! (And dig out the tin whistle!)

  9. I don't know if it's the sculpt or just the nature of painting female skin and learning to smooth naturally chalky paints. My Laurana was a mess :)

    Good to hear (in a schadenfreude kind of way). I'll just finish her as she is! Also - promised myself a new LTPK when I get these ones nicely painted :) The monk is allready in use as a PC! :D

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  10. My favorite trap:


    A corridor ends in a door. The door is pretty solid (not that it matters), and an easy search determines that the doorhandle is trapped. The floor in front of the door is riddled with small holes, in a 10 feet diameter half circle - with the door handle in the center. A 10 foot lays on the floor, along the wall.

    If the door handle is turned, nasty spears will trust upwards from the holes. Also, the door won't open. If the trap is disabled (hard to do), the spears will launch from the floor - permanently making a pretty nasty blockade (time for some acrobatics!).

    Two twists:

    1. The door handle works backward. The door opens perfectly without turning the door handle. Turning the door handle inserts a bolt that closes the door.

    2. The 10 foot pole is really a suitable amount of mimics, holding each other in the tail. They are under orders to stay still until anyone touches them.

    Notice how the mage himself simply can walk trough the door in day to day life. As long as he does not turn the door handle.

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