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  1. Thanks peoples! Did Buglips' house burn down?
  2. Logged into the forum for the first time in ages! How are everyone? :D *wave*
  3. 3-4 years ago I moved. And I pretty much stopped painting. Picked up my big box of bones2 the other day, and started painting a bit again! First item on agenda: finish a half-finished diorama that is at least 3 years old!
  4. I haven't painted anything for about a year. I moved one year ago. Since then I've painted a handful of Skorne models, before giving up on Warmachine (slowly lost interest, then BOOM mk3. I play Skorne.. Long way to the nearest players). And suddenly I don't paint. Got a big desk to paint on and all. No painting. And I have pounds of bones to do! :/
  5. A large mousetrap, replace the cheese with old paint. For nasty-ness points, get a tangerine goblin plushy to add to the trap from time to time ;)
  6. Digital because our coming robot overlords prefer ones and zeros. Wood stove or oil heating?
  7. I am trying to do NaNo this year! :D My project is abut a traditional scandinavian "Tomte", or "Fjøsnisse". His farm is replaced with two modern city blocks, but he's still there. No outline or plan, but I figure that doing something is better than doing nothing ;)
  8. This is so weird. I was super hyped last KS, this time around I feel a lot more balanced! Since last time I have both gotten into Warmachine/Hordes and gotten a large box of bones in the mail That dragon + rider sure looks sweet tho! More terrain looks promising. Stone circles doesn't really do it for me, those are the easiest things to make yourself..
  9. Ja må han leva -- Ja må han leva -- What, wrong language? ;) Happy Birthday!
  10. Gogo Buglips! :D I really should get started on mine.. My excuse is a lack of display space!
  11. I have been thinking about other fantasy races a lot lately (started with elves, see spoiler). And making my own head canon :) I think a dwarf would be horrified over the idea of "planned obsolence". An item should last for the ages, it should practical and preferrably (in a very dwarven way) pretty. Some wear and tear is always inevitable, but should be easily repaired. The dwarves easily firing up the forges in the lonely mountain makes perfec sense - that durability is what they are made for. Expendable items (like bilbos plates and knives) are not sought after - they are going to break or blunt, what is the difference between today and tomorrow? Proper dwarven cutlery would neither bend nor break should they fall on the floor. I think a dwarf that has to use the field of economics to be able to produce his life essentials fast enough - is a very unhappy dwarf. "Mumblemumble, working with unfinished crap all day long, no time to build a proper <insert stuff here>". On the flip side, their work ethic makes most economics superflous. Their economy just works and grows because everything that is done is done to great quality and will last. It is slow growing, inflexible and inefficient. But that is how a dwarf will behave if he is left to himself - doing anything else is alien to them. Just as their way of building in stone for the ages is to me :) The mass produced hardware that humans make, and the puny cobbled together stuff of Kobolds look very similar to a dwarf that doesn't pay attention. I don't think a dwarf would like bones figurines..
  12. I do something like it, I usually start with a heavy wash of brown liner. Either almost nondiluted on bones, or watered down on top of a grey primer on metals :) I am blessed to be young enough for my eyesight to be working pretty well. Something to be thankful for :)
  13. My favorite (US) gun fact, is that gun suicides outnumber gun homicides. The victim is thus, more often than not, the one firing the gun. Interesting with the post-apocalypse society. My main gripe has often been "how come there are still so many people left", when we see survivors killing each otherwhen they meet. but still meet others often.
  14. Cute little dragons :) (Anyone have a follower to spare? Hungry dragon, wants to eat!) I need to get around to painting mine :)
  15. I use plastic bases from thetrolltrader, really cheap if you buy in bulk :)
  16. Thanks everyone :) The little guy is trying to find a henchman to eat :) I'll check that guide out, Jasonator :) Takk for det!
  17. Yuck! ;) Summon radioactive monster?
  18. When I DM, we usually have this main rule about rule discussions: right there and then we don't spend alot of time hunting down rules, we play it by ear. Intricate rules discussions are something we do outside the play time. The big exception is if I may risk killing of a PC by mistake ;). We are pretty good at checking out rules between sessions and encounters, tho. And pay it right the next time :)
  19. My first bones2 dragon is done ;) Painted quickly (3-4 days on the painting bench). I don't really feel comfortable panting black, anyone have a tutorial to recommend? :)
  20. Looks sweet, if you don't like shaking bottles. Perhaås you could build a paint shelf, with a shaker built into it?
  21. Positivel creepy! How do you make legs that tiny?
  22. I haven't given it much thought, really. I have however been reading a lot of Discworld lately, so Go beards I guess! ;) I do like how it marks dwarfs as completely different from humans in some aspect.
  23. This looks great if you want to limit your palette on a mini. Mini, palette, paints - complete project!
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