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  1. Pretty much ;) Betting beers with yourself - thats a good one :)
  2. That would be the local Outland, I guess? The Norwegian FLGS ;) The Trondheim one is pretty much the same, while the one in Oslo has a pretty good selection of PP figures, and some other games as well :) I went to Bergen in junior high, it's a great looking city. Pretty much known in Norway for being the place where it rains all the time ;)
  3. I have been reading this forum less and less lately, so I missed it. Fun to see forumites going here :) I believe it is HÃ¥konsvern? :)
  4. The ogrun bokur from PP might be somewhat relevant :)
  5. Yay! Gratulere med dag! :) I came home from the Trondheim parade just now :) Dilvish: you're in Norway ? :D
  6. Sweet! Makes me want these, and a themed terrain board to put them on..
  7. Thanks! :) Painting a bones model to tabletop while painting other stuff feels good to me. Sort of a palate cleanser, like that sushi ginger :)
  8. Long time, no post. I have been working on my Warmachine Cygnar, with a bone thrown in here and there. Current line up:
  9. Nice thief :) Having a red cloack should be practical. The blood stains hardly show at all..
  10. Thanks for the kind words, everyone The funny thing is that I just slapped some colors on him. And they just agreed with each other and ended up okay. Just gotta love that feeling :) Pupils, yes. I gotta get around to that. Perhaps when I get some water effects for the base. Totally not procrastinating at all ;) I have spoiled myself by painting my Skorne with pupil-less white eyes!
  11. Thanks everyone! I think part of it is in the picture, but the scales doesn't really draw the eye IRL either. I didn't manage to highlight them properly with my palette (and speed paint), but I suspect the mini comes off better with the feathers and body as the eye-drawers. Gogo speedpaint! Perhaps I have some Goblin ancestry?.. Wee! I'd love to see that! :D
  12. I got my shiny new Formula P3 blighted gold, and wanted to play around with. And so, with the help of a paint night, I got this guy finished up! Any tips/hints/feedback welcome as always :)
  13. I put this guy away before christmas, and have not really started again.Here's where it is right now :) I'd like to make some lettering on the base, and tried a quick version with red. Needs improvement indeed..
  14. Got my harpy painted! Somewhat quick paint job. I struggled finding a color sheme for this one, and wanted a mini to play around with a limited palette. Everything on the mini is a mix of these colors: (and brown liner) What do you guys think? Any tips/hints/critiwue welcome :)
  15. My package is in Norway! :D According to the UPS-site. Let us hope that the customs people will be quick :) Mine did something like that. It apparently teleported from Mesquite, TX to Roanoke, VA because there was neither exit scan from Mesquite or receipt scan at Roanoke. I did get my package within a few days of it getting to Mesquite, though. It just occurred to me that this kind of stuff is why they named it Quantum View. It's tunneling in action on a macro scale. No wonder shipping is getting so expensive. Your suggestion--that UPS leaves packages in a warehouse until random chance takes over and they tunnel to another location--would explain a lot about international shipping. Like how infrequently it seems to occur. And the low probability of everything getting where it's supposed to be the first time around. That would save so much fuel! Unless it needs some fuel tanks next to the warehouse to happen.. And the energy required is simply siphoned off those, in the same quantum tunnelling process.. It's ALL COMING TOGETHER!! Hmm, when I receive my package I don't know if it will have mispacks in it.. And the process of checking has a nonzero chance of me loosing parts. Schrödinger's mispack!
  16. Wow, that looked so great, yummy and sounded like a great social thing :)
  17. I believe that PP figure is Kell Bailoch, mercenary solo :)
  18. I have seen two, I think. Dreumel, NL seemed fitting to the hobby! (Oh, and my grandparents used to live in Sande in Norway :) )
  19. Dammit, it seems to come up when I look away! xD *sets up pad next to PC* Let's hope they get to wave 2 (and me) today :D
  20. *Can't stop watching tracker* I've seen both Denmark and Sweden, but no Norway yet! :/
  21. That is some speed-eating! I ended up loosing by letting Brian eat wings all day xD
  22. I got a wave 2! I just can't wait! :D Working the night shift, or sitting around checking mail? ;) Any thought about the mailing time to Norway? :)
  23. That 40-80W, is that the power of the laser? How do you handle eye safety? :)
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