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  1. That is a good question. I see lots of unpainted/half painted lots of minis on ebay or in second hand stores all the time, and I wonder if they were sold by people who just never got around to them or if they decided the hobby wasn't for them or what. I'll bet you are correct that collecting the minis far outpaces the painting of them. *Get sudden jealous feelings*
  2. The Privateer Press webstore carries plastic 120mm bases :)
  3. I love Crowley's terrified plants. I'm on my way trough the discworld series, currently at the last continent. I typically read a couple of them each year, and have been for a couple of years. I laugh way more on public transportation than is polite. +1 on Good Omens or Guards!Guards! If you feel really determined to bite into the series, perhaps start from the beginning. I did, and didn't fall off. Then again, I read the entire Twilight Series, because I started on it and didn't stop, so..
  4. I've based some mantic undead on happy seppuku stamped bases, and it has worked pretty well. The integral base can be clipped off around the feet, and pressed into the GS before and after stamping. I guess this would be more work with resin premade bases. Some pics (not all mantic, but all came with bases ;) )
  5. I use the same desk for minis and as a computer desk. Perhaps I should rethink that?
  6. I like how Norway does this. You have 4 weeks and one day vacation time, by law. In addition to that most people have an extra week, due to union negotiatons some time back :) Sick time is something else entirely and taken when needed.
  7. And here it is 6 years (maybe more?) later and there are *still* people wanting to cash these things in. Next up - 'WHere do I get that cool paint rack Reaper used to sell?" These could be a a seasonal event on rthe Reaper boards - we could sell hotdogs! Most definately hot dogs. And onions. Onna' stick!
  8. That sounds about right! :) Or he might smell slightly like fish.
  9. *sigh* So, I had mentally confused "after Christmas" with "really soon after the new year". Roughly the end of february it is :/
  10. Rugg is a norwegian word for a large fish. Like "I caught this 17 kilo salmon, it was real rugg" (Which funnily enough is in the top google images for rugg! :) ) I wonder how the bugbear got the nickname..
  11. I fell off sometime after Bilbo was knocked out. Felt bored and annoyed. The gold-floor scene was annoying, and there were stupid parts earlier, but in the endless "let's fight these single orcs on the ice" scenes just lost me. And they could have spent that time on Beorn instead! Personal annoyance: everyone and everything (except Bilbo, the wormtongue stand-in and some times Gandalf) are really into fighting. So unless you are really special (other race, and/or wizard), or the worst coward ever, you should fight like there is no tomorrow? Bleep those bleeps that isn't gung-ho let's batter things into pulp, right? Hmm, what about a cut of the movie, where everything between Bilbo's knock-out and wake-up? I'd love them to then zoom into Gandalfs thoughts and hear why he arranged the matters, and how he gambled on events to unfold. It would be wonderful to see that side of Gandalf in more detail :)
  12. About the wrapper thing: My best friends family have this dog, a drever. He is muscled as heck and stubborn, as well as pretty mean. Anyway, he got to our bag of individually wrapped caramels (jumped up to the table).. There was a paper trail from the table til his corner, where the remnants of the bag lied. If that dog was smart enough to think of deception, then I swear he'd do it anyway. Just for "HAH! Look at what I did, stupid humans.."
  13. And thus the tradition of returning gifts - to get something you actually want - was started! ;) They could have gotten a gift card at "hiding away from Judea - limited" in the first place, and saved the bother, really ;)
  14. I am (literally) in my last week as a student. Soon I'll be done with that Master Thesis -.- Emotional roller-coaster. It's working! Oh. it failed again :( No wait, I just need to tweak.. Nope.
  15. Sugar and sweets. Doubly so if bought at uni.
  16. I use quickshade, brushed on. It works, some skellies: I would recommend using strong tone ink instead. You get more control, and a matt finish. It takes slightly longer, tho. On the other hand, I find quickshade quite Zen. You can call the miniature finished after the dip, and not go back and "only do this and that", which I do with strong tone..
  17. Walking or biking, is what I usually do and prefer. When I need a car due to distance or cargo I rent one from the car collektive my S.O. is a member of. Preferred.. Perhaps catching a ride with someone. Or biking if the weather and route is nice :) I like biking for exercise in the summer :)
  18. These cakes (or cookies. we say cakes), are one of the best things about christmas: My mother or sister usually makes the batter - if I pledge to cook them. They are lovely, crispy and sweet. And you can peel them apart with your fingers! :D They are kalled krumkaker, literally curved cakes ;) We use strawberries, or rasberries. Cherry sounds lovely! Poor guy :P Oh, and "The Julekalender" has a couple of Norwegian/English songs. This is possibly the most English one. Search for "Travelling strawberries". I totally heard about these guys before I heard of travelling willburys. Boy was I suprised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWyEWUN-1Jk
  19. Christmas dinner. 2nd Day brunch with my fathers side of the family. Having time to sleep in and do absolutely nothing in a pleasant christmas atmosphere. That is the absolute favorite for me. Christmas treats, computer and those pawn-shop-shows on Discovery. Aww, all those scandinavian Christmas foods. *gets aura of patriotism* "Riskrem", roughly translated to "Rice and whipped creme". Which is pretty descriptive. We make rice porrige for christmas lunch, and make lots. The porrige is then cooled and mixed with whipped creme for the christmas dinner dessert :) Reading at wikipedia, it seems like English use the word "rice pudding" for both the norwegian "risgrøt" og "riskrem". That said, rice porrige probably isn't all that healty.. That exact situation was parodied in a nordic christmas calender show "The Julekalender"*, where the woman in question comments "we forgot the almond once. That year we ate all the riskrem!". At our place we also enjoy the very Norwegian cloudberry cream ("Moltekrem") made with cloudberries picked each year at our cabin. It's really good, typically served alongside christmas cakes and with sugar. It may be extra awesome due to tradition, tho ;) *Not translated. The protagonists of the show are "nisser" that has emigrated to america (due to plot), that return to the old country for an artefact. They speak an english pidgin, which the title plays on. The show is recorded in both Norwegian and Danish.
  20. Hmm, Reaper might be one of the only, if not the only, company I'd willingly receive newsletters from :)
  21. Real nice paint job! The black body and the orange ees really work well together, and you solved the dome on top really well! :) Way better than mine! :) (Come to think of it: I need to strip some other models. I want a project to use my blighted gold.. Hmm...)
  22. Nihilators incoming: Any critique or feedback welcome, as usual :)
  23. Great use of Bones, and awesome conversion! :) Agreed! :) They really look like part of Menoth! :)
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