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  1. Got some more work on the skin and base coated the hat. I wanted to put him on the base, so I got some paint on his boots as well. I didn't know which color to use, and had some dark red out while painting my Skorne, and I think it will work out OK :)
  2. Choosing from the pictures in my "my media" it has to be my gobber bellows crew:
  3. Q20/21 As a Norwegian, I don't celebrate thanksgiving :P I do enjoy online black friday sales ;) Is Christmas more important to you guys than Thanksgiving? I guess a mandatory mention of the 17th of May is in order. The 17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day. We have children parade the streets with marching bands. There are also public parades, in Trondheim both the gaming club (Hexagon) and the Stormtrooper guys have their own banners! :D We typically eat a lot of hot dogs and ice cream. While I grew up in Fredrikstad, we invited the neighbours for dinner (usually some BBQ). There was a traditional football match: children vs grown-ups. When I've moved to Trondheim,we typically go to see the parades, and meet up with friends in town. Some years we organize "17th of May-breakfasts" before the parades. The "breakfast" typically consists of hot dogs and cakes, tho.. Apart from that, I don't think we have holidays that you guys don't. People often take 24-31 of december of work, even though only the 25 and 26 are public holidays, along with the last half of the 24th. (Then again, I am a student. )
  4. Yup, wirehaired it is! He is fun to look at after running around in the roe deer hunt. Completely and fully tired, not interested in doing anything. Will complain if you try to take him for a walk xD Sounds like a pretty dog :)
  5. Mega Catch-up answer bonanza! :D Still not up to date, but it is a start! Question 1: What is your real name (first only is OK)? Petter. It is the Norwegian version of Peter. I am rather fond of my last names, which are both geographical. The first is the place where my grandfather grew up, where I've been on vacation every summer. The last is the farm-name in the area where I grew up (as well as my father and his side of the family). Fond of both places :) Question 2: Where is the most amazing place you have ever gone and why, and where, if money and time were not an issue, would you most want to go and why? I think that must (still) be the fjord where my grandfather grew up. Some vacations there have been good, some have been the best! I remember the first time I went there alone, all stressed out and tired of people. 4 days alone in the cabin, almost alone in the fjord. Clean water and air. Books. Guitar. This makes me want to go! I am not sure on the money and time thing. Possibly a long trip to my good friend in Chigago, and round-trip on the american gaming cons? Question 3: What is the most memorable*/favorite costume** you have ever worn? Hmm, I am not sure. I'm not in costume that often, sadly. There was the incident with the band in high school, tho.. We agreed to play in pretty regular cloths, denim pants and normal black t-shirts. Nothing special. Then, 3 hours before the thing, the other guys call me. They had raided the wardrobe of the bass-players little sister, including pink tank tops. So, just before I left for the event, I grabbed some stuff. I played in my open leather jacket, this see-through tank top "helsetrøye" thing and my white pants. I ended up using a studded belt for a hair-band and was written on with lip stick here and there. Fabulous! Weekend Question 1: List five adjectives that best describe your personality. This is a hard one! Sorry in advance for any non-adjectives. Introvert Whimsy Intelligent Indecisive Question 4: What was the first mini you ever painted (pictures/links if you can), and what is the story behind your choosing to paint it and start this hobby? D&D. I had considered getting minis for some time, but it seemed really expensive. I saw the bones line (and the ended kickstarter) and figured that could be a fun hobby, and not all that expensive. Waltzed into the local FLGS and said "I want to paint a mini, any starter sets?" and was handed the goblin startsett for the hobbit: (And now I am hooked, playing WarmaHordes, and have used way too much money on this hobby. I will probably spend more. Oh, and I use way more time on minis than D&D these days..) Question 5: What do you do for a living? I'm studying for my Master's, soon to be finished. My degree is a Master of technology, with a focus on physics. I write my masters degree on droplet deformations in laser light. No job found yet, not much seeking it yet, either. I'll find something, but job-searching when tired of working on the Master neither seems like a good idea, nor very appealing. Question 6: Do you have any pets, and, if so, tell us about them? No pets. My family has this adorable dachshound called Laffen. He is rough-haired (dunno the english here) wirehaired, and is used fior roe deer hunting in the fall. Question 7: If you won a Design Your Own Mini (DYOM) reward, what would you want created? A silver dragon in human form. Indicated however the sculptor wishes, for example by being in mid-morf between the forms. Question 8: What was your introduction to miniatures and the surrounding hobby? Random miniatures used for D&D, and the wargaming guys at our local con :) When I started painting, I attended some miniature painting nights at the FLGS, but they ended quite quickly.
  6. After recently starting to bike, driving a car is nearly peaceful. Suddenly everything is intended for me! I drive defensively anyway, so bad traffic isn't too problematic, really. Then again, this is little Norway ;) Q20 I live in Trondheim, Norway. What keeps me here is the university (the place to go for engineering in Norway, soon finished), and my girlfriend. Who is getting her PhD at the same place ;) The mountains and scenery is nice, especially as a backdrop to bicycle trips in the summer. The town is large enough (~180k inhabitants) for a gaming store and club, but not too large :) A lot of students! It could, however, be warmer..
  7. Mission accomplishing ;) I love how his merchandice is the focal point of the mini. Not such pointless things as the face or armor or anything! Thanks! It is certainly fun, but I let it sit for a bit too long.. I thing it would have been more enjoyable if I just soldiered through and kept my momentum :)
  8. Some more base coats, and I got the midtone on the skin, and did the eyes. | | | | (There may be better pictures, but mine's on a stick!) Thanks for the tip! Will be used :) And it helps that the base is entirely black beneath the text.
  9. Talespinner: could it be possible to list the questions in the first post? I have quite a bit unanswered, and that would make things easier. :) Who would I want to be?.. Doctor Who sounds like a good one, but the mental scarring seems problematic. On the other hand, I live forever, whenever and however I want. Interesting difference between the characters I like to watch - and who I'd like to be!
  10. I agree. I might get filthy rich. There might be rules about that, however. Either spoken out by the time-machine-handler, or implied. Going to get cash, missing out on an awesome trip, and then returning to find a note saying "oh, and by the way, I changed those lottery numbers", would suck. I might go to the future, to see if the human race will persist. Will we handle global warming? The coming energy crisis? Check out the blog "Do the Math" for a lot of awesome questions here. How far to go, tho? 40k years to see space travel (hopefully)? 200 years to be able to warn about danger? How should I be able to turn the tides today - even if I knew that we HAD to start doing blahblah now? Perhaps I could read some history in the year 2300, like which companies boomed when.. And combine the two! History trip would be awesome. I'd love to meet my distant relatives, and see how they lived. I'l love to see my father and his friends in their youth. I could go back and check out Jesus' life. But what difference would it make? I'm not a believer, and I doubt that the pope would take my word for anyting. Perhaps the writing of the bible would be a better point in time.. Right some wrongs?.. Go back with a big fat bat, and a list of my childhood tormentors.. That would be possible with two trips! xD Trip1 : Year 3212 - get surgery. Trip 2 - swordplay :D Like for a selfless act using the TARDIS. It's hard to lose loved ones. Great choice. (Altough make sure to consult with the TARDIS operator first, to see if it is possible or not. Or if it will create problematic paradoxes.)
  11. Question 10: I play the guitar and the banjo. How much I play goes in cycles, right now I haven't played much in a while. Moose has to be done right, or it becomes dry and nasty. Of course, I am not sure if Norweigan moose and Canadian moose are the same critter. I think it should be the same thing. We typically cook it in the oven, I'm blessed with parents that both hunt the meat and prepare it well :) I was actually writing an answer to this, when my GF got the reference
  12. The miniature comes first (price, detail, durability), rather than the material : Metal, bones, hard plastic and restic all have their merits :) I haven't tried resin yet, but I guess I'll enoy that as well :) Dibbler, you shocked me ! I was expecting Polser, kransekake, elg burgers, Bergens Soup... and you listed none of it..LOL (Oh.. thats hot dogs, wreath cake, moose burger, and a fish soup with mussels, and shrimp). Hmm, that's true, I didn't reall include any traditional Norwegian foods! Moose meat is really good tho, and could easily invade the "steak" bullett point ;) I do enjoy eating dried fish as a snack, tho. And love beef jerky! Too bad both are pretty expensive :/
  13. I have lurked way too much without writing in this thread. It also made me take an early lunch.. Favorite food: Ice cream. Summer as winter. Steak. Goes without saying really ;) Sushi. Probably on the favorites list because it is something I don't eat that often.. Milkshake, preferrably strawberry or caramel. They have this magical milkshake at a localplace called "pair a dice". Especially their caramel is to die for. And the place is decorated as an american 50s diner :D India Pale Ale. I could have said beer, but you know. IPA is the best ;) The Ice cream on is pretty permanent, as long as I can remember. The rest may change a bit. When I go out for dinner, I enjoy fixed menu's. Or a set number of courses for X, then pick from this menu. Or a meal of the day. It saves money and decision making at the same time. I went out with my girlfriend to this lovely restaurant for our 4th year anniversary this weekend. A set number of dishes for a set amount of monies, with the wine choice of "wine, or not?". Really good food, and a couple of things I wouldn't order if I chose myself. Those were some of the best! Best restaurant experience in a while, but sadly a bit on the expensive side :/
  14. Dwarven forge has a paint guide: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/painting It seems like army painter is really good for them! :)
  15. Got some base coats down yesterday, most of the figure has paint on him now, trying to decide the color for his hat. Perhaps a light green as a nod to the studio scheme. Nothing exciting to take a photograph of ;) Painted the wood black. I want some text on it. Any ideas on how to do that? I have mixed results with freehanded writing.. Thanks! :) I have been painting quite a lot, but it has been terrain and wargaming minis that I haven't posted here :) Yup, he must be down on his luck ATM. We need a new Holy Wood ;) Thanks! :D For the end result, I hope that it would be obvious that you don't want to eat his food. Unless you are twoflower. But you know..
  16. Got some paint down today. First I did some light coats of browns and greens, before a heavy black wash and drybrush gray. Not much color: Then I stippled on a bit of brown/green and drybrushed grey, then a bit lighter gray: I like this much better! Got some colors on the apron and merch:
  17. That is a guy with a serious mechanical arm! I'll do the differently colored cobbles, and perhaps glaze a bit afterwards if I feel fancy :)
  18. Some base coats incoming That water turned out way too green, needs work. My recipe for stone has been this: 1. Paint gray. 2. wash Nuln Oil. 3. Drybrush if feeling fancy. I feel like expanding my stone-painting skills, but I don't really know where to start. Any links or ideas? :) Felt like the mini deserved it :)
  19. Thanks for the kind words on the base! HappySeppuku, green stuff and time :) They are nice and pricey, no arguments there! Glad I got him at a discount ^^ Anne: He is still unpainted (primed now, tho). That nose is great, indeed!
  20. I got Dibbler and the Librarian of eBay, and have procrastinated painting them since. Time to do a WIP to get myself painting! The base is green stuff and a cut-up bones ratswarm, with a Happy Seppuku street :)
  21. The delays make me a sad panda. I would really have loved to have these in hand before christmas :/
  22. I just received 200 newstyle Warmahordes bases in the mail! :D (Going overboard when the prices were cheap? Noooot at all ;) )
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