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  1. That is a pretty -censored- -censored- great way of putting it! :D
  2. I have more incoming bones 2 stuff than the goblin 0.0 I feel weird!
  3. I have some background audio from a KS some time back :) I need to untangle my monitor-wires so that I can plug it into my laptop and do just that! Brilliant :)
  4. I should probably get to my undertaker, then! CashWileys beatiful paint job on him kind of want me to do him monochromatically. But then I realise how I can't get close to that level of paint on him..
  5. Thanks everyone :) Oooh, Triad it is :D (Or the same colors bought seperate, if I order from miniaturemarket, to get some warmahordes stuff as well :) ) *Naively enters the trap* How do you do that, again? Do you start with a couple of colors only? Seems like a lot of work! I do mix different reapers with this many drops to that many, tho.
  6. I am painting my Skorne army purple and gold. I found great golds with PP metallic paints, so improvement now comes to the cloth.. The recipe currently is: Blood Red + Breonne Blue (2:1) for a base coat. Citadel Daemonette hide, then adding in white for the highlights. I am almost out of Deamonette, and it is annoying to layer with! Any ideas for a reaper equivalent? A dedicated color for the highlight would be nice as well! Looking at this: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56837-reaper-paint-swatch-poster-with-msp-hd-hgb-ks-paints-rev-6/ I think maybe imperial purple or amethyst purple? :) Any ideas for colors to get for fun, to kickstart some painting motivaiton? :) Edit: heres a trooper BTW:
  7. Good incentive to have my Masters mostly finished in good time. then ;) (due 19 dec.)
  8. What is the ETA for the Bones? Sorry if I missed something earlier in the thread ;) Wave2 here :)
  9. Thanks guys! :D I worked out a recipe for that when I painted my bones ogres :) Basecoat ruddy leather, paint tiny lines of oiled leather on the edges, go over with glazes til satisfied :)
  10. Got this little guy done! A treat to paint And in his natural habitat: Any feeback or critique welcome :)
  11. Another bonus to basing stamps/pads is the availability in the future. If I put my Skorne and my basing stamps on the shelf now, I can get back to them in 10 yrs and keep making the same bases! Me like :)
  12. A guy was selling old blisters at the club today. Got 4 reptile-men-things from the Chronotopia game, and a really heavy pavillion from Thunderbolt Mountain. The reptiles will be reptile hounds for my Skorne, with some mods. The pavillion is for my desert table :)
  13. I got a lot done on the little guy yesterday: Any advice on painting stone? I have always gone gray-black wash-drybrush. I want to experiment a bit, and perhaps get a little more control. Was there something about having more specific threads on this forum? Should I start separate threads instead of using this one? :)
  14. Most of my recent paint time has been spent on these tree ladies. Finished them! I have painted so much Skorne now, that I really need to paint something completely different. Which means this little guy. I really like the figure, so cute! Got some base coats and metallics done. And I kinda-sorta paint yet another incin as well. And sculpted a base for Molik Karn: So that's what I've been up to :-). Perhaps I'll get my Skorne done before Bones2 comes in..
  15. The kickstarter page was really full of stuff! Some of it didn't seem needed, really. Why include jokes and stuff before shipping info? If I had more money I might get into this, but the price point is simply too much. Especially when coupled with the "we may need to top up shipping" part. Perhaps I'll get a specific one for an army when they go retail. The detail looks really nice! Still, at that price I can buy a bunch of resin bases or metal base inserts, or bits, or skeletons to glue down, or.. I dislike that text about how resin is better than silicone. It feels like they need to slam the quality of Happy Seppuku. I have stamped my entire brick stamp in fimo ~10 times, on bases ~30-40 times and a few times in air dry clay. I can't see any wear, really. The only damage any of my stamps has taken was when I managed to get some uncured FIMO into my treasure pile, but I expect that to come off if I let GS cure there a couple of times. I don't really like the detail stamps either. but I feel that the problem is the sculpting as much as the material TBH. I didn't like the look of the bones one at first, but now I sort of want it for terrain. Hmm, get that stamp, some resin, and just cast the big bones til the stamp breaks? Could be a fun test as well.. Edit: was it so that the HS molds didn't like resin? Better check that if I do something like the above :)
  16. Thanks everyone! :D Clearer shot of the eye (singular, tho I would not decline a higher rate on fire with his eye-laser ;) ). yes! nicely done. The golds are P3 Solid Gold and Rhulic Gold, lined with Brown Liner. I dig them! I suspect that my GW gold may end up forgotten on the shelf! I was thinking about changing the belt to purple, but dropped it to get him done in time for sunday gaming night. Perhaps a little time constraint may be good :)
  17. Newly painted eye laser dude! Good for zapping Khadorian war dogs Any tips or critique welcome :)
  18. Awesome! :D I never really had a trouble with GS, tho. Or better, GS + a little FIMO. The stuff that came with the stamps, on the other hand.. Blergh! How is the hot glue treating the stamps? Rougher than GS?
  19. I dropped him from my pledge, not really regretting it. He would make for an awesome warmachine dragon terrain piece, tho. ..PP should totally use this model for the next Thagrosh ;)
  20. I get extra bases quite cheap from e.g. em4 : <<<MOD>>> Link to retail site removed.
  21. The humble beginnings of a warma-hordes desert table! Got some help from a fellow warma-hords'er to build it, and I'm flocking it with acrylic paste and sand. Also instant molded GS bits, actual bits, hirst arts bits and sheets of HS stamped in FIMO :) (Sorry about the picture size) Also, my crappy Goblins! I keep a pair of these buggers on my painting desk. When I have leftovers on my pallet, or just feel like trying out a color combo on to them it goes! After a while they get some painting time, a bath of quickshade and get in line for geocaching-swag-duty.
  22. Thanks for the summary, guys. The damage grids sound a bit like Wrasslin'
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