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  1. I have some background audio from a KS some time back :)



    I've done maps, letters, and the like.


    Last year, I won the Christmas raffle at our FLGS, a 45" Flatscreen.  I put it on the wall in our dining room so the kids have a place to play Wii.  It also doubles as a PC monitor.  It also just happens to be behind and above me as I DM for our group.  Last time we played I searched the web and for pictures of scenery and such that exemplified what the PCs would be doing and where they were, put them into a PowerPoint, and then displayed them on the TV, flipping through them as the Action went forward.  My players LOVED it.  Now I'm, stuck prepping a PowerPoint every game.  :rolleyes:


    I need to untangle my monitor-wires so that I can plug it into my laptop and do just that! Brilliant :)

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  2. Thanks everyone :)

    You might as well get the whole triad and save yourself the mixing, too. 





    Oooh, Triad it is :D


    (Or the same colors bought seperate, if I order from miniaturemarket, to get some warmahordes stuff as well :) )


    <Steeples fingers together>

    Can I interest you in the possibilities of self-mixing?

    <Feels unaccountably Mephistophelian>


    *Naively enters the trap*

    How do you do that, again? Do you start with a couple of colors only? Seems like a lot of work!


    I do mix different reapers with this many drops to that many, tho.

  3. I am painting my Skorne army purple and gold. I found great golds with PP metallic paints, so improvement now comes to the cloth.. The recipe currently is:


    Blood Red + Breonne Blue (2:1) for a base coat.

    Citadel Daemonette hide, then adding in white for the highlights.


    I am almost out of Deamonette, and it is annoying to layer with! Any ideas for a reaper equivalent? A dedicated color for the highlight would be nice as well!


    Looking at this:




    I think maybe imperial purple or amethyst purple? :)


    Any ideas for colors to get for fun, to kickstart some painting motivaiton? :)


    Edit: heres a trooper BTW:


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  4. Thanks guys! :D


    Very cute, Nice work on the brown leather parts.


    I worked out a recipe for that when I painted my bones ogres :) Basecoat ruddy leather, paint tiny lines of oiled leather on the edges, go over with glazes til satisfied :)

  5. I got a lot done on the little guy yesterday:


    IMGP6307_zpsa51e0c0b.jpg?t=1411807004 IMGP6308_zpsb366eab6.jpg?t=1411893240


    Any advice on painting stone? I have always gone gray-black wash-drybrush. I want to experiment a bit, and perhaps get a little more control.


    Was there something about having more specific threads on this forum? Should I start separate threads instead of using this one? :)

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  6. Most of my recent paint time has been spent on these tree ladies. Finished them!




    I have painted so much Skorne now, that I really need to paint something completely different. Which means this little guy. I really like the figure, so cute! Got some base coats and metallics done.


    IMGP6300_zps80a78e77.jpg?t=1411738715 IMGP6301_zpsd742009b.jpg?t=1411824919


    And I kinda-sorta paint yet another incin as well. And sculpted a base for Molik Karn:




    So that's what I've been up to :-). Perhaps I'll get my Skorne done before Bones2 comes in..

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  7. The kickstarter page was really full of stuff! Some of it didn't seem needed, really. Why include jokes and stuff before shipping info?


    If I had more money I might get into this, but the price point is simply too much. Especially when coupled with the "we may need to top up shipping" part. Perhaps I'll get a specific one for an army when they go retail. The detail looks really nice! Still, at that price I can buy a bunch of resin bases or metal base inserts, or bits, or skeletons to glue down, or..


    I dislike that text about how resin is better than silicone. It feels like they need to slam the quality of Happy Seppuku. I have stamped my entire brick stamp in fimo ~10 times, on bases ~30-40 times and a few times in air dry clay. I can't see any wear, really. The only damage any of my stamps has taken was when I managed to get some uncured FIMO into my treasure pile, but I expect that to come off if I let GS cure there a couple of times.


    I don't really like the detail stamps either. but I feel that the problem is the sculpting as much as the material TBH. I didn't like the look of the bones one at first, but now I sort of want it for terrain. Hmm, get that stamp, some resin, and just cast the big bones til the stamp breaks? Could be a fun test as well..


    Edit: was it so that the HS molds didn't like resin? Better check that if I do something like the above :)

  8. Thanks everyone! :D


    Clearer shot of the eye (singular, tho I would not decline a higher rate on fire with his eye-laser ;) ).





    I love the gold on this guy! Excellent! The red and blue look good together, too...



    I love the gold on this guy! Excellent! The red and blue look good together, too...



    nicely done.



    The golds are P3 Solid Gold and Rhulic Gold, lined with Brown Liner. I dig them! I suspect that my GW gold may end up forgotten on the shelf! 


    I agree with Anne. A clearer shot of the eyes would be appreciated. ^_^


    I like the color choices on the clothes, I might have to steal that for a wizard.


    Nice choice of palette on this guy.  I would like to see a pic that gives a better look at his eyes though.


    I was thinking about changing the belt to purple, but dropped it to get him done in time for sunday gaming night. Perhaps a little time constraint may be good :)

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  9. The humble beginnings of a warma-hordes desert table! Got some help from a fellow warma-hords'er to build it, and I'm flocking it with acrylic paste and sand. Also instant molded GS bits, actual bits, hirst arts bits and sheets of HS stamped in FIMO :)




    (Sorry about the picture size)


    Also, my crappy Goblins!




    I keep a pair of these buggers on my painting desk. When I have leftovers on my pallet, or just feel like trying out a color combo on to them it goes! After a while they get some painting time, a bath of quickshade and get in line for geocaching-swag-duty.



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