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  1. How does warlord play? What should I expect compared to SBH and Warmahordes? :)
  2. Nice one, definately a cool model. If I get a gatorman posse or two I might need to flesh out a 35 pt minion army ;)
  3. I got into the KS, so I got a few of them quite cheap. They are pretty handy, but you'll probably need to sculpt a bit yourself, too :) Thanks! Perhaps I might finish Dibbler this year! That diorama has been staring at me fr a long time..
  4. Hmm, breadcrumps (or other random litter) is a pretty good idea :) I pressed it with a Happy Seppuku stamp, the fishscale brick one. (And fixed the detail up wiht a sculpting tool here and there :))
  5. Progress on the Dibbler diorama! :D The rats are from a bones rat swarm, cut up, then fixed with some GS :) Now I only need some more objects on the cobbles. Not sure what it should be, a couple of discarded sausages? xD
  6. Ahh, that's true! Gotta get some more, then ;) Perhaps I'll get eExerxis one day - to justify a tinkerer or two! Thanks! The smoke effect is some syntetic pillow-stuffing-stuff my GF has laying around :) Playing with photobucket the next time it is :)
  7. Finally finished these guys! Really like the sculpts, glad I got to discover these through warmachine. Kind of sad that I won't need any more, but that is just an invitation for dioramas and conversions, right? Skorne totally needs to bully some of these guys into beast handler duty.. Wooopsie: Any critique, feedback or hints appreciated :) I'm downloading gimp right now. How do you make pictures brighter?
  8. I want that edition, gimme! Having everything in one book would be nice. SDG do have advancement and stuff, you can buy equipment with gold and do stuff between battles and everything :)
  9. I don't think these paints are old enough for theft. Some bugs might disappear from window sills or the insides of lamps, tho..
  10. I should get some release agent if I try it, then :) Some of them have air bubbles here and there, I wonder if tears might start there? Just for the heck of it, I tried some hot glue once. Didn't work well (got some out, it was deformed.. ;) ). That said, the forms doesn't deform that much if the water used isn't near boiling. So I think you should be fine wiht the heat. Also don't apply pressure.. Here is two pics from my box-of-IM-and-random-stuff. I realise I painted too much of the stuff I did. The base is from a set of 5 bases, where I needed 6. IM is sort of like "make-your-own-basing-stamp". You get allright bits, but should not be afraid of messing around with GS on your own. Might be part of the reason why I started talkinga bout HS here. The detail is pretty good - but dependent on how you make the mold. Some part of the bit is going to look bad, or be without details or have bad mold lines, or whatever. Where that goes depends on where you cut the mold apart. I think you should be able to wrap it around the spoiler, but the cutting-out part might be hard.. I would advice you to wrap the mold in plastiwrap or foil or something when casting in resin, sometimes you might get tears or holes in the mold. It hasn't been an issue with GS, perhaps it becomes flash, but no biggie. I can see it being more of an issue with liquid resin.
  11. Or reach on a bunch of cheap guys (lets fluff it as pikemen), that spend two activations to get into position against something squishy (Say C3 - 5 = -2). Then the badass marches in, at C4, +1 for extra activations or big. d6 +5 vs d6-2. If the opponent rolls less than a 5, a gruesome death is guaranteed. On a 5 you get it on a 4.. Or make that two, or 3, badasses! After all, the same guy can surely flank a couple of targets. Dude has reach. The opponent would not see what hit them! They'd be too busy running away! They would start speaking french! I have been toying with the idea of making my own traits. One of them would be "small" (in my games a 20 mm base). -3 point cost, does not flank in melee, big or larger monsters can trample over them (like warmachine). Perhaps something similar for über-reach? Extreme reach, +5 cost, can make melee attacks at a distance of a small measuring stick, flank for a distance of 2 inches.
  12. Pretty pictures and nice techniques :) These tutorials are always a good read :)
  13. These guys could splay my PCs any day :) Good work! +1 on the nice use of a broccoli base. I need to copy that!
  14. Great paint job, nice mini! (What am I saying? Awful Dragonic spawn of not-helping-the-invasion! Apply Bronzeback to face ASAP! ;) )
  15. Google a bit, i have found a couple of tutorials with pics like this one: http://chestofcolors.com/instant-mold-review-tutorial/ I've used instant mold a few times, made a couple of terrain/bases from some Skorne minis and stuff. I'll get some pictures when I get home. I find that it catches detail pretty well, but generally won't cast many pieces from one mold. You will also get some part of the piecethat is not detailed, or badly detailed. I have been using GS with it and it has worked pretty well. Sometimes I mix my GS with FIMO. What I do about waste is to keep a couple of imprints around, along with some Happy Seppuku stamps. When I get leftovers I simply stick it to the mold to make bits. Bits are handy when pressing bases, to cover up mistakes ;) You'll likely not use all the IM all the time, what about keeping a couple general ones laying around for left overs. Wonder if you could cast entire HS stamps in resin... Would be pretty sweet to have sheets of them for terrain. I did a couple in air-dry clay with mixed results :/ Edit: Oh and ebay for"Oyamaru". That's the original stuff rebranded as Instant Mold. The more you know :)
  16. So, I have a friend that have just started painting model air plane kits. She has not found any good online resources for tips and products. Currently using Testor Enamels. Anyone here with some tips? :)
  17. I have a couple of minis on square bases, especially most of my mantic undead guys. 4 inch reach 0.0 Come to think of that: small measuring stick - reach! -1 to hit if you cross a terrain feature..
  18. +1 to keeping it as one room. I typically stroll over to my painting desk and get a mini or two and my hobby knife, when board games drag out.. How about wall-mounted shelves? You could install it somewhat high up on the wall, to get less used terrain out of the way. +1 on the envy. House prices in Norway..
  19. I'm going the opposite direction! I'm going from WM to SBH. Also: C5/C6 & poison... undead. That's a very good idea... but a heck of a combat score! Wow! One of the nice things about warmachine was the melee ranges. No more "I need to get into B2B, oops we bumped the table and that one mini is on a square base"! It struck me as I wrote this that I should start using the half inch melee in SBH.. The poison came from dancing back and forth all the time, as I cannot reliably get 2 activations (stand up and hit). Dance with me, I double dare you! And that dwarf 5-man-line you've been group activating? I have bad news.. Yeah, combat scores can get really silly with Q6. I think the game really should have escalating combat costs above 5-6. Like upgrading C5-C6 should cost 10 points, or something like that.
  20. I like Zombies. With C5 or C6, and poison, it doesn't really matter whether you get to hit the opponent. He still has to roll off :) Used to play SBH now and then with a friend, but lately I've showed him Warmachine. He got hooked ;)
  21. That's a good idea.. Dirty (and old) cloth is a pretty big hole in my painting skills. I should find an online guide and a bones model and get at it, really!
  22. Finished dudes! Up in Show off :) And a couple to go..
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