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  1. Ahh, no choice problems, then :) Still, I won't get it done in time for trash it. I had given up with spaceship superstar, but with the year of giants..


    That water tower is pretty awesome, by the way! I love that burnished copper look; how'd you achieve that?


    Some of it is a actual brass colored paint (the tube and stuff),  most of it is cheapo metallic paint drybrushed over black, with a number of brown-red washes :)

  2. Thanks everyone! :D  :blush:


    The gold sure is tedious! After a bit of practice I have a fairly OK method of basecoat - drybrush - fix, but it is always one more thing that could be done..


    A lighter skin tone would increase the contrast between elements. It might not be accurate to the game though


    The studio models are fair-skinned, I think I get why not. I don't really like that story-wise. They are a bunch of masocists living in the desert, why the fair skin? Perhaps higher highlights?

  3. Got some paint on these guys! Base red/purple, drybrush gold, basecoat the rest and fix up :)




    Time to layer!






    I use it when I play warma-hordes at my place, The greenery and stuff on the ground marks a see-through obstruction that provides concealment :)

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  4. I suddenly got inspired and started working on a warmachine water tower! I was starting to gather materials for trash it, I think that may have helped.




    Not sold on the legs, but the plastic thingie from the old coffee maker pot had notches there :)

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  5. Not convinced, not at all convinced. Solar panels are pretty fragile things, that we have problems making cost efficient when placed properly. Why on earth would we put them under our trafic?

    My place has a pretty steep hill down to the house, we and the houses that share the road looked at getting heating. It would cost quite a bit (not extremely expensive, but not cheap), for like 30m of road split between like 10 households. I can't imagine doing that to the entire road system. If that was energy efficient, why wouldn't we allready have heating on the main roads?

    On the other hand, if/when we really get good at nuclear power.. 

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  6. Got a couple of bones speed painted. Feels nice to just slap paint at some cheap models!




    Oswald the overladen is even promoted to NPC, and the PC's have landed on the etheral plane.. Mahahaha!




    Lord tyrant Hexeris, Skorne Warlock. My first real experiment with cork basing, what do you think? :)




    The humble beginnings of a painting contest entry. Figured I could do Trash It! and Be a Spaceship Superstar at the same time. Got the ape because he is awesome, but I always felt that his pose is reallyreally in combat. In comes the space dwarves from the mantic christmas box. The plan is to have the right hand dwarfs fire some laser-wire-tech at him.


    Not sure which category to enter it in, as it is a diorama containing a squad attacking a single figure. Paint first choose later.

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  7. I really like that I can use any company's minis in my WIP-thread, and post/read helpful links to web stores. That makes the forum a lot more friendly to me, and a lot less like a corporate lounge :)

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  8. I have been leaving bones goblins in caches around Tronheim :) My GF and I typically go geocaching on sundays, 90 something found  :bday: 

    The goblins are dipped, so I guess they'll be pretty durable :)

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  9. I'm in Trondheim right now (had a trip to Oslo a couple weeks ago! ) Outland is the only miniature shop I believe (Might be others, or specialty shops that may carry some GW stuff or something). Note that the one in the train station is closed for renovation. That one don't carry minis anyway. I guess you americans might not be impressed by our prices or selection, tho..


    Thanks for the kind words!


    I'm pretty hard on myself on that purple. Part of me thinks it looks better before highlighting! Perhaps I should dial down the contrast? It might be that I just really like that deep purple  :upside:




    State of the workbench. I should finish these before saturday. Game-day with the gaming club on saturday, they are running a 35pt steamroller :D




    State of the army, and carrying solution. All assembled. So..much..unpainted.

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