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  1. I am sending the Marvin box along to Ulfheathen today. Gave reviewing the box and putting paint on the figure top priority so I could get it out the door before Xmas, otherwise it'd be here till January.
  2. Sure, I'm in. New Jersey, not a box starter, yet. Not ready for international. Thanks.
  3. DSmiles Box received today from Lt. Coldfire. Contents peered at, briefly.
  4. I'm guessing none of the orders pulled on Friday were picked up by UPS. My shipment tracking on UPS has gone from "You are getting a package on Wednesday 2/25!" to "Package? What Package?".
  5. This sounds fun. I'm in NJ, would prefer not to ship internationally. This would be my first time, so probably not starting a box. How many minis do you need to start a box?
  6. Actually, Rathbone couldn't keep up with Kaye in the famous swordfight, and Kaye's trainer had to stand in for Rathbone in much of the shooting. Kaye choreography was just so fast, and his technique was unconventional.
  7. The logistics of pulling and shipping 18,000 orders somewhat boggles the mind. I'm not sure how big an operation this is, but 10 people working 8 hours a day, pulling and shipping an order a minute will take 6 weeks to get everything out. Without breaks. Seems superhuman to me.
  8. And on the third hand, once the "simple" orders go out, shipping will be done in order of the Pledge Manager being locked in. So if you are wanting to know where your shipment fits, you need to compare that date-time, not the complexity of the order. Right?
  9. Oh, and: Vampire Fire Giants Frost Giants Mind Your Manors There Be Dragons Demons Deathsleet Red Dragon Forces Of Nature Jabberwock Hydra Undead Giant Deep Dwellers Just in case someone does come up with some use for all this data.
  10. Everyone does realize with ~18,000 backers, the 35 or so orders posted aren't even a drop in the bucket. Using the stats from the Kickstarter page, the "average" order is $193.26, which would be 1 vampire and ~9 extras. I'm sure it isn't a standard distribution, so it's likely the average order is actually smaller, but it's a good start. If you have more than $193.26 in your order, expect to get the order in the second half of the shipping. It's just math.
  11. Well, I know the original question was about using ink with a pen, but I do use ink with a brush (Liquitex Acrylic in little drop bottles) over paint, sometimes. I was inspired to try it and have been happy with the results based on this article I read years back (If I am allowed to post links off-site...) http://tabletoptitans.com/tutorials/0001.php The original article is about using inks solely over primed, which I never really have gotten to work, but using ink over already painted surfaces can give a nice effect, I think. Blue ink over light blue paint, for example, as opposed t
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