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  1. I did, and I woulda made a new one this year too if it wasn't for those dang kids I made. *Shakes fist grumpily*
  2. Daaang, Malynor. I'm in the same wave, same province and same city. I'm hoping this means when I check my mailbox today I'll see a failed delivery too :D
  3. Egg, from what I've read it seems like UPS will process the packages then hand them off to USPS. I Googled UPS Mail Innovations when I got my mail and found a lot of hate for UPS and almost as many people saying they were pleasantly surprised by how UPS MI worked out for them.
  4. Okay, the update is online but I had to clear my cookies to get to see the changes. The game is now winnable(and kinda easy too), and there's three ways to get a game over. I tinkered with a few fixes here and there but I think I'll leave the game as it is now and move on to other projects. Have some fun with it, and I hope you get a kick out of the You Win! screen.
  5. Updates to the game will be coming later today. 3 game overs, 1 way to win, and I've adjusted numbers so winning won't take 5 hours :D Bryan, I sent you a PM
  6. Inarah, it only works if you have a keyboard. Outside of that I honestly don't know what would stop you from playing. Sorry :( Kristof, don't scare me with good ideas I don't know how to implement :D I will be updating tonight and hopefully it'll improve the experience.
  7. Woohoo! I'm glad you folks like it :D I'm hoping to add in some bits n pieces in the next day or so like specific Game Over screens(i.e. a Bryan skeleton when he starves) and make it actually possible to win by getting all 14k+ orders out the door. It never even popped into my head to stop people from walking off screen, maybe I'll make that another ending like Bryan quits and goes to Hawaii hahaha. Anyway, I'll post here when I get some time to update it.
  8. Actually, yeah! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59486-bones-ii-kickstarter-rewards-shipping-the-game/ My wife is away today so I won't feel as guilty checking the tracker ever 10 minutes. I tried to explain why I was getting the jitters watching numbers change but she didn't get it.
  9. I had a lot of energy to burn due to the excitement of the rewards starting to ship, so I made a game. http://daverigley.me/ReaperGame/ I hope you get a kick out of it, I certainly had fun making it. I'm no coder so this game is only about as completed as I can manage, so don't expect anything super polished :D
  10. I'm in Wave 2 but I locked in late so... Thursday? That's what I'm guessin right now anyway. I'm mostly just a lurker on here so I don't vent my excitement on the forums. Instead I made a little game with Bryan trying to ship all of the orders. I dunno if i can post the link in this thread(off topic?) but I will add a pic of cartoony Bryan.
  11. 11 days to Fredericton NB here. Just confirming Malynor is super correct :D
  12. Ack! I'm teaching until an hour after it starts. Everyone leave some good stuff for me, okay?
  13. Based on how often goblins and rats are paired in random encounters I can only assume there's an R.O.U.S. out there for you. Ya just might have to search the fire swamp for her. Edit: aaand I should try harder to stay on topic, I'm really hoping for another Dungeon Attack-like freebie or add on. I really need to try painting and they seem like a great place to start.
  14. Whoa... Good luck with that Lord Dragon. My wife is going to be asking for any and all drugs to be in her the moment labour starts. Also, got the okay to spend some hard earned cash on the Kickstarter by putting together every piece of baby furniture we bought and then organize the baby clothes. My back and shoulders are killin me, but that's just muscles. I only care about them Bones!
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