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  1. I can't find this Korred figure in the Reaper store. Is it available? What is it called in the store list?
  2. Where are the new Bones miniatures? I don't see them in the store.
  3. Do not forget the werewolf Elvis impersonators from the Old Glory / West Wind Vampire Wars line. There are two Elvis werewolf poses in that line.
  4. I don't find Bones miniatures to be lower quality than metal. The detail looks the same to me. - and Bones miniatures are far more practical for active gaming. They keep their paint against moderately rough handling. My metal miniatures don't come close to that performance.
  5. I have a certain gigantic Bones skeletal dragon (with an enormous wrap-around tail) on my mantle. The only way I could think to use him in a game was as scenery.
  6. Two Questions:1) What is the scale of Troll Slayer Sophie? 2) Where can I get a Bones Kickstarter II badge for my ID on this forum?
  7. Thank you! I would like my giants at least 3 inches, and for some reason, these all looked like they were just over 2. Metal Reaper giants are about that tall, or taller. They look suitably giant next to other Reaper miniatures and even larger next to the slightly smaller scale of D&D miniatures or older, 25mm miniatures. Yeah, the giants aren't very... giant. Everything looks great, though! Hoping to get mine soon. That's why I passed on the giant skeleton. He looks good, but he is way too large for the scale of the living giant. But - and think of the scale of Ka
  8. I voted RIGHT for one reason - the figure on the right is taller. I noticed the bent staff on the RIGHT only after I had voted - but you would have won extra clever points if you had purposely bent the metal staff. Your excellent paint job does drive home the point that the quality of Bones miniatures is very high.
  9. I believe worst case is now more like December. Just sayin'
  10. "they don't have most of those add-ons" Where is this information coming from? What add-ons are still not in to the factory?
  11. I regret Kaladrax, since I doubt I will ever get him painted. I should have used the $10 elsewhere. I should have gotten four Cthulhus, instead of just one.
  12. At this point, I am thinking probably July. That may be optimistic. All of this angst is actually good for Reaper. It means they have a solid customer base. It just isn't any fun on this end.
  13. I have pretty much set my sights on...hopefully...June or July.
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