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  1. demonbunny3po

    Finally got my Bones!

    Yeah, Kaladrax is currently the biggest figure in each direction so far by the looks of it. And I think he is the best example of why bones is a great material. Namely the cost versus other materials and the lower density of the material allowing it to not weigh so much. In my opinion, when compared to other figures I have gotten from other kickstarters, I would say metal is better for the smaller sized figures. At least, if you don't have plans on moding the figures. Bones apparently mods easier.
  2. demonbunny3po

    Finally got my Bones!

    At least twelve inches. Kaladrax is about that height. I would recommend 18 inches. That is the height plus one half of the largest figure. That is also roughly the same proportion of ceilings to human height. At least comfortably high ceilings.
  3. demonbunny3po

    Finally got my Bones!

    I had a three hour drive after getting the box and unpacking it to get the giggles out.
  4. demonbunny3po

    Finally got my Bones!

    Got my bones and this seems like the perfect place to post a link to my unpacking video:
  5. demonbunny3po

    Bones Shipment Tracking thread

    Mine came in on the third. Didn't get them till yesterday due to being in a different part of the state. It is a big box. Going to be opening it properly on camera. All I have is the webcam on my laptop, but it should still get the point across. I did take a sneak peak into it, but kept everything in the same place as it was packed. Kaladrax is huge. 12 inch wingspan and 12 inches long. And it is probably five to ten pounds. That is one big baddie. I am planning on running the Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path for Pathfinder and Kaladrax will make an appearance just to scare the players. He is going to be one of the pirate captains. Probably have a bunch of kolbold and undead kobold for his crew. Apollo Beach was the location it showed up at.
  6. demonbunny3po

    How do people feel about Early Bird Specials on Kickstarter?

    I like the idea of the early bird specials, but I would prefer to see the early backers get theirs first than to get a discount. And I am one of those people that managed to get an Early Bird a time or two. Really, all it did was enable me to get more of the add-ons.
  7. demonbunny3po

    Bones You'd Like To See

    What about dinosaur sized animals? Like giant rabbits, sparrows, and goldfish.
  8. demonbunny3po

    Bones You'd Like To See

    Some people actually eat and enjoy Brussel Sprouts. On a different note, I had a thunk. What about some sort of cloud creature. Not a storm giant, but a monster literally made out of clouds?
  9. demonbunny3po

    Bones You'd Like To See

    A gelatinous cube made out of the green bones material.
  10. demonbunny3po

    How complicated are you?

    Would picking up your vampire packages, your paints, and your cases actually make the order simple and move up on the list? I would figure that Reaper would move those closer to the end if anything to focus on those of us who haven't gotten any of our kickstarter rewards yet.
  11. demonbunny3po

    East Asian Village for 28 mm gamers

    I believe the answer is no. You will just have to add $95 or $170 (if you want two) to your order.
  12. demonbunny3po

    Bombshell Miniatures Kickstarter

    Started painting mine up a bit. Did the panda and rocket bike. None finished yet. And the Rocket bike does not seem to come with a base insert.
  13. demonbunny3po

    Bombshell Miniatures Kickstarter

    Save up your money and buy in bulk. Or get friends to go in on the orders. The bigger the order, the less the shipping is per mini.
  14. demonbunny3po

    East Asian Village for 28 mm gamers

    It is worse for me, I have to decide between the junk, the tea house, or the dojo and maybe a few other things. I is broke so I couldn't even afford to get a piece from each of the different village packs.
  15. demonbunny3po

    East Asian Village for 28 mm gamers

    Indeed. So much junky greatness. I would recommend getting a chest for it when not in use. You know, so you can some lovely junk in your trunk.