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  1. Happy Birthday!


  2. I've been playing with the Cinnamon Red I got. I'm liking the new paints!
  3. Because you're a gamer and that's what we do!
  4. Last night I realized that the ruins from the Dragons Don't Share set will make excellent Frostgrave terrain. Now I wish I hadn't convinced not to buy an extra set.
  5. A few friends and I are playing Frostgrave here in central/north central Ohio. We have had 3-5 games each and we are having a blast. The mechanics are pretty simple but there is still a good bit of flexibility. I am really enjoying the game, not to mention the terrain building opportunities..........
  6. The game crew will also be there. We will have Dragon's Night Out and two Dungeon Crawls (10 player and 5 player versions). There will also be a new game called Goblin's Night Out.
  7. Footsore Miniatures Corvii are real nice, but for some reason they don't show up on their web site.
  8. A lot of the nations from CAV came from names in the Dark Heaven Apocalypse world. If you can find a copy of "The 12th Journal of Johann Kruger" from that game it helps bring the two together.
  9. Heisler is right, I am a Hirst Arts fanatic. To get started you really only need one or two basic block molds and a floor tile mold of your choice. Fieldstone is my absolute favorite, but if you prefer Egyptian or Gothic style, there is nothing wrong with that. If you have questions about Hirst Arts there are several of us who will be happy to help you out. Start small, and if the bug bites you will soon be buying more molds. We can all tell you our favorite way, but in the end it boils down to the style you prefer. Just get Rastl and I going some time about the proper size of dungeon crawl walls. We both love to argue with each other about it and neither of us will ever change our mind. Neither of us is right or wrong, but we have to much fun arguing to worry about that! As for using foam, you can do a reasonable job carving rock shapes into pink/blue foam. I have seen some really nice models that were carved from foam. It is lightweight, but it can be broken if it is not handled well. Then again, Hirst Arts builds can get pretty beat up if they receive rough treatment. (Just look close at some of my dungeon layouts) Both mediums can be patched up if the bumps and dings aren't to major. Foam will cost less, but unless you put a lot of effort into carving it the final result probably won't look as nice as Hirst Arts or Dwarven Forge.
  10. Kim Goforth won the Cool Mini or Not Crystal Brush Best of Show.
  11. Just found this thread. I am somewhat familiar with Hirst Arts stuff. lol! I have nearly all the molds and a crazy about it! Drop me a PM and I'll talk your leg off about Hirst Arts stuff. If by chance you are going to attend either Origins or GenCon, I will be at both events. I could bring you samples.
  12. While you are correct about ranges, my counter argument is that accuracy decreases significantly once the shooter is put under stress. I always got a kick out of the guys at the Police Range who bragged about being such great shots but fell apart if you made them do anything but stand still and aim.
  13. Yup, just like Bonwirn says. The number is how many rounds you can put into the cylinder/chamber per action. Yes, it is a specialty action, and yes I broke the core rules by allowing two specialty actions.
  14. You can also ask me to share the data cards I already have made up for Nova Corp, IMEF, and assorted other critters & characters.
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