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  1. I will also be at ReaperCon. If Vince doesn't have it, I probably do.
  2. Bring extra sleep. You will need it! Seriously, the first time at ReaperCon is amazing. Take special effort to make sure you get enough sleep and take time for meals. You will be having so much fun it is easy to forget about trivial things like food & sleep!
  3. I'm going to the banquet. I'll bring it to the next con we are both at so I can show it off to you and brag Johnnie!
  4. Had a couple bits, but nothing locked in so far. Anyone else interested?
  5. I'm usually turning folks away, but this time around only one of my regular crew can make it. I have room in my van if anyone wants to ride along from Ohio to Texas. Don and I will be leaving Tuesday evening and coming back Sunday night/Monday morning.
  6. Nice work! Keep posting pics as you make progress!
  7. I've been lucky enough to be down at Reaper HQ a couple of times. In addition to seeing them all scurrying around like busy bees, I've gotten to help with paints, worked the Wheel of Pain with Bryan for a bit, and I've even been allowed to do some casting. While I agree that the Reaper Peeps are awesome folks, I know how first hand how hard they work. I'll stick with visiting!
  8. Sorry for not responding to this sooner. I've been busy and not checking the Reaper forum very often. I ran the VIG Paint & Take, but the idea actually came from my buddy Dave. You can get the bucket at Wal-Mart or most hardware stores. The clip on lights are also from Wal-Mart. They were in the tool or paint section. I use daylight bulbs. They cost a bit more, but the light is a lot better. The five gallon bucket will hold four of the lights and the power strip when you tear it down to move it.
  9. I've used grape stems for trees for quite a while. For something that seems so fragile they hold up fairly well. If you want bushes/small trees without leaves go to a creek and look for tree roots sticking out. Get the ones with lots of little tendrils. Once those dry out they make fantastic winter bushes & trees.
  10. Has anyone used the Woodland Scenics on a gaming table? How does it hold up compared to spackling paste?
  11. Got them. Very good comments. Thank you very much for sharing them with me. I always like to get feedback from my players.
  12. Please send me a PM with your suggestions for Wonderland.
  13. You forgot the blown up village and the trench system.... Woodland Scenics is one of the things I've looked into but I'm not completely sold on yet. That being said, I have a high regard for their products, so if I don't find something better I will most likely use their stuff. I watched the video link. It was well done. I didn't ralize that Woodland Scenics had all those videos. That is a very sweet batch of reference material. I linked the site already so I can go back and watch more of the videos later.
  14. I'm building a WWII Eastern Front game board. I already have a few ideas for how to do the snow, but I am not sold on any of them. Anybody have experience with making a snow covered game board? What worked/didn't work for you?
  15. While dice do sound more appropriate, I don't want to carry them in my pocket. I like the coin idea better simply because it is flat. I have a Reaper key ring, does that count?
  16. We are getting down to the wire! Woohoooo, Origins bound! For those who haven't heard yet or don't recall, the Mansfield Bears will be there in force to run five different Reaper R.A.G.E. based games on Friday & Saturday. These will be: Ebontop Dungeon Crawl - 8 fantasy parties, one goal - Get the most treasure without being wiped out! This is our longest running game. It just won't die! Beware of the Pink Flamingo! Dragon's Night Out - Why are fantasy themed games always about killing the monster? Not any more. This game you get to play the dragon! Warlord in Wonderland - Warlord rules in a Wonderland setting. Crazy cool fun! Cowboys & Gunslingers - We have a Western town all set up and ready for the shootout! Pick your gunslinger and go for the glory! The Caverns of Erpera - Face it, all those sweet Chronoscope Sci-Fi minis really need to be in a game. Here it is! Dungeon Crawl meets Sci-Fi! For swag we have some really neat steampunk bits. Each game will have a unique bit, so if you want them all you will need to play all five games. And if somebody can build a scale model of Buglips being burned in effigy, I will add it to the Drano board! And another thing! I realize that we haven't really set up any "official" meet ups. That being said, folks are welcome to hang out in our area to meet other Reaper fans. I'm not sure how much if any "Hang Out Space" we will have while the games are running Friday & Saturday. I will be setting up most of Thursday afternoon. Once I get the game boards set up, you are welcome to use them for a pickup game Thursday evening. I think that most of the boards will be taken down after the games end on Saturday or real early on Sunday morning. Folks are still welcome to stop by though. I will bring along my Vampire box for folks to check out if they haven't seen it yet. I may even be willing to trade for some more Nova Corp & IMEF guys......
  17. Seven more days and I can get me some good eats and Jenni's Ice Cream over at the North Market! Can't wait!
  18. Plastic tubs and packing peanuts and/or air bags. (Take along glue to make repairs when you arrive.....) And yes, I am being serious. That is how I do it.
  19. Warlord involves a lot of melee. Cowboys & Gunslingers is mostly ranged combat. Since the cowboy figs come with round bases it made sense to use them. If you wanted to convert to square bases there wouldn't be any issue with that.
  20. I think that I have probably pushed the limits farther than most as far as terrain goes. I love using terrain and I think Warlord plays best with terrain. Even coming from that perspective, I will also say that Warlord plays well with very little terrain.
  21. We had a four player tourny at the shop on Tuesday, 50 point builds. Good times! I managed to squeak out three wins using four unmodified Ties. All of the games were really close.
  22. Very nice! I only had time for a quick look, but I already saw all sorts of little details. I am impressed!
  23. The gaming crew will be there running two games and Miniatures Building Authority will also be letting us use one of their game boards. Reaper will not have a booth though.
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