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  1. It's the Heroes Haven https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Heroes-Haven-Games-Collectibles/264820141624?fref=ts As for army builds, most lists will allow you plenty of options to create something that fits your play style. The best part is that anything can work. My typical style for a 1000 pt army is to have the Warlord's troop heavy with elites and a good number of grunts. Then I build the other troops to support that block. Now Bob, on the other hand, is always coming up with wild combinations that push every limit possible, and typically stomp all over my army!
  2. I live in Ashland, 60-90 minutes south, depending what part of Cleveland you are in. The game store where I play Warlord at is in Mansfield. We would be happy to teach you how to play Warlord.
  3. It was mentioned in the Mansfield Trade Day Thread. Is anyone up for a Bones Swap Meet at Origins? The Reaper Gaming area in the miniatures hall will be cranking on Friday & Saturday, but a Swap Meet on Thursday or Sunday would work out great. I also plan on putting up my tables early Thursday and they will be available if somebody wants to arrange a pick up game.
  4. The actual Bones trading was pretty light, but we still had a good time. Astra4000 made it over and it was nice to get to know him. He seemed to have a like mind as the rest of our group for painting and doing conversions, so we hope he comes back again!
  5. Ok, here is the quick game summary: Player were: Kim - Three Frost Giants & Familiar Jack - Kentaur, Night Specter, 10 Ghouls Bob - Vasyl & 3 Line Breakers Dave - Lots O' Goblins Me - Herald of Blood, 2 Lesser Golems, 1 Pinner The first blood was drawn by Bob, who pegged Kim's giant as we all rushed for the hill. Despite that, Kim managed to score the first victory point on round 2. After that she got beat up real bad. Her Familiar died twice by round four. Her army was the first to be wiped out, which acually was a benefit. Jack scored next, followed by my army. That little pinner, who I added simply because I had 21 points left, was working out real well. He was hitting stuff, and then ran up and gave me the one extra damage track I needed to win the victory point. Dave's Goblins won that round because we just couldn't kill all those buggers. Everybody but Kim and her Re-spawned army were pretty beat up by turn 5. I moved the Herald over close to Dave's Goblins, where he was promtly slain and blew up several Goblins. Kim's fresh army stormed the hill and took the victory points the next two rounds as the rest of us finished dying off and re-spawned. Jack's horde of Ghouls then got up the hill and took over. There was a lot of nasty fighting, but for two rounds Jack managed to gain the victory points. Going into round 10 Kim & Jack were tied. It was going to be the last round, and things were looking good for Jack. That was until the last card came up and I put a beat down on Jack with my Golems. That left a tie for the last victory point, and this meant no point was scored that turn. Kim & Jack had to settle for sharing the win. It was a really fun time. Many thanks to Sergei for running it!
  6. And don't forget about the cool Savage North artwork on the cover. At least that's what the credits say! Still, as busy as Reaper Bryan and everyone else down at HQ is, I am happy that we got a Casket Works at all!
  7. Hey Outek, did you figure it out yet? If you did, let me know, because I still don't have any idea!
  8. And don't foget that the Crusaders can summon the Hound and the Doom Kitty. Either of those buggers showing up in the middle of a fight can really ruin someones day.
  9. 500 is a good size. It allows you to have more than one troop but still keeps things fairly easy to manage. Learning the basic mechanics is pretty easy. Getting a handle on how best to play your army and how all the special abilities and spells can interact takes time, and makes it fun!
  10. I'm in! Now I just have to figure out which faction I want to play!
  11. You are welcome to come even if you have very little to trade. At the least you can drool and look over all the cool stuff that will be coming your way. Beyond that, there will be the King of the Hill game and you could talk painting with Kim, Dave, or I.
  12. I have five different games set up for Friday and Saturday. If you want to use our tables on Thursday or Sunday for pick up games, you are welcome to do so. For the official games all minis and supplies are provided. The games in the book are: Dungeon Crawl Dragon's Night Out Warlord in Wonderland Cowboys & Gunslingers Cavern of Erpera - Sci-fi dungeon crawl
  13. If you can snag a copy of Kruger's 12th Journal from the original Dark Heaven Apocalypse game, that will help. It also has a map. The Savage North area is at the top end of the map. Taltos is in the South Central region.
  14. I saw all the piles of bones add-ons and Vampire boxes while I was down for ReaperCon. I was told that the last of the hold outs are on the water. With hope they will breeze through customs (yeah, right!) and Bryan can get our pledges filled before Origins. Everyone I talked to down at Reaper talked about everything being shipped by the end of May. Getting to talk to the Reaper peeps really made me appreciate how much work they have put into the Kickstarter. But yeah, I like the idea of an Origins Bones Swap meet. I will be at the one in Mansfield, but I'm sure I will have some bits left to trade. Me and my crew will be running games most of Friday and Saturday. Thursday evening or Sunday morning works best for me.
  15. LadyStorm was right, parking is at a premium. As the weekend rolls along, it will only become more difficult. As for the shuttle, it seemed to be working pretty well on Thursday. There is a number on the front desk at the Hilton to call when it's not running regular trips, and at Reaper HQ they would frequently announce when a run was going back to the hotel. I didn't hear anyone complaining about the shuttle service, so it must have worked pretty well.
  16. Noel, If your first ReaperCon is like my first one, your biggest problem is going to be remembering to eat. While there may not seem to be a lot of scheduled events to keep you busy, there is always stuff going on. Even if you are just visiting with people you just met and discussing painting or sculpting, you should stay plenty busy.
  17. Oh yeah, I forgot to put in the starting times. We normally don't have a sign up, but if you swing by early and let us know we can hold you a slot. Mr. Maniacal Thu - 6p Fri - 9a, 2p, 7p Sat - 9a, 2p, 7p Warlord in Wonderland Thu - 7p Fri - 10a, 3p, 7p Sat - 10a, 3p, 7p Dragon's Night Out Fri - Noon, 4p Sat - Noon, 4p Dungeon Crawl Thu - 4p, 8p Fri - 10a, 12p, 2p, 4p, 6p Sat - 10a, 12p, 2p, 4p, 6p Sun - 10a
  18. Thanks for the plug Haldir. Wait until you see Sergei's IR Dragon fig. The in progress pic he sent me the other day is awesome! The four baby dragons are giving him fits, but I'm confident he can pull it off!
  19. As always, me and my crew will be hosting a couple of games based on the R.A.G.E. system (Warlord). With the extra space this year I get to bring three games to add to the dungeon crawl - Wooot! Mr. Maniacal's Monstorous Menagerie Since he won the Evil Genius competition last year, Mr. Maniacal gets to host the event this year. He has chosen a VIP showing of the Drachen & Grimm's Carnivalle as the event location. Each player gets to choose from 14 options of Evil Genius' and their Minion(s). From there it will be a free for all as each player tries to gather the most objective points! Can you win the competition and earn the right to try and take over the world next year? Warlord in Wonderland This uses modified Warlord rules in a Wonderland setting. Players have to move through different parts of Wonderland to earn chess pieces. Once they have their pieces they move to the chessboard and try to escape from Wonderland. Froggy the Great helped design this one. If you know Froggy, you will have a good idea what crazy fun this game is! Dragon's Night Out This game is a huge hit at Origins & GenCon every year. Until now there was never room at Reapercon for the 18' x 8' table. With the addition of space at the Hilton we are a go for this year. If you want to play a dragon and rampage through a valley slaying knights, causing mayhem, and eating sheep, this is the game for you. We have nine unique dragons to pick from plus two proxy dragons - The Doom Bunny and IR Dragon. Dungeon Crawl The classic crawl will be back again. I am bringing along my dungeon crawl minis this trip, so it's anybody's guess what nasties Ken & Wayne have up their sleeve for this year....... Beware the Pink Flamingo!
  20. Oh, now that really sucks! All this time and the Post Office loses it. I think I would cry!
  21. I'm plannin to pick up a cream puff for Bryand and Ken as we swing through C'bus. Should I tell them to think of you as they eat it?
  22. You are welcome to use the Reaper Gaming area to stage your meeting. That way I can meet some of the people too!
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