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  1. I have the four page handout somewhere, but that's the earliest set I have.
  2. You are still in school the middle of June? Sheesh!
  3. I do know that they are planning on going to Origins. How big the booth will be, I have no knowledge.
  4. Does anybody recall where the Reaper Kickstarter was after two days? It seems like this one is really doing well. I'm curious how it compares to Reaper's so far.
  5. Sounds like your's is worth keeping then!
  6. Ok, I bought in. I went for the basic gray. That way I can paint it how I want and use my Hirst Arts stuff to create specific hall and room pieces that are painted the same way. Like everyone else, I would really like to see a couple more pieces added. We have to realize that each piece add would mean a new mold, which is a huge expense with a product like this. I will keep hoping, but I bought in with the expectation that all of the stretch goals may be more and more of the same four pieces. Still, if this goes real big, just think of all the pieces we will get!
  7. I set up the R.A.G.E. System (Warlord) based games for ReaperCon. This year they will be Dragon's Night Out, Mr. Maniacal's Monstrous Menagerie, Warlord in Wonderland, and the Dungeon Crawl. All four of these are open for new players. I have a great crew that runs the games with me, and you should have no problem learning to play any or all of them.
  8. I have said many times that Dwarven Forge is a fantastic product, but I prefer to build my own stuff. This new "Dwarvanite" may force me to chance my opinion. Meh!, who am I fooling. I just have to decide if I want to go for two or three sets....... Hey Bryan, I'm thinking maybe you should call Stefan and let him know what he is in for. I'm guessing this one will be a pretty big Kickstarter.
  9. I am bringing down a real nice bombed out city board for Ed. It would make a great demo table for Bolt Action......... If there was room to set it up! I will set it up at some point just to show it off to Ed & Kevin, but I seriously doubt that it will stay up the whole weekend.
  10. Me and my crew will be there Friday and Saturday running five different Reaper events. Dungeon Crawl Dragon's Night Out Warlord in Wonderland Cowboys & Gunslingers Sci Fi Cavern Crawl
  11. Sue is going to paint a dragon for my game? Fantastic! (Does Sue know she volunteered for this?)
  12. Yeah, I'll agree that there is apparantly a bit of interest. Now I have to find a couple more helpers and figure out how to add even more stuff to my van for the drive down! ChaosScorpion - If you can get a lesson or two on the basic mechanics of Warlord 2nd ed you should be good to go. While it isn't pure Warlord, the mechanics and special abilities are all the same. Oh, and MiniCannuck pointed something out. The Doom Bunny technically isn't a dragon. So it's an option of 9 dragons and the White Rabbit (a.k.a. Doom Bunny). If I can get inspired to finish an idea my buddy Dave has there may be another non dragon option. Also, if I can get my Clockwork Dragon soon enough it might fit in real well. Who knows.......
  13. Ok, here's the deal. Every year we discuss bringing my Dragon's Night Out scenario down for ReaperCon. Every year the 8' x 18' table is just to darn big. This year we have more room with the off site location. Ron thinks we can squeeze it in at the hotel. If you haven't heard about it, Dragon's Night Out is a twist on the Warlord rules. You get to play one of 10 unique dragons and rampage through a valley causing general mayhem, capturing the princess and dwarven ale wagon, eating knights and ballista, and terrorizing orphans, villagers, and sheep. Those who know it from Origins and GenCon can tell you how much fun it is. Is anyone interested?
  14. Pick your favorite shop and convince the owner to let you come in and paint. It will be lonely for a bit, but you will draw some interest, an once they see you are enjoying yourself some other people will join in.
  15. Ooooh, can I bring my custom purple worm? His name is Peanut....... I've used him in Reaper sponsered games at Origins & GenCon, so that makes him legal, right?
  16. Kickstarter is a great concept. Right now it's hot and everyone is still learning what it can and can't do. I think the "bubble" will burst after a couple companies really screw themselves. After that, I can see Kickstarter hanging around, but with fewer and better thought out submissions. Right now a lot of people are jumping into the excitement and not really thinking it out completely. Reaper did well because they put a lot of work into planning it out. What I'm curious to see about Reaper's kickstarter is the after effects. Very soon they are going to dump a huge amount of minis into the market. A huge portion of the painting crowd will suddenly have many more minis that they can paint in a year (Like they don't already...). Will this cause a slump in Reaper's sales? Or will their sales take off once a coupld hundred new bones minis start hitting the market? I expect that the Reaper Crew have already thought about this, but in the end it is a wait and see issue. Everyone can guess what will happen, but nobody is sure.
  17. And don't forget that they also have ReaperCon to plan for on top of the Bones Kickstarter Fullfillment. Crazy month indeed!
  18. While I only got to see him once or twice a year, I really liked Greg. I always looked forward to seeing his conversions and the custom models he had made. I will miss the inspiration he gave me.
  19. I bought into the first one for the Aenglish. I got them a couple weeks ago. Real nice. I'll most likely buy into the second run just so I can get more Aenglish.
  20. I have the metal Bridge of Sorrows and the Checkmate Dragon set stored away somewhere. I started the Bridge of Sorrows but got frustrated with the tail not supporting the dragon. I was told a great way to fix the problem later, but never got around to it......some day.......
  21. The theme concept has developed over the last couple of years. The last two years it has really taken off, and from the rumors I've heard 2013 is going for a whole new level! Beating the Pirate theme is going to be hard to beat, but we will have to wait and see!
  22. Hi Bayushiseni, You have some interesting ideas. I designed Cowboys & Gunslingers as just a quick play game, but you aren't the first to want to expand it. Probably the biggest reason I've never tried to expand it to include troops like in Warlord is that I don't have access to the Warlord points generator. I just had players pick their cowboy/cowboy based on looks, not any specific point values. In the shootout games I ran I used stats for the horses pretty close to what you came up with. The same went for when the players tried to handle a wagon. I would treat horses as equipment. Born in the Saddle looks like a neat S.A. I don't dislike Fast Draw, but it would be a huge bonus for the model that had it. I'd be willing to playtest it though. Sawed off Shotguns use a spray template for their range. I have data cards for just about every cowboy model and lots of conversions I did. Drop me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send you a pdf of them.
  23. In this game I allowed my players to come up with their own units for the game. Bob did Marines and John did the crazy shoppers. I can't recall if there were any others. I like Girot's suggested title. My biggest hitch on doing the sequel is that I just can't come up with a theme for "Halloween Land" that appeals to me. Lot's of ideas for Halloween themed stuff come to mind, just no earh shattering ideas that I can link them all together into a coherent battlefield.
  24. Trouble in Christmastown was a great run. Now it's tucked away until I can finally get the second edition board built: Santa's Revenge on the Nightmare King.
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