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  1. It's been a while, but best I can recall..... Three packs of different sized wooden balls from Hobby Lobby. I sanded down the areas where it was going to meet up with another wooden ball or the base. Just enough to give it flat area to glue. Do all three parts of each snowman together. That way you can match up the flat areas. The arms are from a Woodland Scenics tree set. I cut one pair of limbs off a tree piece, drilled a hole on each side of the snowman body, and stuck them in. The plastic trees are flixible enough that you can bend them to different shapes. The weapons are from my stash of bits from the Reaper Boneyard. I don't recall what I used for the snow effect. I think it was salt sprinkled over wet white paint and then painted with another coat of white. Can't say for sure though. The face is a toothpick tip and bits from Woodland Scenics Coal Ballast. The Hats, Scarfs and such were sculped by me. And hey, there was a pic of the maintenence crew with their MG armed Gator & 4-Wheeler!
  2. I was over at the game store for a Warlord event. I hauled over my Trouble in Christmastown Minis and had by friend Bob take some better pics of my Christmas Elves......and one of my snow goons too. Just use the original link to my fb pics and check the bottom of the album.
  3. We ran a Halloween vs. Christmas scenario a while back. I made my "Toymakers Local" members from hobbit figs. Adding Christmas hats and shoes to them made for some pretty cool Christmas Elves. I have some pics of our 2010 game. If you look close you can see my Christmas Elves here and there. http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.1611143291009.79708.1609059861&type=3
  4. I watched this video last night. Something about it seemed totally wrong. I finally figured it out! Erica isn't wearing her trademark stocking cap. Obviously, Aliens have abducted her and have planted a Ghent proxy. That means that no matter how accurate the rest of the video is, the whole thing has to be a big coverup! I'm sure the Men In Black have to be involved somehow! What planet are you from and what have you done with the real Erica!
  5. I looked through a Game Trade Magazine over at the game store this evening. It lists Christmas Mouselings and a Wise Man as December releases. No pics though.
  6. I made up data cards for Karkarions, Slith, and Fairweather Pirates for my ReaperCon12 game. They are small lists with only 4-6 data cards and they don't have point values. But Sergei is correct, I am happy to share them.
  7. I will be scarfing it up as soon as it comes out! It's been a long wait for the second book!
  8. I suggest that when you start out, keep your forces simple. Start with simple troops of a leader, one, maybe two elites, and only one or two types of soldiers. Solos are pretty fun, so you will want a solo too. With this you can quickly learn the basic mechanics. After that, you can start playing with all the possible combos and pairing up multiple elites to boost your troops power. Exploring all the options available to an army can take some time, and it is a very fun and exciting learing process.
  9. Welcome back to our geeky world! I wish that I could have gotten more time to visit with you at GenCon.
  10. One minor point - If a special ability was in the 2nd ed. book but isn't used by any factions in the Savage North book, it won't be listed in Savage North. On the same angle, Savage North introduced some new special abilities that aren't in the 2nd ed. book. Each book is completely playable for the army lists it contains, but it's just good to be aware about how the special abilities are done.
  11. Don't believe him. There is no dark alley behind Reaper HQ. Just an AC and a pile of bricks......and another factory........
  12. Don Goddard is you best shot down there. He is familiar with Warlord and is probably the most active gamer of the three names I gave you in the PM. If you PM me your e-mail I can give it to Don and have him contact you.
  13. So you are saying that we should start planning the Vampire level trading session now to make sure we get space?
  14. I think I would pass out. I would faint dead away, if that happened. While a set of them would be great, how about just big ol T'Raz.
  15. Hoffa's grave? I guess that path does look like an I-94 off ramp........ Here's something I can't figure out. My FLGS is looking at the Undertaker level. The description says if has 4 each of "59 different Bones Models". If you count up the existing bones models and add the 30 new ones, it doesn't add up to 59. 30 plus the potential add ons doesn't add up either. It's a great deal for the store however it stacks up, but it just bugs me trying to figure out what the 59 will be.
  16. I'm still waiting to decide what exactly I want to pledge for, but I've alreaedy accepted that it's going to be a couple $. I will guess/hope for a set of civilians. I can see cheap civilians being a great item for Bones. GM's always need tavern keepers, politicians, and innocent victims for their players to encounter, right? Whatever comes down the pike, the list of goodies is already incredible!
  17. Wait a minute???? Qwk is actually suggesting to someone about giving up coffee! Get outta here! I can almost see him selling the kid for metal/bones, but giving up his coffee, no flippin' way!
  18. While a trip to Orlando in September sounds like a nice idea, I already have to much going on this fall. I am happy to share the scenarios and give advice if you want to try and run the events yourself. And yes, Warlord in Wonderland is a real fun game.
  19. No matter what title the forum gives you, to me you will always be know for the ugly Brazillian women jokes.......
  20. That's hysterical to us older folks. I got a chuckle out of it too. Paul was the Walrus, I thought everybody knew that...........
  21. Angry? Naaah, He has more of the crotchity old fart look to me. I can picture him pointing that stick at the Reaper Bryan mini saing, "Listen here Sonny, when I was your age....yadda.....yadda.....yadda". Either way he still looks real good! You did a very nice job!
  22. Naaah, I'm sure Bryan just hates having to tease us like this. It' so against his nature! ..........Yeah, right!
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