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  1. And here, at last, is the finished version. JD
  2. Thanks. It looks a lot better with a little distance, I think.
  3. I've started painting my first Bones mini--Mister Bones, naturally--just to test the theory that they don't need a coat of primer. My plan was to paint one without primer, see how it did, then paint another one with primer. But this went so well that I don't see the need, but I am kicking myself now for not spending more time prepping the mini in other ways (removing flash and such). Fortunately, I have a second Mister Bones ...
  4. I tried out the buffing block last night, and had moderate success: The block is an inch wide, so it's hard to get it into small spaces. The block's texture is very fine, meaning it takes a lot of buffing to get rid of large amounts of flash (even after using an X-Acto to trim the flash down a bit). Something between a buffing block and a sanding sponge seems to be the ticket. On large, relatively flat areas, however, the buffing block worked fine. I used it on Mister Bones' cloak, and it not only removed the remaining traces of flash, but smoothed out the area overall. So, for trimming/sa
  5. I started painting my first Bones mini last night (Mister Bones, appropriately enough), and I was able to use an X-Acto knife, needle files, and my trusty sanding sponge to fairly good effect, but because the sanding sponge is made for wood or metal, it was a bit crude for the task. Then I remembered these things: http://www.amazon.com/COSM-TRIM-Trim-Buffing-Block/dp/B001TSNGF8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377113332&sr=8-1&keywords=trim+buffing+block I went out at lunchtime just now and picked one up at my neighborhood Target for about $2.50, and I'm going to try it out tonight.
  6. Even though I'm likely to jump into Bones #2 with both feet, I have a few suggestions/requests for the fine folks at Reaper: Plastic is best utilized for figures that are too expensive for metal equivalents. (Corollary: Plastic works well when combined with metal, because it's less likely to bend under its own weight—plastic wings on a metal dragon, for example, or a flowing cloak on a vampire.) Plastic is also more cost-effective than metal when it comes to rank-and-file minis. That is, if I need a dozen orcs, I'd rather pay Bones prices for them than Dark Heaven or Warlord prices—and it
  7. In this particular case, I just primed and painted over the original paint. But my *preference* is to strip the mini (using acetone), then reprime it.
  8. I finally got my camera's macro settings to pay off, and took a few photos of more recent projects. Have a look: Ninja of the Ghost Dragon Clan, doubling as Shinobi (from Strike Force) in my Champions campaign. Not strictly a Reaper figure, but one of my my more recent projects, so I thought it was worth a mention. This is Chronin, from Pulp City--painted as my wife's character from my Champions campaign. (She projects a force field that looks like a glowing suit of samurai armor.) And, again, another not-Reaper mini: a conversion from a HeroClix figure (Saturn Girl), s
  9. Sweet! I'm not normally a fan of this sort of thing, but you've done a great job.
  10. Various Reaper minis I've painted over the years--with correspondingly varying quality of the photos: My most recent, painted for a Pathfinder adventure: An ettin I painted long, long ago: A cavern worm I painted long ago--which was stolen from my storage locker, along with a bunch of others: Crypt Bats, serving as Desmodu for a D&D game: Gargoyle Lord: A Hydra, also stolen: Oh, and lastly a Dwarf, while it was still a WIP. JD
  11. I'm running a Champions campaign (mainly for my wife) and have been scouring the web for miniatures that can serve as superheroes and supervillains. Reaper/Chronoscope was one of my first stops, and here's who they all are in my campaign (not all strictly Chronoscope, but still): Ninja of the Ghost Dragon Clan: Shinobi (from Strike Force)--modern ninja Kelly, Corporate Assassin: Hair-Trigger, leader of the teenage criminals "The Dream Girls" (based loosely on the Enforcers, from Spider-Man) Candy, Anime Heroine: Cheerleader, member of the Dream Girls (Fancy Dan) Whitney, Anime Heroine: Ron
  12. Noblemen and noblewomen, from the royal family down to lords, ladies, and their retainers. Essentially, "Townsfolk" from better social circles--but the key is to make them largely unarmed (or with sheathed weapons), so they can serve as "courtly bystanders."
  13. First post, and yes, I'm testing my badge. [EDIT] It works! Soon, I will be invincible!
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